Season 10 Episode 13

The One Where Joey Speaks French

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2004 on NBC

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  • Joey can't speak French and Chandler & Monica find out the baby they are adopting might be the baby of a shovel wealding dad killer!

    This is one of my favorite eppisodes. I thought it was soooooooo funny. For a part he is auditioning for Joey needs to speak french (which, according to his application, he speacks fluently). Pheobe tries to teach him but he fails miserably.

    Phobe: Jem a Pel Claude
    Joey: Flut a Flit Flee

    Meanwhile, Erica comes to visit and tells Monica & Chandler that her baby might belong to a man killed his father with a shovel and Chandler starts freaking out.

    Chandler: (to Monica) Oh of course your not worried he probubly loves his mom.
    (or something like that)

    Ha Ha Ha so funny.