Season 10 Episode 13

The One Where Joey Speaks French

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2004 on NBC

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  • The One They Should Have Apologized For

    Watching this episode, my only thought was 'End this show. End it

    It has Rachel begging Ross for sex while her father is recovering from a heart-attack (?), Chandler and Monica investigating who got Erica pregnant, and Phoebe trying desperately to learn Joey French.

    While the Chandler/Monica-storyline is not all that bad, I am growing very tired of the Ross/Rachel-relationship. This time it doesn't even make sense. Rachel, worried about her father in the hospital, tries desperately to have sex with Ross huh? What kind of response is that?

    But this pales in comparison to the Joey/Phoebe-storyline. Phoebe, suddenly fluent in French, must teach Joey this language to get him through an audition that requires French skills. It is absolutely the most embarrassing scene I have ever seen on Friends. Incapable of repeating even a very simple sentence, but convinced he's great, Joey lets out complete gibberish. So embarrassing. It is completely unrealistic that any functioning human capable of speech would be that bad at repeating sounds. Why must this character be made so frustratingly brain-dead? This ugly parody of the French language is downright insulting.

    Let me quote Phoebe in her frustration: "'I have to leave before I put your head through a wall". I felt I had to turn the TV off before I put my own head through the wall with this episode!