Season 8 Episode 16

The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2002 on NBC

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    I'll give this episode one thing, it did own up to it's cliffhanger. Ross reacted reasonably for being Ross that Joey had feelings for Rachel. Ross' freak outs are so hilarious, that he actually made this episode worth watching. Now for the moment we've all been waiting for (not really): Joey tells Rachel that he is in love with her, and as expected, Rachel cannot return those feelings, leaving things up in the air, but honestly, I really didn't care for those two, which is probably why I didn't enjoy season eight as much. The thing I did enjoy was Rachel's pregnancy, that was probably the only highlight of this season, probably the only successful story arc as well. Because this Joey/Rachel thing really got tiresome after a while, and I felt like they spent way too much time on the issue. The majority of fans are Ross & Rachel fans anyways, so I'm sure this wasn't good for the ratings. Ugh: A Monica/Chandler plot, Phoebe made it better with her quirkiness. Honestly, I think she is the only one that hasn't completely turned in to a caricature of herself. Average episode, not the best.