Season 1 Episode 8

The One Where Nana Dies Twice

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

Chandler is on a coffee break at his office. A co-worker, Shelley enters. She tells him she has the perfect someone for him & is free Saturday. Chandler accepts. Shelley then tells him how cute & funny the guy is, causing Chandler to practically have a heart-attack.

Back at Monica & Rachel's, Chandler tells the gang about it. Rachel tells him when she first met him, she thought he was gay. But once he spent Phoebe's birthday party talking to her breasts, she figured he wasn't.

Chandler is even more disturbed, asks the rest of the gang if they thought the same. Monica & Phoebe say yes while Joey & Ross says no. However, Ross tells Chandler that in college, Susan Sallidor thought so. Ross told Susan Chandler was going out with Bernie Spellman because he wanted to go out with her himself. Joey congratulates Ross until he sees the look on Chandler's face and stops.

Chandler asks everyone what makes people think he is gay. They just say he has "a quality." Which only worries Chandler even more.

The phone rings and Monica answers. It's Paulo calling from Rome, wanting to talk to Rachel. Rachel takes the phone until she informs Monica that her dad is on the other line.

Monica takes the call but becomes upset. She tells Ross their Nana is dying. At the hospital, Mr & Mrs. Gellar are there along with Aunt Lillian. Ross & Monica enter. Everyone greets each other. The doctor says it's only a matter of hours before Nana dies.

Monica, shaken up, asks her Mom how she is coping. She just repeats that she is fine before asks what happened to Monica's hair. Nothing, she tells her mom. Monica walks over to Ross, upset at her mother's attitude. Ross calms Monica down by giving her a hug.

Later in the day, everyone is sitting down talking about Nana when a nurse comes out of her room and asks for Mrs. Gellar. Nana has died.

Ross & Monica enter Nana's room. Ross looks at her body & can't believe how small she looks. Monica says good-bye to her grandmother and kisses her forehead. Ross does the same, but when he goes to kiss her, she moves. Monica & Ross scream before running out of the room.

Ross tells his mother that the nurse was wrong, Nana is still alive. Monica returns with the nurse & they enter Nana's room, followed by Ross.

But this time, Nana takes her final breath and the nurse pulls the blanket over her. Ross & Monica go tell their family.

At Central Park, the other four are there. Chandler is still stuck on the gay thing. He thinks it's due to his hair. Rachel is tired of Chandler's worries and says it's the hair, just to get him off the topic. Monica & Ross enter. They tell the gang that Nana died twice. Ross says he feels like she is still here, causing Phoebe to say "Maybe that's 'cause she's not really gone." But Ross & Monica said they made sure, they checked many times. She died. Phoebe gets philosophical for a moment. She tells Monica & Ross that she meant that Nana is still alive in spirit. Joey disagrees with her, saying once you die, it's all over. He realizes how horrible that was to say in front of Ross & Monica and tries to divert the attention back to Chandler's gay "look."

At Monica & Rachel's, Monica is talking to her dad, Mr. Geller. He tells his daughter that when he dies, he wants to be buried at sea. He thinks it will be a great way to go out, because it's unpredictable and the last thing anyone would expect.

Chandler enters his office block, finding Shelley drinking coffee. She is apologetic about calling him gay. He tells her not to worry about it; other people have done it too. He asks her why she thought he was gay. She said the same thing his friends said, "a quality."

She is a bit bummed because she tells him that he & Lowell would be great together. Chandler shocked that Lowell in Financial Services is gay. He doesn't even find Lowell attractive; he'd rather go for Brian in payroll. But Shelley tells him that Brian is out of his league, which upsets Chandler.

At Nana's house, Ross, Aunt Lillian, & Mrs. Gellar are looking for a dress for Nana to wear in her coffin. Ross is the one chosen to go inside her closet and pull out each dress. They take the burgundy dress, which delights Ross so he can get out of the closet. As he starts to climb out, they halt him. She needs shoes too, causing Ross to fall back inside. He forages around to find a matching shoe.

Back at Monica & Rachel's, they are preparing to leave for the funeral. Ross enters the apartment to see if the girls are ready. Phoebe, Joey, & Chandler enter, ready to go.

Everyone is at the cemetery, the funeral is over. Monica tells her mom what a beautiful service that was, and the two bond for a moment and they hug.

Joey acts a bit secretive as he listens to his overcoat before sighing. Chandler catches him hiding a pocket TV inside the coat, watching a Giants-Cowboy game. Ross looks around, trying to be philosophical for a moment. But he isn't looking where he is walking and falls into an open grave.

The reception is at the Gellers' house. Phoebe has Ross lying on his back to see if he's injured. Mrs. Geller hands Ross a bottle of pills for his pain before turning to Monica & pats her hair over her ears, to hide them.

Chandler is at the food, reaching for a slice of meat as the same moment as a young woman named Andrea. The two introduce and shake hands.

Ross emerges from a hallway with a huge inane grin on his face. The pills are obviously working. Monica can't believe how well the pills worked. Ross says the first two had no effect, but once he took the second two, "wooo!" He then goes and kisses everyone, saying he loves everyone. Ross is very stoned.

Ross hugs Chandler and tells him he can be gay if he wants to be, right in front of Andrea. Andrea turns to a friend and says, "You were right", before leaving Chandler. Ross goes over to Rachel and sits down by her, telling her he loves her the most. Rachel, doing her best to humor him tells him she loves him the most. But Ross, as stoned as he is, knows she is just playing along and he passes out on her lap.

Joey is in a corner, watching his pocket TV. All of a sudden he makes a very exaggerated look of disappointment.

Mr Geller asks his what he is doing as Joey hides the TV, but still has earphone in. Mr Geller asks for the score and they watch the game. Time goes by, now a large group of men are around Joey, watching the game.

Mrs. Geller talks to Monica, saying how much Nana would hate all this. How Nana would be nagging on Mrs. Geller about every little detail. She tells Monica, "Do you know what it's like to grow up with someone who is critical of every single thing you say?" leaving Monica to fully know what that is like herself. But the irony is lost on her mom.

Monica asks her Mom if Nana was still alive, would she confess how nuts she drove her. Mrs Geller says no, it's better to get along than be truthful. She fiddles with Monica's hair again and looks at her earrings. She gives Monica a compliment, flooring her daughter.

Back at Central Perk, the gang is looking through old pictures. Rachel tells Monica that she looks just like her grandmother, in the picture dated 1939.

The group all smile at each other as they look at the happy photograph. Joey gets excited; he has a baby picture of Monica, naked. But Ross looks and says it's not Monica, it's him.

At Chandler's office, it's a break time. Lowell enters and Chandler talks to him. He wants to clear the air and make sure Lowell knows Chandler isn't gay. Lowell told him he knows, he told Shelley.

Chandler seizes his moment to ask Lowell if he thinks that Chandler has a "quality" about him. Lowell says no. He also says Brian from Payroll is gay ... and "waaay out of your league."

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