Season 1 Episode 1

The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (a.k.a. Pilot)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1994 on NBC

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  • Excellent start to the series.

    The friends pilot is an excellent start to the first series of the best show ever!! This episode is sometimes called the one where it all began or the one where Monica gets a new roommate. This episode is the one where Rachel leaves Barry at the alter and moves in with Monica, Monica sleeps with Paul the wine guy, Ross tries to get over Carol being a lesbian and the gang try to help Rachel fit in, she gets 'one of those job things'. You are introduced to everyone, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Monica. We also see where the gang live and hang out; Central Perk, Monica's Apartment and Joey's Apartment. An excellent start.
  • great start

    THis episode is just the beginging. We learn about Ross and his divorce with this lesbian wife. We learn that phoebe is quirky and different but brings great humor to the group. We learn that Rachel is used to being spoiled and someone else caring for her but now she's ready to make a new start and get her first job. We learn that Joey is a goofy actor and Monica is obsevssive compulsive about keeping things clean. THis is a wonderful comedy about 6 friends in their mid twenites trying to make it in the world with work and love.
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  • this was the start of something very special

    this was the start of something very special this is a great show i cant belive it ended . They just grew on you . I loved this show from the beginning . its sad it had to end but they ended it perfectly . there are so many great episodes. . . . . . . i can not pick one they are all great all of the actors play there part good which just makes this show really work . . it can make u cry and laugh all in the one episode! ! ! ! ! !
  • Although I started watching Friends much later, I knew this would be my favorite show ever. And this is the beginning of the phenomenon.

    To tell you the truth, it is very rare that I pop in the Season 1 DVD to watch, because the low quality of the image is really a downer for me. And it is the most rare that I watch this episode because it may be the episode I've seen the most.

    The classic fountain title sequence. The girls have girly colored umbrealla. And the guys have blue and green umbrella.

    The show starts out rather simply, with characters talking while drinking coffee. We first see Chandler (Matthew Perry with somewhat long hair) and realize he is the most humorous of the bunch. Phoebe's hair is curly and I sometimes wished Lisa Kudrow kept the do. Joey (Matt Leblanc) just looks so different with long hair (and less chubby). Monica (Courteney Cox) doesn't look bad, but not great either. Ross walks in gloomily (with short, slicky hair) and tells his sad story. Then Rachel makes an unforgettable entrance, speaking in a voice so high.

    The jokes are mainly smilable, but not hilarious in this episode, but I do love Phoebe's line after Monica asked her to help, "I wish I could, but I don't want to."

    When Ross 'grabbed a spoon' and asked Rachel if he could maybe ask her out sometime, we knew this relationship is something for the television history book.

    A nice start, promising us the great chemistry between cast members, writing, plot twists of the show to come.
  • Good episode

    We find out about all the characters theres Joey Tribbiani(Matt Le Blanc),Chandler Bing(Matthew Perry),Ross Geller(David Schwimmer,Monica Geller(Courtney Cox),Rachel Green(Jennifer Aniston)Phoebe Buffey(lisa Kudrow.Joey and Chandler live together. Monica and Phoebe used to live together now Phoebe lives with her grandmother. Rachel a spoiled rich girl comes back to her old best friend from highschool after she leaves her husband at the altar dripping wet and still in her wedding gown and gets cut off from her dad after she leaves her husband and stays with Monica. .Living live in the real world without her daddy's money the gang makes her cut up all her credit cards.Ross and Monica are brother and sister.Ross just got divorced after finding out his wife's a lesbian and that she's now living with her lesbian life partner her work out friend that she supposedlygo to the gym with.Ross who Joey and Chandler tell to grab a spoon and ask someone on a date while they set up his new apartment,who used to have a crush on Rachel when she was friends with his sister in highschool asks her if she would like to go out with her maybe he still likes her.We learn that Phoebe plays the guitar and she is very spirtual.Monica go's on a date with paul the wine guy and he tells her that he hasn't has sex since he broke up with his wife which was two years ago he broke his ex-wifes watch when they broke up. She ends up having sex with him but at work the next day she learns it was just a line when her co-worker says he said the same thing to her when they went outso that you'll have sex with him.She finds his watch next to the couch and crushes it.
  • What a great start to the series

    In the series premiere, you're introduced to the cast and feel like you've known them a long time. Rachel moves in with Monica after leaving her groom-to-be at the altar and the gang convince her to try to make it on her own without her Dad's financial help. Ross is depressed after his marriage ends upon learning his wife is a lesbian and drags Chandler and Joey down as they set up their apartment. This doesn't last long though as they give Ross some good advice. This advice gives us our first glimpse into his future relationship with Rachel as he asks her out and she accepts. Monica also becomes involved with Paul, the wine guy, much to the amusement of everyone else. This was a very solid episode with some great lines and was done surprisingly well for a premiere. With such a great start as this, it's easy to see why the show lasted ten seasons.
  • The start of Friends

    Brilliant episode. Looking back on this now it was way ahead of it's time. This episode intorduces us to all 6 of the friends... When Rachel comes running in wearing a wedding dress it's perfect timing.. great for a laugh every time. Allthough Rachel seems to be completely differnt when watching the rest of the series you can still see glimets of this Rachel shine through sometimes. As for Chandler, one of my favourite quotes from him is in this episode. He seems to stay exactly the same throught the 10 series'. I love the whole Ross' wide is a lasbian thing and divorces as that stuck with him too. Plus we get to see (Possibly my most favoruiet thing of all!) Pheobes wierd funny side, which again stays with her throught the series'
  • great

    great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i ligreat. i like it and would like to watch it it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would great. i like it and would like to watch it to watch it again.
  • This episode was a beginning on an era

    Who knew freinds would have such an impact on our lives? and this is where it all started of! where Rachel runs away from her wedding to crash at Monica's! Where we are first introduced to all the characters and see how they will unfold over 10 superb seasons! We find out that Ross married a woman who eventually became a lesbian and he is stil reeling from the divorce! We see Joey a smooth talking new york failed actor. Monica and obsessive compulsive person! Chandler sarcastic and funny! Rachel spoilt and typical head cheerleader and Ross who is a mess!
  • very funny top quality

    We're introduced to the gang as they hang out at one of two places: their favorite java hut, Central Perk, or Monica's apartment. After Rachel leaves her Mr. Potato Head-look-alike fiancé Barry at the altar, she moves in with Monica and discovers that independence sucks when you don't have Daddy's credit cards to rely on and ends up having a very hard time. Ross, Monica's older brother, enters Central Perk. He is completely depressed and looks terrible. Monica asks if he is okay and Ross responds by saying he feels like someone pulled out his small intestine via his throat and then tied it around his neck. Chandler, in his usual joking manner, asks if he would like a cookie. and monica explains that carol moved all her stuff out today. later on while ross and rachel are hanging out ross asks her if he cold ask her out some time????
  • The first of many reviews.

    I am a huge friends fan. So I have decided to review every episode. I have watched every episode many many times. My friends wont play \"scence friends\" with me anymore cus I can typically win with one turn. So I have decided to put all that knowledge to use and review every episode of one of the best TV shows to air in the USA. The one where it all began. this episode was good. If i rate it in context with all the episodes its fairly mundane. Some of the jokes felt forced and some even fall flat. You can really tell that they are trying extra hard to force the audience to judge each person as there stereotype. Chandler being super sarcastic. Monica being helpless in love, Rachel being the spoiled girl starting over. Ross being the sad lonely guy who is in love with the new girl and Phoebe being well herself. and joey being the sex crazed moron. but all in all this is a good start to a great show.
  • Soooo great episode!!! I love it 'cause, it's first episode of my fav show!

    The first episode of 'Friends' is sooo great! I love it sooo mush. It's maybe 'cause it's the first time to see all characters, and to know them! From the first episode I knew, that Chandler is gonna be my fav character! He is soooo funny! And by the way, Matthew is my fav actor!!!
  • A funny, sweet, and promising beginning to a television landmark.

    In this pilot episode, we see the Friends as they live their lives. They are hanging at Central Perk, talking about life, love, sex, parents, etc. Something we see them do only in this episode is watching the Spanish novella. The Friends imitate and make-up what the actors could possibly be saying, adding comments like "she really should not be wearing those pants" about the actress wearing faded acid-washed jeans which highly accentuate her behind. This episode also begins the Ross and Rachel storyline, which continues until the very last episode. If you've seen the pilot episode before, it's worth seeing again. If you have somehow missed it, do as Ross and "grab a spoon."
  • a great episode

    This was a very good episode, it shows how it all began
    and they way all the characters were ment to be introduced . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    it showed us how the characters are and what there personalities are like. . . . for example throughout the episode chandler was already making jokes and you could tell that joey was in love with himself. in con clusion i give this episode a 9.6 and i rate it as one of the best episodes throught the series....
  • Monica gets a roommates with the start of the whole 10-year long show.

    Possibly the biggest and best thing to ever hit TV in just 30 minutes it made a huge fan group. This episode is just pure genius. It explains every character and really what the next 10 years will be about without even knowing or trying at all. This episode could easily blow minds away with everything. I liked how the show is mapped out during this episode. Everything is just great with everything. If you haven't already watch this RIGHT NOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Just where the whole thing began...

    As funny and weird as this may sound, this episode (Pilot --a.k.a. The One Where Monica Gets A New Rommate --a.k.a. The One Where It All Began) gives us a little preview of how funny and what the show is going to be about. We get to understand the characters a little well.

    The best and funniest pilot I have ever seen. So funny.
  • Beginning of an era

    We first meet the six Friends and are introduced to their world. Monica goes out with a guy, who she's scared her friends won't like. At dinner, he tells her he hasn't been able to perform since his divorce, and she willingly helps him. Afterwards one of their coworkers, lets it slip that she helped Paul the wine guy too. Ross deals with his divorce from Carol, and worried he will never find true love again. Rachel runs out of her wedding, and finds Monica and the gang at Central Perk , and becomes Monica's roommate. The gang forces her to cut up her credit cards and get a job, which she does, at Central Perk. Chandler tells some very odd dreams, Phoebe cleanses auras, and tells her life story of living alone at 14 in the streets, and Joey goes out with a lot of girls. Very good pilot episode, even though it's mostly focused on Ross, Monica and Rachel. Excellent start to one of the best series ever.
  • Where it all began...

    The start of a great show.

    In this episode, we are introduced to the main characters. Rachel Green has just run away from her wedding with Barry Farber, Ross has gotten divorced from his lesbian wife Carol, Chandler is sarcastic and has odd dreams, Monica has a date with Paul, Phoebe is unorthodox and sings in the subway, and Joey is a player.

    Though it is the pilot, it was only an average episode with only a few good jokes, compared to later episodes.

    We are also given the foreshadow of Ross and Rachel getting together, both coming from failed marriages.

    Overall, this is a nice introduction to the characters of the show, although not so much an introduction to great comedy.
  • A good introduction to the series

    I didn't get into Friends until the summer of '95 after the first season aired, but I'm glad I got hooked on it! This episode shows why - you really get into the characters right away, and what's nice is since there are six friends, there's a chance that the audience will identify with one of them. Joey's hair was AWFUL in this episode though! LOL
  • The one where it all started

    If this was the first episode i had seen of Friends, I wouldn't have bothered to watch the rest. This first episode wasn't anything special in my opinion. It wasn't special and in my opinion one of the worst episodes of Friends. The only thing that stood out, was Chandler's sarcasm. He manages to brighten up every episode ^_^ It shows how spoiled Rachel is and it introduces Ross' whining. It does make good material for comparison with other episodes throughout the series. It makes a nice contrast since you can really see how much the characters have developed since then.
  • ok but not the best

    this was ok but it was not the best i thought they could have done a better line and plot to the whole episode but it was ok but anyways here is the review:

    the review:

    We're introduced to the gang as they hang out at one of two places: their favorite java hut, Central Perk, or Monica's apartment. Make that Monica and Rachel's apartment. After Rachel leaves her Mr. Potato Head-look-alike fiancé Barry at the altar, she moves in with Monica and discovers that independence sucks when you don't have Daddy's credit cards to rely on. good good good good
  • The first ever "Friends episode".

    Although "Friends" was to become one of the most loved show's in television history this dosen't show how good it's is going to get. In the first scene it introduces Monica, Pheobe, Joey, and Chandler. Jokes are made but they are rather bad one's. In the following scenes we are introduced to just-ran out Rachel and divorcee Ross (Monica's brother). We are shown Monica's apartment (Were over 60% of the shows footage was shot in it's 10 years) which Rachel decides she will stay until thing's get sorted with her fiancee. That night Ross admits he had a crush on Rachel in highschool and wonders whether he could ask her out some time. She responds "ye" and this is what sparks a 10 year "will they won't they" on-and-off relationship.
    We learn that Monica is a chef, that Joey is an actor, That Chandler is a ehhhhh.... well i didnt listen to Chandler!(Who does?) and that Pheobe is a masssage therapist. This makes Rachel find a job and at the local coffee shop where they hang out(In the first episode the name "Central Perk" wasn't known) she finds a job as a waitress.
  • A great start for the best series ever!

    The pilot episode is classic Friends material. It is brilliantly written and packed with laughs. The cast is absolutely amazing and they click together so well. This is an incredibly smart show and you can't help but love it. I only had to watch one episode of Friends to fall in love with it. I bought every season on DVD and the first season may seem somewhat different from the others but its just as great. This first episode really portrays the characters very well; you can tell they all have distinct personalities yet they understand one another. Watching this episode makes you feel as though you are included in their little group.
  • This episode began Friends' brilliant 10 year run. This was the beginning of the genius that is Friends.

    This episode began it all. It introduced the characters and set us up for what would be a truly magical series.
    It is definately one of the most inportant episodes of the entire series because it was the beginning. We learnt about the relationships between the main characters. We found out what the characters were like and how they felt about each other.
    When Monica uttered those first words, "there's nothing to tell" who would have known what was to follow, 10 years of pure magic.
    We learnt that Monica appeared to be the glue that held the group together, Chandler was the sarcastic one, Joey was, well, the slower one of the group, Phoebe was the kooky one, Rachel was the spoilt one who left her fiance at the altar, and Ross was the one goung through a divorce, who was totally in love with Rachel.
    Throughout the series they grew into much deeper characters, but this epsiode merely introduced them to us. The introduction is very important in the evolution of the characters throughtout the series.
    Therefore this episode is a very significant part of the phenonemen that is Friends.
  • The One That Started It All

    This was the first episode ever, the one that started it all. I love this episode. This is where we first meet the gang and learn how they know each other. It's such a sweet moment when they help Rachel gain independence from her family. I loved when Ross tries to ask out Rachel at the end and tells Monica he "grabbed a spoon". It's interesting to see how little involvement Joey, Chandler and Phoebe had early on. Watching this episode and the later ones and you can see the evolution of their characters. I'm glad they writers developed them so nicely. Overall this is a great beginning of a great show.
  • Great way to start a great show!!!!!!!!

    This is by far my favorite sitcom ever. I have all 10 seasons and have watched every show numerous times. This pilot was a great way to introduce all the characters and their stories. Each character develops a little more in every show and by the end of the 10th and final season it's almost like there are different people walking out of the apartment. You notice the way there characters change, the wardrobe changes, and especially all the hair changes.

    For instance, Rachel's voice is higher and kind of annoying in the beginning, her outfits are shorter, and you can tell that she is the newcomer, but as the seasoons go on her character becomes more stylish and goofy.
    Monica is like the mother hen in the beginning. She's not real funny yet, and she is the more serious, grown up one. She really gets funny and kind of like a kid at times, but by the end, she is the serious one again.
    I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

    I know that this was not really about the pilot episode, but I just wanted to give my opinion of the show.

    Rachel leaves Barry at the alter and moves in with Monica. Monica goes on a date with Paul the wine guy, who turns out to be less than sincere. Ross is depressed about his failed marriage. Joey compares women to ice cream. Everyone watches Spanish soaps. Ross reveals his high school crush on Rache
  • The first episode of one of the most popular comedy shows of all time.

    In the first episode of "Friends", one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of television, we meets five friends, who hang out in Central Perk, their favorite coffee place, and with the sudden arrival of Monica's ex-best friend Rachel, the story of Friends begins. While Rachel is trying to fit in the life without the support of her parents, Monica is dating a guy who tricks her into sleeping with him on the first date, Joey & Chandler are kidding around, just like in the entire show, and Ross is unhappy due to his divorce.

    I thought the first episode was above average, but still wasn't such an amazing episode. We meet the characters, we find out about each person's personality, but this episode is just a lead-in to a huge and successful series. It's all that a pilot episode needs to be -- it doesn't reveal too much, but just enough to get the show starting.
  • A Classic

    Does anyone notice that in the first few episodes of the series Jennifer
    Aniston uses a slightly higher voice than the rest of the series? It's a little more nasal and ahrd to take at times. It's especially noticeabl when she's on the phone to her father talking about the hat and the gravy boat.
    I liked this episode but am always annoyed at how Phoebe doesn't tend to do anything. If you watch the DVD version you see that there is a deleted scene in which she sings in the subway, but otherwise there is really nothing else she's doing that isn't annoying.
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