Season 10 Episode 13

The One Where Joey Speaks French

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2004 on NBC

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  • Joey's storyline is beyond stupid and Rachel reaches new levels of being selfish.

    I don't get this episode. I really do not get this episode. It's stupid, and wants us to agree with characters being completely wrong.

    First off, Joey's French. How is that even remotly funny? He's not the brightest bulb in the Christmas Tree, but he couldn't possibly be as stupid as he is in this episode and still be able to live out in the real world. It's just not funny, not even the slightest bit, and I feel bad for the writers who actually thought they had come up with something good. This is comedy on kindergarden level, at best.

    Second, Rachel. So she is sad about her father, wants to have sex to feel better, Ross doesn't want to and so HE is the bad guy? The writers actually want us to think she is right and Ross is wrong? Ross has every right in the world to say no, nobody in their right mind would tell someone that "if someone asks you for sex, just do it". If Ross had said the same thing to Rachel he would have been accused of all kinds of atrocities. But Rachel is somehow right to be angry when he doesn't want to have sex with her. So he's just supposed to get into bed whenever she wants to? And be what, her little boy toy pending on sex slave? I just found this storyline appalling.

    Chandler and Monica's storyline wasn't all that good either. It had some funny moments, but it couldn't even come close to saving this awful episode.

    What has Friends become, really? A show which expects us to laugh at the lamest of jokes and cheer for the character who demands sex and gets mad when the other doesn't want to? Me and my friends all agree, this episode marks the lowest of lows for this show.

  • Joey can't speak French and Chandler & Monica find out the baby they are adopting might be the baby of a shovel wealding dad killer!

    This is one of my favorite eppisodes. I thought it was soooooooo funny. For a part he is auditioning for Joey needs to speak french (which, according to his application, he speacks fluently). Pheobe tries to teach him but he fails miserably.

    Phobe: Jem a Pel Claude
    Joey: Flut a Flit Flee

    Meanwhile, Erica comes to visit and tells Monica & Chandler that her baby might belong to a man killed his father with a shovel and Chandler starts freaking out.

    Chandler: (to Monica) Oh of course your not worried he probubly loves his mom.
    (or something like that)

    Ha Ha Ha so funny.
  • I don't even understand how this 'joke' got through the writing procedure. "Yeah, uh, wouldn't it be funny if Phoebe tries to teach Joey French but all he like does is, speak gibberish?"

    There are a few episodes in Friends that were suposed to be funny, they just weren't executed well. Joey speaking French was on a completely different level. I don't even understand how this 'joke' got through the writing procedure. "Yeah, uh, wouldn't it be funny if Phoebe tries to teach Joey French but all he like does is, speak gibberish?"

    And that same problem makes this episode silly, weird and just plain insulting. Even if Joey speaking gibberish was funny, what is the point? Joey is the dumb one, we get that. What bothers me is that he stupidty differs from episode to episode. Sometimes he's just a little dim, the next he's just a complete retard And yes, Joey was a complete retard in this episode.

    I wasn't laughing at this episode at all, I did however pity him.

    What makes it worse for me is how he doesn't even realize he's doing it. One failed audition later just when Phoebe gets a perfect change to get her revenge she decides to humor Joey?

    Their last scene together (drinking a galon of milk) was slightly better but once again, when did Joey go from being a bit slow to a complete retard Seeing him covered in milk grinning just made me feel sorry for the guy, like he needed serious medical attention.

    The Ross and Rachel scenes were better although once again I found myself screaming at the TV. It seems the producers always, no matter what the argument is, try to make Rachel seem like the poor innocent victim. Ross once again showed how much Rachel means to him by not taking advantage of her in her time of despair and not only does she decide to give him the cold shoulder the next day she tries to justify why it is ok to sleep with someone just because they feel they need it. Does that mean she can just call Ross for a booty call whenever she wants?

    The Chandler and Monica scenes were good, not amazing but I don't think I was in the mood to actually laugh after all those akward scenes.
  • This one is probably's "Friends" at its worse.

    Season 10 is not the best season of "Friends". In fact, it may easily be the worst season. Either way, there's no doubt that this episode is the worst episode - and not just on "Friends". Joey's storyline was silly and boring. So the guy doesn't speak french. We get that. Having Phoebe trying to teach him to speak french and have him repeat after her with anything but french is the dumbest plot. My newborn nephew could come up with something more clever then that. Phoebe and Joey, two that could easily be the funniest of the Friends are the worst in this episode. The story with Rachel and Ross... Well, it has a nice idea behind it, but it's done badly! Rachel's dad was in the episode, but other then one or two jokes at Ross' expense, he did nothing. Very dissapointing, since this man actually brings alot of fun to the show. In addition, the way they dealt with Rachel coming on to Ross was badly written and played. The only good thing about the all thing was her reaction to Ross the next morning (telling him she felt humiliated and unsatisfied), but that's the only good thing in this story - and in the episode. I won't even talk about Monica and Chandler who are my favourite couple and most their stories I really do love. They dissapointed me so much in this episode, I don't even want to remember it. And one final remark: Joey drinking a gallon of milk in 10 seconds was probably a good ending to a terrible episode. And no - it wasn't a funny scene, nor was it sophisticated. It was so bad - that it reflected the entire bad episode of the best comedy on television.
  • Not one of my favourite episodes but not the worst. Chandler and Monica show Erica around NY, Joey "speaks" french and Rachel and Ross go to Long Island.

    Easily the worst part of the episode though was Joey trying to speak french. Only being mildly funny at best (embarrasing rather) and just proves that Friends tries to dumb down as many as the characters as possible, so that soon enough they are at a Paris Hilton level. We see that with Joey and with Erica. I mean come on, a three year old is able to copy what people say. Also since when did Phoebe know french?

    Rachel and Ross go to Long Island to visit Rachel's dad who has just had a heart attack. As normal Ross and Dr.Greene don't get along. Ross is seemed to look like the bad guy, not just by Dr.Greene but also Rachel as he refuses sympathy sex with her.

    Monica and Chandler show Erica (birth mother of their baby/babies) around New York City and learn that the father of their child could possibly be a murderer.

    The only thing to really complain about was Joey not speaking french, otherwise an okay episode
  • I love it, so funny.

    Chandler actually loves New York! I can imagine him 'mooing' at the crowds, and now he loves it. Such a tourist.

    But, the heart of the episode is Phoebe teaching Joey French. SO FUNNY. I can't help but laugh every time I think about that. I can just quote all of Joey's nonFrench lines during the episode. It sounds like what I do. I suck at foreign languages, but I can totally just talk in random syllables like it is a language.

    And, who can forget Shovel Killer Baby. "Of course I'm awake. Assume from now on I'm always awake". "Honey its us, of course its the shovel killer" Its just so funny.

    I enjoy it!
  • Shovely Joeeeee

    THis episde is a great peisde of Friends because the 3 plots are funny, first Dr. Green has a heart attack and Rachel and ross go to Long Isalnd tocheack on him and most fo thwe best lines come form Ross saying: Sex is off the table forever!!! and Dr. Green pops up and hear it. Fun. Then Shovely Joe, which may be Erika's baby's dad. But turned out Erika didn't pay atytention in sex class and didn't have acrtual intercouse, with leads to Chandler saying in a ver funny way: Shovely Joeeeeeeeee. ANd finally the best part was Phoebe trying to teach Joey french fro an audition, and hesucks at itand says nonsense like blableblumaflepu. WAnd when PHebe comes tosave Joeyand tells the drector he is retareded, it was very fun. Great season 10 episde.
  • Great episode..

    Such a funny episode... I loved watching Joey try to speak french this epsiode is about Phoebe trying to teach Joey to speak French cause he has a audition where he has to speak french and Erica vists Chandler and Monica and tells them that the father of the Baby could be a father killer and Ross and Rachel vist Rachel's dad since he had a heart attack and After Ross rejects Rachel's advances They decide never to have sex again but Rachel suggests it still might happen. This Episode is soo Funny and is one of the best friends episodes ever.
  • Phoebe Tries To Teach Joey How To Speak French For A Audition, Erica Decides To Come To NYC To Tell Monica & Chandler That The Baby's Father Might Be A Killer And Ross Accompanies Rachel To Long Island After Dr.Green Has A Heart Attack.

    Phoebe Trying To Teach Joey How To Speak French, Was Hilarious!
    Phoebe: Ok, This Looks Pretty Simple, Your First Line Is My Name Is Claude, Repeat After Me, Je M'appelle Claude.
    Joey: Je Te Coupe Plough.
    Erica Comes To NYC To Tell Monica And Chandler That The Baby's Father Might Be A Killer And Rachel And Ross Go To Long Island After Dr.Green Has A Heart Attack.
    The Storylines Were Funny, Especially At The End, Where He's At The Audition And Messes Up, Phoebe Comes To His Rescue, Telling The Director That Joey's Her Little Brother Who Is A Little Bit Retarded And Phoebe Speaks Great French!
    Ross And Dr.Green Being In The Same Room Together Was Just Funny, They Obviously Do NOT Get Along Well!
    Anyways, I Thought The Episode Was Great, And I Love Joey And Phoebe! They Are So Funny.
  • ble blu pah pah

    Phoebe tries to teach Joey to speak French for an audition but is the worst frnch speaker ever ansd i thinks he is goos at it. Surrogate mom Erica is visiting town and tells the Bings that the baby's father may be a shovel killer but they had a different kind of sex so it wasn't him. Ross and Rachel head out to Long Island after her dad has a heart attack. After Ross rejects an upset Rachel's advances, the two decide never to have sex again, although Rachel suggests it still might happen but will it who knows ?????.
  • The One They Should Have Apologized For

    Watching this episode, my only thought was 'End this show. End it

    It has Rachel begging Ross for sex while her father is recovering from a heart-attack (?), Chandler and Monica investigating who got Erica pregnant, and Phoebe trying desperately to learn Joey French.

    While the Chandler/Monica-storyline is not all that bad, I am growing very tired of the Ross/Rachel-relationship. This time it doesn't even make sense. Rachel, worried about her father in the hospital, tries desperately to have sex with Ross huh? What kind of response is that?

    But this pales in comparison to the Joey/Phoebe-storyline. Phoebe, suddenly fluent in French, must teach Joey this language to get him through an audition that requires French skills. It is absolutely the most embarrassing scene I have ever seen on Friends. Incapable of repeating even a very simple sentence, but convinced he's great, Joey lets out complete gibberish. So embarrassing. It is completely unrealistic that any functioning human capable of speech would be that bad at repeating sounds. Why must this character be made so frustratingly brain-dead? This ugly parody of the French language is downright insulting.

    Let me quote Phoebe in her frustration: "'I have to leave before I put your head through a wall". I felt I had to turn the TV off before I put my own head through the wall with this episode!
  • The very worst of Friends, a fine example of what went wrong.

    Now, I am a huge Friends fanatic, but the Joey storyline where Phoebe tries to teach him French is simply, and I'll use a Chandler quote to make my point here, "one of the worst things I've ever seen! And not just on TV". It is So cringeworthy it makes it unbearable, and I honestly can't rewatch it without my eyes rolling so far back they go all the way round. I'll even go as far as saying that this episode is insulting.

    I will never understand at what point they thought that was in any way funny. In the writing room? Whilst filming?! I guess you have to look for it, but that is where the comedy lies here: the fact that while they were filming, at least someone must have said "excuse me, but this is complete rubbish" only for him to be labbeled a nutcase.

    This episode, does have some saving grace thankfully with the Rachel/Ross and Chandler/Monica storylines, but even then some of the humour is poor. But it is hard to see much of it in a good light with that shadow of true awfulness looming heavy at all times.

    Anyway, this episode is the epitomy of everything that went wrong with Friends. The final couple of seasons became all about the storyline and tying things up. The writing got sloppy and the jokes poor and at times awful. This was for me the all time low. A real Shame.
  • By this point they were teasting the Ross/Rachel reunion. Poorly done with Ross's last comment on the sex subject being "It's never off the table." Left unsatisfied.

    Phoebe tries to teach Joey to speak French for an audition. Surrogate mom Erica is visiting town and tells the Bings that the baby's father may be a shovel killer. Ross and Rachel head out to Long Island after her dad has a heart attack. After Ross rejects an upset Rachel's advances, the two decide never to have sex again, although Rachel suggests it still might happen.
  • Just plain insulting.

    I find it quite insulting to my intelligence that I'm expected to believe the main story of this episode. Suspension of disbelief is very important when watching anything on TV, and Joey trying to learn French and talking gibberish seems more symptomatic of a serious brain injury than Joey being a bit thick. There's no structure at all to what he thinks is French, it's obvious he's making it up as he goes along, so how can we possibly believe that he genuinely thinks he's speaking French?

    The sub-plots are reasonably amusing if not exactly hilarious, but the ludicrous and unbelievable Joey story just ruins the whole thing.