Season 2 Episode 16

The One Where Joey Moves Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1996 on NBC

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  • In this episode Chandler and Joey fight so much that Joey moves out. Rachel gets a heart tattoo and Pheobe chickens out. Mr. Gellar finds out about Monica and Richard

    This episode made me cry the first time I watched it because I always believed that Chandler and Joey would never move out of the apartment and they would always be best friends and roommates. The fact that they had Joey move out is sad to see b/c him and Chandler had the best friendship I think of all of them. Rachel getting a tattoo even though Ross didn't like the idea is awesome. Pheobe chickening out is so obvious though you saw it coming because its Pheobe. Monica and Richard's relationship finally goes public to her parents and I wouldn't have been happy about it. This episode is very special in the sense that it is the only episode where someone moves out because of a major fight. I'm just glad they actually got over it and became best buds again.