Season 8 Episode 12

The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Chandler and Monica entering their apartment and being given a Ms. Pac-Man machine by Phoebe as a late wedding present.

Ross enters Central Perk and tells Joey and Rachel that the head of Paleontology department is retiring and he is able to teach his advanced classes. In the café Rachel tells Joey she hasn't been on a date for so long and so Joey offers to take her on a date.

Back at Monica's apartment, Phoebe and Monica fight over playing Ms. Pac-Man. Chandler meanwhile doesn't like the game because he is terrible at it.

Ross is teaching a class and he realizes he has to get across town in ten minutes to teach his next class. He arrives at his next class but it finishes by the time he gets there.

Rachel and Joey are at the restaurant where Rachel is intrigued by the way Joey treats his dates. He shows her his moves and she is enthralled nearly falling for them herself. She then shows him her moves; he doesn't find them very good to begin with but is quickly impressed.

Monica enters her apartment and discovers that Chandler has played the game all day long. He has got the top ten scores but entered rude words for each score. Monica tells him he must get rid of all the scores before Ben arrives.

At their apartment Joey and Rachel talk about how great their date was. Joey then shows Rachel how he does his end-of-night moves to attract his date. Rachel then shows him her moves and he finds himself attracted to her. He tries to shake the idea out of his head.

Ross explains to Rachael that he finds getting from class to class really hard. He keeps on arriving late.

At her apartment, Monica is trying desperately to beat the top scores but is failing.

We see Ross enter his class which he has managed to arrive to on time. He is worn out and just faints in the middle of the classroom.

At Monica's apartment, Phoebe is playing Ms. Pac-man and has beaten all the scores but one; she is just about to beat the final one but dies. She then starts swearing non-stop for about ten seconds as Ben enters the room.

Back at her apartment, Rachel is watching Cujo alone. Joey arrives early because his date didn't go very well. A terrified Rachel wants Joey to sit next to her to comfort her. Joey finds himself slowly falling for Rachel as she cuddles up to him.

We see Ross teaching his class. He has managed to arrive on time without being worn out, his trick: Roller-skates.

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