Season 1 Episode 1

The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (a.k.a. Pilot)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1994 on NBC

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  • Rachel - Monica - Phoebe Joey - Chandler - Ross

    We said hello to a brand new comedy sitcom in 1994.

    The first episode of the hit sitcom featured the union of the six best Friends, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.

    The episode follows the Friends as we meet Rachel, who just ran out on her wedding and immediatly moved in with her old high school friend, Monica.

    Ross meanwhile mourns for the breakup of his marraige - his wife left him for another woman.

    Joey managed to hit on Rachel on her wedding day - Chandler shows us his clever, sarcasticly oriented comedy.

    Phoebe - Well she asks to cleanse Ross's aura - What do you think?

    Watch the show, you're missing out on the biggest show of all time if you don't.
  • The one where it all began (pilot) rachel (jennifer aniston) dumps mr potato head at the altar. Ross (david schwimer) finds out his wife is a lesbian and get 1 of 3 of his divoces.

    This is a fine exsample of a good start to some think what is so great. It has every type of comedy. joey does the dump part in it but in the first two episodes you dont see the stupid side of joey, you only see the smart side but as the series goes on you relly start to notice how stupid joey relly is. Phoebe does a bit of every comedy she can be relly stupid at times and relly smart at others. rachel is the one who can not see past money and persestions but as the series goes on she changes alot. monica is a women who is lookin to seltal down. ross is a man who needs help after getting a divoce. chandler is the funnest person on the show by taking the mick out of all of his friends.
  • This is the one where it all began.

    This was a great episode all of teh cast was together for the first time. We got to learn about all the characters and what tehre story is. From this very first episode Rachel and Ross were a match. This episode began with all of them having there own problems but they all pull together as friends.
  • it all began to chage our lives

    This episode change my life i dont know about your it was a really great episode I love the way they introduced thre characters. Like Rachels the spoiled never lived in the city type. Ross the Divored from a lesbian guy. Phoebe the weird hippie singer. Monica the obesssed with cleaning gal. Chandler funny man. And joey the man who sleeps with every one!
  • From this episode on our lives changed! (may contain SPOILER on this episode and the major storyline)

    The pilot episode of FRIENDS isn't just the berginning of the amazing adventure of those six friends that became a myth. I think this episode is amazing. We can find everithing that brought friends to success: great comedy, good romance (at least a glimpse of it) and "real" characters. In fact I can't stop laughing when I watch this episode and at the end we can see the beginning of Ross&Rachel love story ("I grabbed a spoon"). But the key to success are the characters, I mean who hasn't a funny friend, a geek friend, a Rachel-like friend and so on...? So this episode "is" friends... Watch it but I warn you= you'll want to watch all the other ones after this one.
  • Awesome Episode!

    What a way to start off one hell of a sitcom. Friends has to be, hands down, the funniest sitcom in history, with it\'s hilarious one liners and its characters.

    This seems to focus more on Rachel then anyone else, a bit on both Monica and Ross but mostly Rachel steals the spotlight, not that that is a bad thing. The only problem is Joey doesnt really say anything, and thats a big shame, it isnt really till the second episode that they put him out to be the dumb one, I really thing they tried to make him kinda smart in this one, well not smart, but not retarded as he seems in the later series.

    All in all this was a great Pilot and I enjoyed watching it.
  • good

    This is just an all-time classic episode, from the opening scene to the end. This episode is fantastic. The thing that is so amazing about it, is that it feels as if it could've been any episode. Even today when I watch it on re-runs, it doesn't look stale or outdated. The writers did such a great job introducing the characters to us and making me feel as if I have been watching for years.
    The scene where Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Joey and Chandler are watching the spanish soap opera is hilarious. I have never seen a pilot episode that was as funny as this one. It is brilliantly written and perfectly acted.
  • Classic episode from beginning to the end.

    This is just an all-time classic episode, from the opening scene to the end. This episode is fantastic. The thing that is so amazing about it, is that it feels as if it could've been any episode. Even today when I watch it on re-runs, it doesn't look stale or outdated. The writers did such a great job introducing the characters to us and making me feel as if I have been watching for years.
    The scene where Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Joey and Chandler are watching the spanish soap opera is hilarious. I have never seen a pilot episode that was as funny as this one. It is brilliantly written and perfectly acted.
  • The one that started it all... and one of the finest episodes of friends

    This episode was the one that started it all. I became an avid fan of the show a few years ago, and bought the first season on dvd because I was very depressed and wanted a laugh. Friends gave me just what I needed. This episode is great. I think it is the episode where we have learned most about the characters, i.e. Phoebe\'s history, Ross and Carol\'s relationship, and of course, the infamous crush Ross had on Rachel. This episode showed a lot of excitement, the feeling you get when you know something magnificent is going to happen I loved this episode and if you haven't seen it yet you should.
  • The entire cast of Friends is introduced as the gang of 6 meet up in New York City. Rachel, the 'spoiled rich girl', comes to the city after leaving her fiance at the altar.

    I must say I am a bit jaded about this episode. After watching all the episodes of Friends, how does one rate or reflect this episode? Am I supposed to pretend like I have never seen any of the other shows and rate it slowly based on this script or am I to compare it with the rest of the series. Either way, I ironically find the pilot episode comes up short for my favorite comedy of the 90s. The jokes are average and the acting is okay. The chemistry is great, I will admit. And I think it is the chemistry that allowed all of us Friends fanatics to be able to sit through the first couple of episodes in order to get to the heart of the series. In this episode, each character is introduced. Monica is an anal-retentive control freak who holds a job as a chef. Phoebe is an eccentric, bohemian, New-Age masseuse. Ross, Monica's older brother, is a serious yet frumpy paleontologist who is recently divorced after his wife discovered she was a lesbian. Joey is an amateur actor, hoping to make it big, both in his career and with the ladies. Chandler is the 'funny' one of the gang who works as a data processor (whatever that means). And finally, we meet Rachel, a spoiled, self-involved WASP, who arrives at Central Perk in her wedding dress after abruptly leaving her orthodontic fiance at the alter to track down her high school friend Monica.
  • Excellent introduction to their first actitudes.

    It´s not my favorite episode but it is an excellent episode, the fact to first introduce the characters to the audience, to show their first personalities, they changed over the seasons of course, but it is a good thing that they introduced them in that form, here we learn that Joey is dumb and is an uemployed actor, that Chandler is the sarcastic funny one, that Monica is the neat one and the chef, that Rachel is an overspoiled girl that depends of others to live, that Phoebe is the spiritual crazy one, and that ross is the miserable one.
  • The beginning of a beautiful friendship

    Although this is not the funniest episode of Friends ever it is one of the few programmes I have seen where all the characters are already fully developed and are three dimensional before the first ad break. Chandler especially sums up his messed up psyhe from his parents\' divorce witht the line, \"Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian.\" The relationship between Ross and Rachel is also set up beautifully, showing the difficulties Ross has always had with Rachel - opening the umbrella, and then the scene when they both stare out the window into the rain wondering about their future love life, and then Ross\'s hesitant questioning Rachel whether he might be able to ask her out whilst sharing a cookie. However we don\'t get enough of Phoebe and Joey\'s hair bugs me every time I see the pilot. As they say, \"Things can only get better\" and though starting from a high perch they did.
  • The one that started it all.

    This episode was the first of a great sitcom. When I watch this episode now I just think about how the characters have grown, and how none of the actors knew the show would go as far as it did. 10 years later and the show is as popular as ever.
  • Where it all started!

    I gave this episode a 10 because of course...It's where it all started. If you watch the first episode and then the last episode(s), I swear it'll send chills down your back and make you feel warm inside. To see that 11 years ago that an amazing show could start out with this first ever episode.
  • Rachel has to learn to live in New York without her father's money. Monica has to overcome her boyfriends story. Chandler and Joey help Ross cope after Carol moves out.

    This episode starts off Wierd I thought because they are all talking and then Ross comes in and talks about him and Carol. Then as soon as Ross says that he would prefer to be married Rachel comes in still in her wedding dress. I find that a little ironic but it worked. Later on though is where it gets interesting because when Joey, Rachel, Monica, and Chandler were talking about going to work and their jobs. Rachel asked Joey what he was in acting wise and then they went on for a minute about the play then my favorite part of the episode is when Chandler dances out singing "Once I was a wooden boy." The episode is a awesome pilot because it gives you alot of background on the characters.
  • The One That Started it All!

    FRIENDS may be one of the greatest sitcoms known to man. Don't deny it. Here we meet the characters that we have all come to love for ten brilliant years. Six twenty-somethings just trying to make it in the big city. In the pilot, Monica has sex with a guy on their first date, Rachel runs from the altar and decides to enter the real world, and Ross is divorced... for the first time. It's funny how much has happened during these last ten years.
  • Five friends named Monica, Ross, Phoebe,Chandler and Joey have to teach Monica´s high school friend Rachel how to be independent.

    This is Friends\' pilot episode. We are introduced to five friends named Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey. Monica´s high school friend Rachel Green suddenly comes to New York and asks Monica to live with her because she left her fiancé Barry( that,as she notes,is a Mr. Potato Head-alike). While that, Ross is depressed because her ex-wife Carol left him after she discoverd she was a lesbian. And Monica discovers her boyfriend Paul(the wine guy) is a big fat liar when he lies to her, telling he can´t make love for 2 years just to go to bed with her.
  • The characters are introduced in this pilot episode of the hit show "Friends".

    This is the pilot episode of "Fiends" which became one of the most sucessful sitcoms ever. Five friends are introduced in Central Perk: Joey Tribbiani, Monica Gellar, Ross Gellar, Pheobe Buffay, and Chandler Bing. They are talking about recent things that have happened to them. Ross talks about his lesbian wife Carol and her lover Susan, then wishes he was married.
    Rachel Green walks in wearing a wedding dress, and notices Monica her highschool friend. Rachel was getting married, but then noticed that her fiance Barry looked like Mr.Potatohead, and she didn't love him so she escaped through the window in the bathroom. She ends up staying with Monica. Also in this episode Ross moves into his new apartment. This is the funniest pilot episode I have ever seen for a sitcom, and a monumental part of "Friends" history.
  • The first episode. Rachel leaves her finace at the altar. Ross's wife moves out after finding she's a lesbian. Monica goes on a date with her crush from work.

    The problem with pilot episodes is that they are often not true to the future of the TV show. The premise of the story will be shaky, seemingly only there to tell the audience who the characters are and what the show will be about. Except, the characters grow as the show continues and the pilot looks outdated and laughable.

    Not so with the FRIENDS pilot. The characters are the same as the ones we saw in the finale, albeit more grown up and changed slightly through the years.

    This episode is pretty funny, Chandler\'s wisecracks are some of the best there have been. You immediately feel for Ross; he plays pathetic and depressed Ross as well here as anytime throughout the series. Rachel is the spoiled rich girl not sure where to turn, the one who will grow through 10 years of FRIENDS. Monica is... Monica. And of course, we see Phoebe and Joey at hilarious moments.

    See the FRIENDS pilot to see how it all started. It is not one to miss!
  • Rachel leaves her husband at the alter and moves in with Monica. Thus the gang of six young pretty men and women are formed...

    As Pilots go, this one is actually quite good. Not only does it introduce us to the characters in a funny and appealing way, it also sets up some of the storylines we'll be dealing with in the coming seasons. An example of this is of course the future relationship between Ross and Rachel.

    Another very good and rare aspåect of this Pilot, is how the cast already acts like the friends they're supposed to be, there are small touches that really makes us buy that these people have a history. They joke and tease each other like real friends do.

    The only real problems I have with this episode is the small continuity problems that pop up, like Rachel not knowing Chandler and Barry's last name. Even though these problems are unfortunate, the are not critical and most of them can be explained away with relative ease.

    All in all, this is an excellent start to a series deserved to last a long time. I'm not saying this is the best piece of television you'll ever watch, but the wit and cameraderie is clearly present even from the very first scene. And as the episode ended, I personally couldn't wait to watch the next one.
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