Season 6 Episode 22

The One Where Paul's the Man

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 2000 on NBC
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While visiting an art museum, Monica puts her name on a two-year waiting list to use the museum for a wedding. When Paul threatens to fire Ross if he doesn't stop seeing his daughter, Ross and Elizabeth take a trip up to her dad's mountain cabin. Unfortunately, Paul has the same idea and takes Rachel up to the cabin.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Bruce Willis back on Friends.

    Elizabeth's father, Paul, makes Ross dont continue seeing Elizabeth. Ross wants to keep seeing her, so she takes him to the family house in the woods. But Paul takes Rachel there too. Now, Ross is trying to avoid beeing seen by Paul. Monica writes hername and Chandler's in a wedding list "just for fun", but Chandler finds out and freaks out!

    This episode was amazing, so funny, it was more than funny, it was hilarous. Bruce Willis is an amazing actor, and this episode proves that he can be funny too. Also, this is the beginning of Chandler proposing Monica thing, so this show is going great!moreless
  • One of the best.

    An amazing hilarious episode! I laughed through the whole thing. So much things happened! Elizabeth & Ross go up to a cabing. Paul & Rachel go to the same one. When Ross is hiding it's the funniest. Rachel & Elizabeth know, but Paul has no idea what's going on. Hilarious! And finally Ross can be with Elizabeth, after Paul made a fool of himself and Ross witnesses it. It was really great. How the blackmailing stopped after that. Monica's plot was a little more serious but still funny. And in the end. Whoa. Chandler is going to propose to Monica! Totally unexpected. Joey trying to put his picture up in the dry cleaners, was nothing compared to the first two plots! Can't wait for the next episode after that cliffhanger!moreless
  • Monica puts her name on a two-year waiting list to use the museum for a wedding. Ross and Elizabeth take a trip up to her dad's mountain cabin. Paul has the same idea and takes Rachel up to the cabin.moreless

    I missed the episode before. It sounded good because Ross meets Elizabeth's Father. This episode should be calle The One Where Paul is so not the Man. Lol. That would be so funny because he makes a foul of himself. All four of them in the cabin. Paul and Rachel!! Wow! What if Elizabeth and Ross got married then Paul and Rachel!! That would be so weird-Rachel would be Elizabeth's step mother who is married to Ross.moreless
  • This episode is probably most famous for Paul (Bruce Willis) making an absolute fool of himself...

    When Ross and Elizabeth plan a romantic rendezvous at her fathers country cabin they didn't envisage Paul (Her Father) would return for a similar experience with Rachael. The whole thing plays out rather well and makes for some pretty humourous circumstances, especially considering Ross is forbidden from seeing her in any way, shape or form. Cut to Ross hiding in a multitude of predicatble places such as under the bed.

    This episode is probably most famous for Paul (Bruce Willis) making an absolute fool of himself in front of the mirror. Psyching himself up for a little romance he proceeds to tense his muscles and chant "i'm just a love machine" all of which is witnessed by Ross who uses this as a bargaining tool in the fight to date his daughter. Bruce plays the part superbly well and will go down as one of the most memroable guest stars the Friends saga has to offer.

    Meanwhile Monica books a venue for her and Chandlers future wedding without his consent, he predictably finds out via a cancellation message and proceeds to freak out in his usual over-the-top manner. However what Monica and the audience are unaware of is his secret plans to propose, this is revealed in a conversation with Phoebe in the closing moments of the show. While this episode is Ross-centric it does become over-shadowed by this huge cliffhanger and pushes the series in a rather unexpected direction. Take out this dramatic revelation and this would stand as nothing more than a filler, an enjoyable filler with some great comedic value but a filler none-the-less.moreless
Ilia Volok

Ilia Volok

The Dry Cleaner

Guest Star

Susie Park

Susie Park

The Dry Cleaner's Wife

Guest Star

Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey

The Museum Official

Guest Star

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Paul Stevens

Recurring Role

Alexandra Holden

Alexandra Holden

Elizabeth Stevens

Recurring Role

James Michael Tyler

James Michael Tyler


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Paul walks into his bedroom, Ross is hiding behind the door. Paul then closes the door and walks to the other side of the room to a full-length mirror. Ross would have been obviously visible in that mirror before he was able to slip under the bed.

    • Goof: It is mentioned by the person at the museum that there is a two-year waiting list for weddings, yet Hildy calls to say that there has been a cancellation and Monica and Chandler can have their wedding shortly. Surely just one cancellation would still mean that their wedding would be about two years away.

    • Goof: When Phoebe and Joey walk into the dry cleaners for the last time, Phoebe walks in and says "Ooh there it is" but her mouth isn't moving. She doesn't even see Joey's picture yet because it is behind her when she says that. Then she turns around, points to it and says, "Ooh!" again.

    • Goof: When Paul starts to flex, only two buttons are fastened, but when the shot switches to the mirror, three buttons are fastened.

    • Goof: Elizabeth said that Ross would look pretty silly using her pink bike to go get condoms. Wouldn't they have a car that they drove up to the house with?

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Rachel: What are you doing here?
      Ross: What are you doing here?
      Rachel: I'm here with Paul!
      Ross: Yeah, I recognized the ankles!
      Rachel: Where is Elizabeth?
      Ross: She went to the store.
      Rachel: You made the girl go to the store?
      Ross: Oh, like I know where the the store is!

    • Ross: Well Rachel's going out with Elizabeth's dad, and he's old. So I guess I'm not the only one whose into fossils!
      Rachel: Ross, all that does is remind us that you're into fossils.

    • Paul: Ross, just so you know, since Lizzie likes you so much, I decided to accept the fact that you are going out with her.
      Ross: Really? That's great!
      Paul: Yeah. But then I changed my mind. I'm funny like that. So I told Lizzie and now I'm telling you, I don't want you going out with my daughter.
      Ross: Okay, Mr. Stevens, I realize this upsets you-
      Paul: Yes, it does.
      Ross: But Elizabeth and I are both adults, and I don't think there's anything that you can do.
      Paul: I'll call the university and tell them about your relationship and have you fired.
      Ross: Oh, a man with a plan!

    • Phoebe: (Referring to Monica and Chandler telling her that he's not ready to get married) Did she buy it?
      Chandler: Totally.
      Phoebe: So did Hildy show you the place?
      Chandler: Yeah. It's beautiful.
      Phoebe: I can't believe you're gonna ask Monica to marry you.
      Chandler: I know.

    • Ross: Elizabeth and I are going out of town.
      Monica: Oh, that's great! Think about all the money that you're gonna make.
      Ross: Why? What?
      Monica: Well, her father pays you for babysitting, right?
      Ross: That's funny. But maybe it's time to move on. You know, let it go. Stop it!

    • Phoebe: A massage client gave me three tickets to the Helmet Peltz Exhibit at the Morgan Chase Museum.
      Joey: Now you're thinking you gotta sleep with him.
      Phoebe: No. No, it's just that he gave me three tickets and there are six of us.
      Chandler: I'll give up my ticket.
      Joey: Me too.
      Phoebe: Okay, that's so generous.
      Chandler: And I think Ross is generous too.
      Phoebe: Great! Okay, then it's just us girls.
      Monica: Great.
      Rachel: So what is the exhibit?
      Phoebe: It's mostly just photographs of, um, lesbian love scenes interspersed with video games and free sandwiches.
      Joey: Oh, man!

    • Elizabeth: (While she and Ross are kissing) What's wrong?
      Ross: I'm sorry, I was just thinking about your father.
      Elizabeth: Okay... well, whatever works for you.

    • Ross: All right, fine! Fine, have me fired! But, uh, I want you to know that you and I are... are not all that different. I mean, I, too, am a neat guy.
      Paul: What?
      Ross: And I, too, am just a love machine.
      Paul: Ross... let me show you where the guest room is.

    • Paul: Just relax. Just relax, Paul, you're doing great. She likes you. She... maybe, she likes you. She likes you. You know why? Because you're a... neat guy. You are the man. You are... The Man! I still got it! Nice and sexy. You're just a love machine.

    • Monica: Hi, honey.
      Chandler: See you later.
      Monica: Wait. I bought groceries. I was gonna make you dinner.
      Chandler: Well, next time, ask! Or at least wait for me to ask!

    • Gunther: Do you still work here?
      Joey: No, I quit a long time ago. Didn't I tell you? I'm sorry.
      Gunther: That's all right I was gonna fire you anyway.

    • Phoebe: What are you gonna do?
      Monica: Well I'm never going to listen to you again, that's for sure! (Imitating) "What harm could it do to put your name down?"
      Phoebe: Rachel said that!
      Monica: Well Rachel's not here!

    • Ross: No I'm the guy, I should go to the store.
      Elizabeth: Do you know where the store is?
      Ross: No.
      Elizabeth: So do you want to ride about town on my little pink bicycle looking for the store?
      Ross: Kind of.

    • Rachel: Sweetie I need something out of the car, will you go get it for me?
      Paul: What?
      Rachel: Uh... surprise me.

    • Elizabeth: Did you bring protection?
      Ross: (Panics) Why? Are there bears?!

  • NOTES (4)