Season 9 Episode 13

The One Where Monica Sings

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • Ross sees Rachel kissing Gavin on Monica and Chandler's balcony. Rachel overthinks whether he should tell Ross or not, while Ross decides to look for dates. Meanwhile, Joey gets his eyebrows waxed and Monica sings at the piano bar where Mike sings.

    This episode wasnt the best ive ever seen, but it wasn\'t the worst, either. Joey getting his eyebrows waxed and Monica singing were 2 really funny storylines, but by this point in the series, we usually have a storyline with Monica and Chandler, and Joey w/ a girl or Joey w/ Phoebe. It was different to watch situations where that is not the case. Chandler doesn\'t have a storyline this episode, but he appears in everyone\'s story. He tries to help Ross, he helps Joey, and he sees Monica singing. The ending scene was funny, when Chandler was singing on the stage. All in all, it was a funny episode, but not one of the classic \"FRIENDS\" episodes.
  • Phoebe encourages monica to sing in front of a audience at a club but her singing turns into a crowd favorite...or not

    This episode is flat out funny! I remember when i bought the season this was the first episode i watched! Monica did an okay version of "Delta Dawn" i'd never heard of the song until i saw the episode which got stuck in my head all summer long! This episode is the best ones ever!!
  • An emotional, yet funny, episode!

    TOW Monica Sings is one of the best episodes of the ninth season, not only for it's well-written storylines (although the one about Joey's eyebrows wore a little thin) but also for the emotion in the episode's bookends regarding Ross's reaction to Rachel and Gavin. The idea that Ross intentionally finds a woman to use to "get back" at Rachel is a fine example of his insecurities as well as his possessive tendencies. The fact that he also hid the message from the guy in the bar also shows this. It is unfortunate that Ross, once again, is the cause of an emotional argument between him and Rachel, although his concern can be understood, as Rachel can also be at fault for unintentionally toying with Ross's emotions, subconsciously knowing how much he cares for her and how much he wants to be with her. Still, she was correct in saying that it wasn't the mature conversation that she was looking for, causing them to realize that their situation in living together was not working out after all. But despite the emotional underpinnings in this episode, the hilarious segments at the piano bar give it the comedic relief it needs. For some reason, Phoebe singing "We Are the Champions" (with her obligatory breast shake at the end) will always and forever stick in my mind. :)
  • It's like karaoke night

    A night at Mike's piano bar gives Monica a very showy moment in the spotlight when her top is see-through and all the guys are cheering her on which is so funny when Monica thinks they care about her voice. Also when Monica says to Phoebe and Mike, 'Did you see me up there?' and Phoebe replies, 'Every little bit of you'. Ross works on trying to move on after he witnesses Rachel and Gavin's kiss by going out with a crazy lady who can't go in public restrooms. Meanwhile, Chandler employs his secret skill to repair Joey's botched eyebrow-waxing job by confessing he earned his allowance as a child by eyebrow waxing his father's friends. Joey in the waxing chair was hilarious when he puts his hand in the sticky liquid twice.
  • funny

    an extended episode of friends 30 minutes long. monica gets praised when singing karaoke, but only because her breasts are showing. joey trys to wax his eyebrows with hilarious results, getting chandler to use his special secret skills to fix it, and ross gets jealous when he sees rachael and gavin kiss A night at Mike's piano bar gives Monica a very showy moment in the spotlight. Ross works on trying to move on after he witnesses Rachel and Gavin's kiss. Meanwhile, Chandler employs his secret skill to repair Joey's botched eyebrow-waxing job. a jilarious episode and a must watch.
  • Monica sings and everyone likes her.

    Great episode! Monica sings and everyone likes her but little does she know who boobs were showing. Rachel still can't decide on what to do with Gavin and the whole Ross thing. Ross trys to hit on girls in the coffee shop because he saw Gavin and Rachel kiss. Joey has to get his eyebrows wawxed for a photo which doesn't go that good. At the end Rachel and Ross had another fight. Ross bringing a girl home who he knew for like and hour. That upsets Rachel and she goes to move back with Joey along with Emma with her.
  • Very good

    The one where Monica sings is one great Friends episode. Monica and Phoebe go to Mike's piano bar and Phoebe and Mike persuade Monica to sing in front of the bar, but when she does the light makes it so the guys can see her boob. As for Ross, after seeing Rachel and Gavin kissing on the balcony he decides to get back at her so she brings a random crazy person back to the apartment when Rachel was there. After the crazy lady leaves Ross and Rachel fight, and Rachel moves in with Joey. Joey needs to get his eyebrows shaved but it hurts too much so Chandler's softness helped him.