Season 2 Episode 16

The One Where Joey Moves Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1996 on NBC
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After having a fight with Chandler, Joey decides to move out. Rachel and Phoebe decide to get tattoos. And on his birthday, Mr. Geller receives the unsettling news that his best friend, Richard, and his daughter, Monica, are dating.

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  • TOtal Rip off of a Bosom Buddies episode

    The whole "blue love dot" tattoo is almost line for line from Tom Hanks getting his "blue love dot" on Bosom Buddies many years previous
  • Friends

    After having a fight with Chandler, Joey decides to move out. Rachel and Phoebe decide to get tattoos. And on his birthday, Mr. Geller receives the unsettling news that his best friend, Richard, and his daughter, Monica, are dating. This was a sad episode for fans of the dou called Joey and Chandler but dont worry they make friends again, The tattoos part was funny the fact that Phoebe chickened out even though she want to go in the first place is pretty funny. Monica was funny when she was in the wrong place to hide. 9 out of 10.moreless
  • "Your mother is saying, Where's my Lilly, you wuss!" - Rachel to Phoebe.

    A very good episode and the beginnign of a new arc. It was so sad to see Joey & Chandler break up. It was a really weird reason to break up. It's also kind of tragic because Joey is going to end up losing the apartment anyway. And he gets fired so I guess it is payback from moving out in this episode. Phoebe & Rachel get tattoos! I love Rachel's reaction to Phoebe not getting a tattoo. The parents find out about Richard & Monica. I love how Monica is stuck in the shower, watching "the live show" I love the parents reaction. A great episode with some great acting!moreless
  • After having a fight with Chandler, Joey decides to move out. Rachel and Phoebe decide to get tattoos. And on his birthday, Mr. Geller receives the unsettling news that his best friend, Richard, and his daughter, Monica, are dating.moreless

    This episode was very entertaining. The writers proved that they are very talented and creative with this episode. Joey moves to a much bigger apartment in this episode. I really really liked this episode because Monica's parents find out that she is dating Richard. It was hilarious when everyone was saying that he had a bimbo in the city. Then Monica was trapped in the shower when Monica's father feels up her mom in the bathroom. It was really a hilarious episode. This episode is definitely a series classic. I loved this episode. It is a perfect installment, in my opinion.moreless
  • JOEY: Man this is weird. You ever realize Captain Crunch's eyebrows are actually on his hat? CHANDLER: That's what's weird? Joey, the man's been captain of a cereal for the last 40 years.moreless

    Phoebe and Rachel go get tatoos and Ross is happy at first but once he sees it on Rachel he thinks it's kind of sexy.

    This episode was funny to me when Monica and Richard are at Jack's birthday party and everyone is taking about Richard dating a "twinkie" they hid in the bathroom to talk. Monica ends my stuck in the bathroom when her parents make love. She tells Ross she "just caught the live show". Then when Monica tells her parents about her and Richard her parents are shocked to say the least. Joey ends up moving out after a fightmoreless
Audrie Neenan

Audrie Neenan


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Warren Berlinger

Warren Berlinger


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Stephen Samuels

Stephen Samuels


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Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Dr. Richard Burke

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Elliott Gould

Elliott Gould

Jack Geller

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Christina Pickles

Christina Pickles

Judy Geller

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    • Joey: Man, this is weird. Ever realize Cap'n Crunch's eyebrows are actually on his hat?
      Chandler: That's what's weird? Joey, the man's been captain of a cereal for the last forty years.

    • Chandler: (about Joey licking his cereal spoon and tossing it in the drawer) The spoon! You licked and, and you put. You licked and you put!
      Joey: Yeah, so.
      Chandler: Well don't you see how gross that is? I mean that's like you using my toothbrush! (Joey looks sheepish) You used my toothbrush?!
      Joey: Well, that was only because I used the red one to unclog the drain.
      Chandler: Mine is the red one! Oh God! Can open... worms everywhere...
      Joey: Hey, why can't we use the same toothbrush, but we can use the same... soap?
      Chandler: Because soap is soap. It's self-cleaning.
      Joey: All right, well next time you take a shower, think about the last thing I wash and the first thing you wash.

    • Phoebe: Oh, look at you fancy lads. What's the occasion?
      Joey: Well, you know that guy that's on my show that's in a coma? He's having a brunch.

    • Phoebe: (about tattoos) Um, I'm getting a lily for my Mom. 'Cause her name's "Lily".
      Chandler: Wow, that's lucky. What if her name was "Big Ugly Splotch?"

    • Phoebe: I'm getting a tattoo.
      Ross: A tattoo? Why? Why would you wanna do that?
      Rachel: You don't think they're kinda cool?
      Ross: No, sorry I don't. I mean, why would anyone pay someone to scar their body for life? ...and what if it doesn't come out right, Pheebs? Then, it's like... I dunno... havin' a bad haircut, all the time. (awkward silence) Why is everyone staring at me?

    • Chandler: Richard's going to the party too, huh?
      Monica: He's my parents' best friend. He has to be there.
      Joey: So, is today the day you're gonna tell them about you two?
      Monica: Yeah, for my Dad's birthday, I decided to give him a stroke.

    • Ross: (to Monica) I don't know, I don't think mom and dad would mind. Remember when you were nine and Richard was thirty, how Dad used to say, "God I hope they get together."

    • Ross: (about to enter their parent's home with Richard) Shall we? Monica?
      Monica: (hesitating) No... Know what? Ross, let's, let's switch places. You get in the middle, y'know... unless this looks like we're trying to cover something up.
      Ross: Monica, Monica, you could come in straddling him, they still wouldn't believe it.

    • Judy: Well, did you kids thank Dr. Burke for the ride?
      Ross: Uh, actually Mom, I think Monica thanked him for the both of us.

    • Jack: Look, I know what you're going through. When I turned fifty I got the Porsche. You... you got your own little speedster.
      Richard: Guys. Seriously, it is not like that.
      Jack: Tell you what, maybe one of these weekends you can borrow the car and I cou--
      Ross: Dad, I beg you not to finish that sentence.

    • Phoebe: (looking at designs in the tattoo parlor) Okay, Rach'. Which, which lily? This lily or that lily?
      Rachel: Well, I...
      Phoebe: I like this lily. It's more open, you know, and that's like my mom. She had a more open, giving spirit... Oh! Foghorn Leghorn! Oh!

    • Phoebe: I don't believe this. Is this how this relationship's going to work? Ross equals boss. I mean, come on what is this, 1922?
      Rachel: What's 1922?
      Phoebe: Just, you know, long time ago. Well, when men used to tell women what to do... a lot. And then there was suffrage, which is a good thing but is sounds horrible.

    • Phoebe: Do you want to get this tattoo?
      Rachel: Yes, I do! It's just that Ross is...
      Phoebe: Okay, hey, hey! Is your boyfriend the boss of you?
      Rachel: No.
      Phoebe: Okay, who is the boss of you?!
      Rachel: You?

    • Richard: Maybe we should just tell them.
      Monica: Maybe we should just tell your parents first.
      Richard: My parents are dead.
      Monica: God, you are so lucky.

    • Richard: (loudly, to warn Monica) Judy! Going to the bathroom?! Good for you!
      Judy: Thank-you, Richard... I appreciate the support.

    • Joey: I'm twenty-eight years old, I've never lived alone, and I'm finally at a place where I got enough money that I don't need a roommate anymore.
      Chandler: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't need a roommate either, okay? I can afford to live here by myself. You know, I may have to bring in somebody once a week to lick the silverware...

    • Ross: Mon, Mon, are you okay?
      Monica: You remember that video I found of mom and dad?
      Ross: Yeah.
      Monica: Well, I just caught the live show.
      Ross: Eww.

    • Monica: Dad... Dad, this is a good thing for me. Y'know, and you even said yourself, you've never seen Richard happier.
      Jack: When did I say that?
      Monica: Upstairs in the bathroom right before you felt up Mom.

    • Rachel: (about tattoos) Why didn't you get it?
      Phoebe: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
      Rachel: Phoebe, how could you do this to me? This was all your idea...
      Phoebe: I know, I know, and I was going to get it, but then he came in with this needle and, uh... Did you know they do this with needles?
      Rachel: Really? You don't say, because mine was licked on by kittens!

    • Joey: I don't wanna leave you high and dry.
      Chandler: Hey, I've never been lower or wetter.

    • Chandler: Your little men are gonna get scored on more times than your sister!
      Joey: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Which sister?

    • Phoebe: (pointing at her "blue freckle" tattoo) For your information, this is exactly what I wanted. This is a tattoo of the earth as seen from a great, great distance... It's the way my mother sees me from heaven.
      Richard & Monica: Awww!
      Rachel: Ach! What a load of crap! That is a dot! Your mother is up in heaven going, "Where the hell is my lily, you wuss!"

    • Ross: You got a tattoo?
      Rachel: Maybe... But just a little one... Phoebe got the whole world!

    • Joey: (while packing) Hey, you guys are still going to come visit me, right?
      Ross: Oh yeah, you got the big TV. We'll be over there all the time... (Chandler gives him a look) except when we are here.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Judy: Did you know Richard has a twinkie in the city?
      Jack: I know. He's like a new man. It's like a scene from Cocoon.

      Cocoon is a 1985 science fiction film, directed by Ron Howard, about a group of elderly people who are rejuvenated by aliens.

    • Jack: Honey, have you seen my Harmon Killebrew bat? Bob doesn't believe I have one.

      Harmon Killebrew is a former Major League Baseball player and member of the Hall of Fame. He was famous for his ability to hit home runs, primarily during the 1960s.

    • Phoebe(looking at tattoo designs) Oh! Foghorn Leghorn!
      Foghorn Leghorn, a big rooster with a southern accent, is the name of a character appearing in numerous Warner Brothers animated cartoons and frequently featured on The Looney Tunes Show.

    • Joey: Ah, I was just in the bathroom, and there's mirrors on both sides of you. So when you're in there it's like you're peein' with the Rockettes.

      The Rockettes are a precision dance company, stationed out of the Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, New York City.

    • Joey: It's not like we agreed to live together forever. We're not Bert and Ernie.
      Chandler: I'm aware we're not gay puppets.

      Bert and Ernie are puppets from the show Sesame Street. Radio spoofs have been done claiming that Bert and Ernie are gay, since they have lived together for over 20 years.