Season 8 Episode 12

The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • Joey takes an upset Rachel out for a date.

    When Rachel is feeling down after Joey's co-worker strays away from continuing to date her after fniding out about the pregnancy - Joey decides to take Joey out for a night on the town.

    All is going well and Joey wants Rachel to treat this as a proper date - meaning no room-mate stuff.

    The two end up subtly discussing eachothers date tactics, on how to score on a date. Joey ofcourse seems to be an expert, but is surprised by the effectivness of Rachel's techniques.

    At the end of the date, they talk about tactics to get the other date to kiss them. On the lean in, Joey seems to think it is the real thing and when Rachel backs off and says goodnight, some un-wanted feelings for Rachel seem to have developed.

    Is important to watch this episode if interested in the future relationshop they share.