Season 10 Episode 13

The One Where Joey Speaks French

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2004 on NBC

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  • Joey's storyline is beyond stupid and Rachel reaches new levels of being selfish.

    I don't get this episode. I really do not get this episode. It's stupid, and wants us to agree with characters being completely wrong.

    First off, Joey's French. How is that even remotly funny? He's not the brightest bulb in the Christmas Tree, but he couldn't possibly be as stupid as he is in this episode and still be able to live out in the real world. It's just not funny, not even the slightest bit, and I feel bad for the writers who actually thought they had come up with something good. This is comedy on kindergarden level, at best.

    Second, Rachel. So she is sad about her father, wants to have sex to feel better, Ross doesn't want to and so HE is the bad guy? The writers actually want us to think she is right and Ross is wrong? Ross has every right in the world to say no, nobody in their right mind would tell someone that "if someone asks you for sex, just do it". If Ross had said the same thing to Rachel he would have been accused of all kinds of atrocities. But Rachel is somehow right to be angry when he doesn't want to have sex with her. So he's just supposed to get into bed whenever she wants to? And be what, her little boy toy pending on sex slave? I just found this storyline appalling.

    Chandler and Monica's storyline wasn't all that good either. It had some funny moments, but it couldn't even come close to saving this awful episode.

    What has Friends become, really? A show which expects us to laugh at the lamest of jokes and cheer for the character who demands sex and gets mad when the other doesn't want to? Me and my friends all agree, this episode marks the lowest of lows for this show.