Season 1 Episode 1

The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (a.k.a. Pilot)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1994 on NBC

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  • A good start to a great show.

    The highlight of this episode was Rachel figuring her life out after she left Barry at the alter. Running into the coffee shop with her wedding dress followed by figuring out what she was going to do with her life was memorable. It was also a good starting point to have Ross' wife leaving him for another women. The hints of them getting together at the end were great. Paul the Wine Guy wasn't that funny but it was kind of cool to figure out that he was really just using a line, and it was funny to see Monica follow his advice a destroy his watch. This episode didn't really have a lot of room for the entertaining storylines Friends is known for, but it was important that we got to know the characters.
  • great

    Monica and the gang introduce Rachel to the "real world" after she leaves her fiance at the altar. Well I just started rewatching Friends last night and I found myself laughing at this episode more than I ever have, there are so many great lines in this fantastic Pilot episode and we are introduced to our favourite group of friends, Chandler, Pheobe, Monica, Rachel, Ross and Joey. My favourite part is when Chndler say, "Sometimes I wish I were a women... Did I just say that out load" it was really funny and it always makes me laugh, this was probaly one of the best pilots of all time after Lost's of course.
  • i can't watch

    i can't watch
  • Good beginning. Not great.

    The One Where It All Began
    AKA The One Where None Of The Male Characters Are Likeable

    Seriously. Joey and Chandler just seem unpleasant, and Ross...well, is Ross. It may have been a bad idea to have literally the first time we see him he's distraught. I probably would have saven this for the third episode. The women are much better characters at this point; while seeing Ross when he's so depressed makes me wonder what he's like normally, Rachel is pretty much always like this, and pulls it off.

    So what's happening? Well, Ross is going through his divorce, Rachel has jilted her husband and Monica has made a fine start on the underlying subplot of the entire series; "Six People Attempt to Sleep their Way through the Entire Population of New York". This time, it's Paul. The wine guy. Something of a bizarre epithet, and while Phoebe wonders a bit about it, we never seem to get an answer.

    Speaking of Phoebe, why is she busking? I said that the women are good at this point, but Phoebe is somewhat lacking in a decent personality at this point. Later we find out she's sort of hippy and new-age but at this point it's the pilot and we're not sure if she's a hippy, got a mental problem or just plain weird. And while I'm being negative, what's with the sudden jump-cuts? Why are we subjected to the montage that, yes, Ross and Rachel should get together? We get it. She's lonely, he's lonely. We're not stupid. What's with everyone shoehorning in innuendo and 'naughty words'? Look, if you're a grown-up show, we'll realise ourselves. No need to shove it down our throats. And this marks the first appearance of the Invisible Wall between the Couch and the Kitchen, where a character will walk 12 feet away and everyone will start talking as though they're completely out of earshot. Turns out the wall is in Ross's apartment too.

    It's a good episode, though. Once he gets going, Ross is very funny, and the Monica/Paul plot is well done. And, in hindsight, Ross' lament that he's young and already divorced is even more hilarious. You ain't seen nothing yet...
  • The first ever "Friends episode".

    Although "Friends" was to become one of the most loved show's in television history this dosen't show how good it's is going to get. In the first scene it introduces Monica, Pheobe, Joey, and Chandler. Jokes are made but they are rather bad one's. In the following scenes we are introduced to just-ran out Rachel and divorcee Ross (Monica's brother). We are shown Monica's apartment (Were over 60% of the shows footage was shot in it's 10 years) which Rachel decides she will stay until thing's get sorted with her fiancee. That night Ross admits he had a crush on Rachel in highschool and wonders whether he could ask her out some time. She responds "ye" and this is what sparks a 10 year "will they won't they" on-and-off relationship.
    We learn that Monica is a chef, that Joey is an actor, That Chandler is a ehhhhh.... well i didnt listen to Chandler!(Who does?) and that Pheobe is a masssage therapist. This makes Rachel find a job and at the local coffee shop where they hang out(In the first episode the name "Central Perk" wasn't known) she finds a job as a waitress.
  • The entire cast of Friends is introduced as the gang of 6 meet up in New York City. Rachel, the 'spoiled rich girl', comes to the city after leaving her fiance at the altar.

    I must say I am a bit jaded about this episode. After watching all the episodes of Friends, how does one rate or reflect this episode? Am I supposed to pretend like I have never seen any of the other shows and rate it slowly based on this script or am I to compare it with the rest of the series. Either way, I ironically find the pilot episode comes up short for my favorite comedy of the 90s. The jokes are average and the acting is okay. The chemistry is great, I will admit. And I think it is the chemistry that allowed all of us Friends fanatics to be able to sit through the first couple of episodes in order to get to the heart of the series. In this episode, each character is introduced. Monica is an anal-retentive control freak who holds a job as a chef. Phoebe is an eccentric, bohemian, New-Age masseuse. Ross, Monica's older brother, is a serious yet frumpy paleontologist who is recently divorced after his wife discovered she was a lesbian. Joey is an amateur actor, hoping to make it big, both in his career and with the ladies. Chandler is the 'funny' one of the gang who works as a data processor (whatever that means). And finally, we meet Rachel, a spoiled, self-involved WASP, who arrives at Central Perk in her wedding dress after abruptly leaving her orthodontic fiance at the alter to track down her high school friend Monica.
  • Five friends named Monica, Ross, Phoebe,Chandler and Joey have to teach Monica´s high school friend Rachel how to be independent.

    This is Friends\' pilot episode. We are introduced to five friends named Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey. Monica´s high school friend Rachel Green suddenly comes to New York and asks Monica to live with her because she left her fiancé Barry( that,as she notes,is a Mr. Potato Head-alike). While that, Ross is depressed because her ex-wife Carol left him after she discoverd she was a lesbian. And Monica discovers her boyfriend Paul(the wine guy) is a big fat liar when he lies to her, telling he can´t make love for 2 years just to go to bed with her.
  • The first episode. Rachel leaves her finace at the altar. Ross's wife moves out after finding she's a lesbian. Monica goes on a date with her crush from work.

    The problem with pilot episodes is that they are often not true to the future of the TV show. The premise of the story will be shaky, seemingly only there to tell the audience who the characters are and what the show will be about. Except, the characters grow as the show continues and the pilot looks outdated and laughable.

    Not so with the FRIENDS pilot. The characters are the same as the ones we saw in the finale, albeit more grown up and changed slightly through the years.

    This episode is pretty funny, Chandler\'s wisecracks are some of the best there have been. You immediately feel for Ross; he plays pathetic and depressed Ross as well here as anytime throughout the series. Rachel is the spoiled rich girl not sure where to turn, the one who will grow through 10 years of FRIENDS. Monica is... Monica. And of course, we see Phoebe and Joey at hilarious moments.

    See the FRIENDS pilot to see how it all started. It is not one to miss!
  • Rachel leaves her husband at the alter and moves in with Monica. Thus the gang of six young pretty men and women are formed...

    As Pilots go, this one is actually quite good. Not only does it introduce us to the characters in a funny and appealing way, it also sets up some of the storylines we'll be dealing with in the coming seasons. An example of this is of course the future relationship between Ross and Rachel.

    Another very good and rare aspåect of this Pilot, is how the cast already acts like the friends they're supposed to be, there are small touches that really makes us buy that these people have a history. They joke and tease each other like real friends do.

    The only real problems I have with this episode is the small continuity problems that pop up, like Rachel not knowing Chandler and Barry's last name. Even though these problems are unfortunate, the are not critical and most of them can be explained away with relative ease.

    All in all, this is an excellent start to a series deserved to last a long time. I'm not saying this is the best piece of television you'll ever watch, but the wit and cameraderie is clearly present even from the very first scene. And as the episode ended, I personally couldn't wait to watch the next one.
  • Just where the whole thing began...

    As funny and weird as this may sound, this episode (Pilot --a.k.a. The One Where Monica Gets A New Rommate --a.k.a. The One Where It All Began) gives us a little preview of how funny and what the show is going to be about. We get to understand the characters a little well.

    The best and funniest pilot I have ever seen. So funny.
  • ok but not the best

    this was ok but it was not the best i thought they could have done a better line and plot to the whole episode but it was ok but anyways here is the review:

    the review:

    We're introduced to the gang as they hang out at one of two places: their favorite java hut, Central Perk, or Monica's apartment. Make that Monica and Rachel's apartment. After Rachel leaves her Mr. Potato Head-look-alike fiancé Barry at the altar, she moves in with Monica and discovers that independence sucks when you don't have Daddy's credit cards to rely on. good good good good
  • Beginning of an era

    We first meet the six Friends and are introduced to their world. Monica goes out with a guy, who she's scared her friends won't like. At dinner, he tells her he hasn't been able to perform since his divorce, and she willingly helps him. Afterwards one of their coworkers, lets it slip that she helped Paul the wine guy too. Ross deals with his divorce from Carol, and worried he will never find true love again. Rachel runs out of her wedding, and finds Monica and the gang at Central Perk , and becomes Monica's roommate. The gang forces her to cut up her credit cards and get a job, which she does, at Central Perk. Chandler tells some very odd dreams, Phoebe cleanses auras, and tells her life story of living alone at 14 in the streets, and Joey goes out with a lot of girls. Very good pilot episode, even though it's mostly focused on Ross, Monica and Rachel. Excellent start to one of the best series ever.
  • A good introduction to the series

    I didn't get into Friends until the summer of '95 after the first season aired, but I'm glad I got hooked on it! This episode shows why - you really get into the characters right away, and what's nice is since there are six friends, there's a chance that the audience will identify with one of them. Joey's hair was AWFUL in this episode though! LOL
  • The characters are introduced in this pilot episode of the hit show "Friends".

    This is the pilot episode of "Fiends" which became one of the most sucessful sitcoms ever. Five friends are introduced in Central Perk: Joey Tribbiani, Monica Gellar, Ross Gellar, Pheobe Buffay, and Chandler Bing. They are talking about recent things that have happened to them. Ross talks about his lesbian wife Carol and her lover Susan, then wishes he was married.
    Rachel Green walks in wearing a wedding dress, and notices Monica her highschool friend. Rachel was getting married, but then noticed that her fiance Barry looked like Mr.Potatohead, and she didn't love him so she escaped through the window in the bathroom. She ends up staying with Monica. Also in this episode Ross moves into his new apartment. This is the funniest pilot episode I have ever seen for a sitcom, and a monumental part of "Friends" history.
  • The first of many reviews.

    I am a huge friends fan. So I have decided to review every episode. I have watched every episode many many times. My friends wont play \"scence friends\" with me anymore cus I can typically win with one turn. So I have decided to put all that knowledge to use and review every episode of one of the best TV shows to air in the USA. The one where it all began. this episode was good. If i rate it in context with all the episodes its fairly mundane. Some of the jokes felt forced and some even fall flat. You can really tell that they are trying extra hard to force the audience to judge each person as there stereotype. Chandler being super sarcastic. Monica being helpless in love, Rachel being the spoiled girl starting over. Ross being the sad lonely guy who is in love with the new girl and Phoebe being well herself. and joey being the sex crazed moron. but all in all this is a good start to a great show.
  • Where it all began...

    The start of a great show.

    In this episode, we are introduced to the main characters. Rachel Green has just run away from her wedding with Barry Farber, Ross has gotten divorced from his lesbian wife Carol, Chandler is sarcastic and has odd dreams, Monica has a date with Paul, Phoebe is unorthodox and sings in the subway, and Joey is a player.

    Though it is the pilot, it was only an average episode with only a few good jokes, compared to later episodes.

    We are also given the foreshadow of Ross and Rachel getting together, both coming from failed marriages.

    Overall, this is a nice introduction to the characters of the show, although not so much an introduction to great comedy.
  • Rachel - Monica - Phoebe Joey - Chandler - Ross

    We said hello to a brand new comedy sitcom in 1994.

    The first episode of the hit sitcom featured the union of the six best Friends, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.

    The episode follows the Friends as we meet Rachel, who just ran out on her wedding and immediatly moved in with her old high school friend, Monica.

    Ross meanwhile mourns for the breakup of his marraige - his wife left him for another woman.

    Joey managed to hit on Rachel on her wedding day - Chandler shows us his clever, sarcasticly oriented comedy.

    Phoebe - Well she asks to cleanse Ross's aura - What do you think?

    Watch the show, you're missing out on the biggest show of all time if you don't.
  • Excellent introduction to their first actitudes.

    It´s not my favorite episode but it is an excellent episode, the fact to first introduce the characters to the audience, to show their first personalities, they changed over the seasons of course, but it is a good thing that they introduced them in that form, here we learn that Joey is dumb and is an uemployed actor, that Chandler is the sarcastic funny one, that Monica is the neat one and the chef, that Rachel is an overspoiled girl that depends of others to live, that Phoebe is the spiritual crazy one, and that ross is the miserable one.
  • Ross cut with rachel

    That is so crazy and worry
  • When Rachel Greene, the daddy's girl who was obviously born with a silver spoon in her mouth, left boyfriend Barry Farber on their wedding day, she comes to old high school friend Monica Geller for help, who shows her how to live the simple life.

    In the pilot episode, rich girl Rachel Greene ditches her fiance at the altar, and has nobody to run to in the city, apart from old friend Monica Geller. Coincidentally, with the gang in the local coffee shop talking about marriage, Rachel happens to run into the place wearing her dress, much to Ross Geller (Monica's older brother)'s shock, who has recently got divorced, as his wife left him for another woman. The other half of the group are funnyman Chandler Bing, womanizing wannabe actor Joey Tribbiani, and wacky singer Phoebe Buffay. In a sub-plot, Monica dates a man - Paul The Wine Guy, and happens to sleep with him on the first date. As the episode goes on, we learn of Ross' crush on Rachel. Will the fairytale come alive? Actually, yes.
  • Rachel leaves both Barry (and a upper middle class life-style at the alter). Monica really needs a new roommate and Ross is dealing with the divorce of his wife, who has come out as being gay

    It is 1994 and a group of young, hip New York City dwellers meet and learn to deal with the ups and downs of their complicated lives with compassion, comedy and a sense of style. 'Friends' quickly became a global sensation, with well deserved fame and fortune for the cast and crew. Many television shows tried to copy the show's success (trendy coffee shops became all the rage) and some shows even took jabs at it (Murder, She Wrote) but their was nothing on television quite like Friends. True, the series was not beyond certain complaints and contradictions. The series that presented a positive portrayal of a same-sex couple, was the same series that struggled to portray the cities diversity in other areas (i.e. race, ethnicity or disability) and presented, at times, a totally laughable ideal of social class.

    All the major characters have nice, spacious apartments, designer clothing and furniture and could spend quite a bit of time hanging out in a trendy coffee shop talking about just about anything under the sun.

    Yet, the character's jobs, when they were employed, would probably not be able to support such a upper middle life-style, absent of some serious loans and credit card debt. Looking back at the series, which I personally felt came close to jumping the shark near the end, it is still funny, still creative, still showcases some real talents and a sincere desire to address some serious social issues.
  • Monica gets a roomate

    Very funny and interesting! I had a lot a plaisure to watch this episode. I watch this TV program to learn english and it helps me a lot. The caracters are original and so amazing. The actors are very talentuous. A real nice TV program that had a lot of success in the past. My mother used to watch to it when I was a teenager, and now I discover it by myself! It's fun to watch the really first episode of this serie. The actors had change till then! Well, that's about what I wanted to say... Goodbye and have a nice day!
  • A great start!

    This was a perfect way to start the series counting on the fact this episode develops throughout the 10 year long series. The plots go in so perfectly with major plot development. Ross gets dumped by his wife cause she is a lesbian, which develops throughout Seasons 1-3. Rachel leaves Barry at the altar, develops in to Seasons 1-2. The only plot that didn't develop, is the whole Paul The Wine Guy, but it's still a great plot with a lot of funny scenes & punch lines. Plus my favorite part is when Ross is talking with Chandler & Joey about his failed marriage while they keep cutting to Rachel by the window which shows that they will be together someday which develops in to an on & off again relationship for 10 years. A great way to start a wonderful comedy.
  • Although I started watching Friends much later, I knew this would be my favorite show ever. And this is the beginning of the phenomenon.

    To tell you the truth, it is very rare that I pop in the Season 1 DVD to watch, because the low quality of the image is really a downer for me. And it is the most rare that I watch this episode because it may be the episode I've seen the most.

    The classic fountain title sequence. The girls have girly colored umbrealla. And the guys have blue and green umbrella.

    The show starts out rather simply, with characters talking while drinking coffee. We first see Chandler (Matthew Perry with somewhat long hair) and realize he is the most humorous of the bunch. Phoebe's hair is curly and I sometimes wished Lisa Kudrow kept the do. Joey (Matt Leblanc) just looks so different with long hair (and less chubby). Monica (Courteney Cox) doesn't look bad, but not great either. Ross walks in gloomily (with short, slicky hair) and tells his sad story. Then Rachel makes an unforgettable entrance, speaking in a voice so high.

    The jokes are mainly smilable, but not hilarious in this episode, but I do love Phoebe's line after Monica asked her to help, "I wish I could, but I don't want to."

    When Ross 'grabbed a spoon' and asked Rachel if he could maybe ask her out sometime, we knew this relationship is something for the television history book.

    A nice start, promising us the great chemistry between cast members, writing, plot twists of the show to come.
  • The start of Friends

    Brilliant episode. Looking back on this now it was way ahead of it's time. This episode intorduces us to all 6 of the friends... When Rachel comes running in wearing a wedding dress it's perfect timing.. great for a laugh every time. Allthough Rachel seems to be completely differnt when watching the rest of the series you can still see glimets of this Rachel shine through sometimes. As for Chandler, one of my favourite quotes from him is in this episode. He seems to stay exactly the same throught the 10 series'. I love the whole Ross' wide is a lasbian thing and divorces as that stuck with him too. Plus we get to see (Possibly my most favoruiet thing of all!) Pheobes wierd funny side, which again stays with her throught the series'
  • very funny top quality

    We're introduced to the gang as they hang out at one of two places: their favorite java hut, Central Perk, or Monica's apartment. After Rachel leaves her Mr. Potato Head-look-alike fiancé Barry at the altar, she moves in with Monica and discovers that independence sucks when you don't have Daddy's credit cards to rely on and ends up having a very hard time. Ross, Monica's older brother, enters Central Perk. He is completely depressed and looks terrible. Monica asks if he is okay and Ross responds by saying he feels like someone pulled out his small intestine via his throat and then tied it around his neck. Chandler, in his usual joking manner, asks if he would like a cookie. and monica explains that carol moved all her stuff out today. later on while ross and rachel are hanging out ross asks her if he cold ask her out some time????
  • Soooo great episode!!! I love it 'cause, it's first episode of my fav show!

    The first episode of 'Friends' is sooo great! I love it sooo mush. It's maybe 'cause it's the first time to see all characters, and to know them! From the first episode I knew, that Chandler is gonna be my fav character! He is soooo funny! And by the way, Matthew is my fav actor!!!
  • Awesome Episode!

    What a way to start off one hell of a sitcom. Friends has to be, hands down, the funniest sitcom in history, with it\'s hilarious one liners and its characters.

    This seems to focus more on Rachel then anyone else, a bit on both Monica and Ross but mostly Rachel steals the spotlight, not that that is a bad thing. The only problem is Joey doesnt really say anything, and thats a big shame, it isnt really till the second episode that they put him out to be the dumb one, I really thing they tried to make him kinda smart in this one, well not smart, but not retarded as he seems in the later series.

    All in all this was a great Pilot and I enjoyed watching it.
  • The beginning of a beautiful friendship

    Although this is not the funniest episode of Friends ever it is one of the few programmes I have seen where all the characters are already fully developed and are three dimensional before the first ad break. Chandler especially sums up his messed up psyhe from his parents\' divorce witht the line, \"Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian.\" The relationship between Ross and Rachel is also set up beautifully, showing the difficulties Ross has always had with Rachel - opening the umbrella, and then the scene when they both stare out the window into the rain wondering about their future love life, and then Ross\'s hesitant questioning Rachel whether he might be able to ask her out whilst sharing a cookie. However we don\'t get enough of Phoebe and Joey\'s hair bugs me every time I see the pilot. As they say, \"Things can only get better\" and though starting from a high perch they did.
  • great

    great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i ligreat. i like it and would like to watch it it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would like to watch it again.great. i like it and would great. i like it and would like to watch it to watch it again.
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