Season 9 Episode 1

The One Where No One Proposes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2002 on NBC
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Following Rachel's acceptance of Joey's accidental proposal, confusion reigns as Rachel wonders whether it was the right thing to do and Phoebe can't seem to mind her own business. Finally, Rachel, Ross and Joey get together in a room and figure out that no one was actually going to propose. Mr. Geller walks in on Monica and Chandler doing it in a closet. Joey tries to avoid watching Rachel breastfeed.moreless

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  • Rachel has just given birth to Emma. Joey accidentally proposes to her and she accepts. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler decide they want to have a baby.

    To me, this episode represents a turning point for the worse in this series. It seemed more like a soap opera than a sitcom. I didn't find the storyline very believable. I mean, what kind of person would really allow their friend to think they were getting married when they weren't. Also, where is Ross and Monica's mom during this episode? Also, I don't like that Phoebe didn't really have a good part to play in this episode. After this point, it seems like Phoebe becomes less and less integrated into the stories with the rest of the group. It seems as if they are straining to come up with stories for her and when she does have a big story, it is mostly separated from the rest of the group.moreless
  • Hillarious.

    I woke up yesterday morning to find this fantastic episode on. It took me a minute to realise what happened since I missed the first 5 minutes. But once I understood everything, I was in stitches. I am still relatively new to Friends, and this is probably only the 10th episode I've seen. But this is one of my favourites out of all of them I've seen, and I love them all. It's really confusing, since they're constantly in love with one another, and Phoboe made it even funnier by conufsing the matter. Plus, the subplot was so funny. Monica & Ross' dad is so funny!

    Hillarious classic.


  • Fabulous. A great Ross and Rachel episode.

    I love this episode. It is extremely funny. To me it sort of feels like The One Where Everybody Finds Out, but instead of finding out about Monica and Chandler's relationship, they find out about the engagaement. I love each of their reactions. Monica's is funny, Rachel : Joey proposed to me.

    Monica : That's so innapropriate. You just had Ross's baby!

    Rachel : And I said yes.

    Monica : That's so innapropriate. You just had Ross's baby! What were you thinking?..It's bigger than mine!

    and Chandler's

    Joey : Rachel thinks I asked her to marry me.

    Chandler : Why would she think that?

    Joey : Because it kind of looks like I did.

    Chandler : What?

    Joey : Well, I was down on one knee.

    Chandler : As we all are, at some point during the day.

    Joey : No, Ross's ring fell out of his jacket, I went to pick it up, I showed Rachel the ring, and she thought I was proposing.

    Chandler : Wait, Ross was going to propose?

    Joey : I guess.

    Chandler : And you did it first? That's going to kill him, you know how much he loves to propose!

    And I love it when Phoebe thinks Ross has proposed to Rachel, and Ross is really confused, and Ross thinks that he may have actually proposed to Rachel, because it seems like something he would do. It's also hilarious when Ross tells Rachel that nobody has propsed to her, and Rachel says Joey did, and I love the look on Rachel's face when Ross tells her Chandler didn't propose to her.

    I also thought it was great when Phoebe tells Ross that he touches himself when sleeping in public, and then tells Rachel that her fiance touches himself in his sleep and Rachel (thinking of Joey) says he isn't surprised.

    Monica and Chandler's storyline is very funny too, and I liked it how Jack forgot about Ben, and then looked at the wrong baby. And it was funny when Joey ate the plastic fruit.

    This is a great Ross and Rachel episode, because the contrast between Ross and Joey with Rachel is evident all the way through the episode, especially when Ross is able to look at Rachel breast-feeding, and Joey is all nervous. It proves the writers do know that Ross and Rachel belong together, and didn't think Joey and Rachel were better.

    I can't think of a single criticism of this episode, I just this it's superb.moreless
  • brilliant.

    This episode picks up where the season 8 cliff hanger (the one where Rachel has a baby part 2) left off. So, Joey accidentally purposed to Rachel after she had given birth to baby Emma and she said yes, while Phoebe has talked Ross into getting back together with her and is on his way to see her to get back together, unaware of Joeys accidental proposal. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica decide to try for a baby – whilst in the Hospital!

    This is one of my favourite episodes and is the perfect sequel to a mind boggling cliff hanger, since this episode itself, has its very own cliff hanger!moreless
  • The engagement circle...

    Following Rachel's acceptance of Joey's accidental proposal, confusion reigns as Rachel wonders whether it was the right thing to do and Phoebe can't seem to mind her own business. Finally, Rachel, Ross and Joey get together in a room and figure out that no one was actually going to propose. Mr. Geller walks in on Monica and Chandler doing it in a closet. Joey tries to avoid watching Rachel breastfeed.
Cleo King

Cleo King

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Elliott Gould

Elliott Gould

Jack Geller

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Elizabeth and Genevieve Davidson

Elizabeth and Genevieve Davidson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Continuity: Wouldn't Monica realize that the ring Rachel is wearing is her grandmother's ring, and therefore belonging to Ross and not Joey? She was very familiar with it when Ross gave it to Emily in Season 4's "The One with the Worst Best Man Ever". Of course, if she had recognized it, as she should have, it would have sent this episode in an entirely different direction.

    • Continuity: When Chandler hears that Rachel took her breast out he asked what it looked like but he had already seen them in "The One with the Boobies".

    • Goof: When Ross notices Rachel is wearing the engagement ring and Rachel pretends she doesn't understand what he is getting at, Rachel's hair keeps alternating between down and behind her shoulders whenever the camera angle changes.

    • Goof: At the end when Ross sees the ring on Rachel's hand, Ross and Rachel's hands are interlinked. But when the shot changes, Rachel's hand is resting on top of Ross' and are no longer interlinked. This shot changes several times and their hand position alternates as well.

    • Goof: When Phoebe runs up to Ross to congratulate him on the engagement, Ross has a sandwich in his hand. When they shoot to Ross, he's not holding the sandwich and you see him pick it up.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode, when Joey is talking with Rachel and Ross, the door to their room is closed at first but later shows that it is open.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Ross: Joey, can you give us just a minute?
      Joey: No.
      Ross: What?
      Joey: Oh, I'm sorry. I meant no.

    • Monica: (about Emma) God, isn't she beautiful? Doesn't she look just like Rachel?
      Chandler: I know everybody keeps saying that, but all I see is Vin Diesel.

    • Chandler: Ross had a ring? And he was going to propose?
      Joey: I guess.
      Chandler: And you did it first? This is gonna kill him. You know how much he loves to propose.

    • Monica: (hugs Chandler from behind) I want a baby.
      Chandler: Honey, we've been over this. I need to be facing the other way.

    • Rachel: (talking about Joey's "proposal") I think I just got engaged.
      Phoebe: (thinking she's referring to Ross) Oh, my God! He did it?
      Rachel: Well... did you know he was gonna ask me?
      Phoebe: Are you kidding? I'm like the one who talked him into it. ...I like to think of myself as the puppet master of the group.
      Rachel: And you really think this is a good idea?
      Phoebe: I just talked him into it, don't tell me I have to do you, too. The puppet master gets tired, people.
      Rachel: I just don't know. It just doesn't feel right.
      Phoebe: Why? You two are so meant to be together, everybody thinks so.
      Rachel: Really? Even Ross?
      Phoebe: (understandably confused) ...Especially Ross.

    • Jack: (standing by a closet door) I think there are people in there having sex.
      (Ross looks at Joey)
      Joey: It can't be me. I'm standing right here.

    • Phoebe: Congratulations! I didn't want to say anything in front of Joey 'cause I didn't know if he knew yet.
      Ross: That we had a baby? Come on, let's give him a little more credit than that. Although, I did see him eat some plastic fruit earlier...
      Phoebe: No! No, that you and Rachel are engaged!
      Ross: What?
      Phoebe: Oh, it's a secret. Oh goodie! Yes! We haven't done the secret thing in a long time.
      Ross: Phoebe, there is no secret. Okay? I didn't propose.
      Phoebe: Are you lying? Is this like that time you tried to convince us you were a doctor?
      Ross: (incensed) I am a doctor!

    • Ross: Look, I didn't want to rush into anything. And it seemed like she didn't want to either. But I don't, I don't understand how any of this happened! What? Did she find the ring in my jacket, assume that I was going to propose, throw it on, and just start telling people?
      Phoebe: No! No, she said you actually proposed to her.
      Ross: Well I didn't! I didn't propose! Unless uh... Did I? I haven't slept in forty hours and... it does sound like something I would do.

    • Monica: (to Chandler) Oh, I still can't believe my dad saw us having sex! He didn't make it to one of piano recitals, but this he sees!

    • Rachel: Joey asked me to marry him.
      Monica: What?
      Rachel: Joey proposed to me.
      Monica: Is he crazy?! You just had Ross's baby!
      Rachel: Well, I said yes.
      Monica: Are you crazy? You just had Ross's baby!
      Rachel: I'm sensing... you won't throw the shower?
      Monica: It's so inappropriate. No, it is worse than that. It is wrong. It's... (she sees the ring) It is bigger than mine!

    • Ross: I heard about the engagement.
      Rachel: Surprised?
      Ross: And confused. Rach', sweetie, I, I, um... I didn't propose to you.
      Rachel: I know.
      Ross: I don't think you do.
      Rachel: You didn't propose to me. Joey did.
      Ross: Poor baby, you're so tired. Rach', I didn't propose to you... Joey didn't propose to you... and Chandler didn't propose to you.
      Rachel: Uh... You didn't propose to me... Chandler didn't propose to me... but Joey did!

    • Joey: Dude, step up! I proposed!
      Ross: No, you didn't.
      Joey: (realizing) Oh that's right, there's a lot going on. I think I ate some bad fruit earlier.

    • Ross: I can't believe you told her I was gonna propose.
      Joey: I can't believe you're not gonna propose.
      Ross: Hey, I am not gonna rush into anything.
      Joey: Oh yeah, dude, I totally understand, usually after I have a baby with a woman I like to slow things down!

    • Joey: (about Rachel breastfeeding) Man that kid is going to town!

    • Rachel: (about Emma) She's perfect.
      Ross: We're so lucky.
      Rachel: We really are.
      Ross: Look, I, I know it's not a proposal and I don't know where you are, but with everything that's been going on and with Emma and... I've been feeling...
      Rachel: I know. I know. I've been feeling...
      Ross: Yeah?
      Rachel: Yeah.
      Ross: Okay, well, that... Wow, okay, well, then maybe, at least we can, we can talk about us again.
      Rachel: Yeah, maybe.

  • NOTES (5)