Season 8 Episode 16

The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2002 on NBC

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  • Joey tell rachel that he love her

    This episod is realy comic afater now the person that Joey is in love Ross realy freaks out and starts yealing but the of this situation is that gunter realy freaks out to whith joey afeter ross leves!!!
    After taking whith joey Ross go talk with Monica who defend Joey and say he nerver do nothing without Ross aprove...
    Afeter this it shows Monica and Chandeler in the coffe when Pheobe arive whith her new boyfriend and Monica starts to talk whith him and discover they have a lot of thing in comun.
    Afeter we see ross goes to talk whith Joey and because he sad he is not going to try anything withouth her but he said he is in love with her so Ross fell guity and say that he shoulth talk to her to know if she fell the same or no...
    Monica is still very encantd with Pheobe new boyfriend and discover that they have many points in comun.
    Joey goes talk whith Rachel bu because she can't ion the moment he invite her to dinner.
    Monica and Chandeler talk about what is going one with monica and Pheobe new boyfriend and she explain that is nothing going one and they make up.
    In the dinner Joey is really nervuse when they finaly starts telling Rachel a emploid od the restauresnt inturepd but display that he tell her but in the begining she thinks that he is joking and when she realise he isn't she says that she is sorry but she doesn't love him to so joey prepars to leave but rachel have another pregnet thing and stars cry so joey stars too and in the end of the episod they finish hug and promess for each other they will remain friends