Season 6 Episode 7

The One Where Phoebe Runs

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rachel has just moved into Phoebe's apartment and they are recording their new answering machine message. They are alternating words and argue because Rachel gets all of the "good" words. Rachel asks to do it later because she needs to go running and she invites Phoebe to join her as their first roommate outing. Phoebe agrees and as they are leaving, she quickly records the answering machine message.

In Monica and Chandler's apartment, Ross is telling Chandler about a computer that will function at the same level as the human brain. Chandler is clearly bored. Monica enters and chastises Chandler for not moving his boxes. Joey then enters with his new extremely attractive roommate, Janine. Joey clearly knows very little about her, but she reveals that she's from Australia and a dancer. Joey says he wants to ask her out, but the others tell him that this would be a huge mistake since he'd be living with her.

Outside Central Park, Rachel is jogging and then Phoebe goes running by, screaming with her arms flailing.

At Central Perk, Rachel is describing Phoebe's running and tells the others that she no longer wants to run with her. She agrees to be honest, but when Phoebe comes in, Rachel lies and says Monica tripped her, injuring her ankle so she can no longer run.

Monica and Chandler have finished unpacking, and Joey is hiding in a box. Chandler then announces he's going to clean the place and bring flowers for for Monica. He then asks Joey how things are going with Janine and Joey reveals that it's hard not to flirt with her.

Joey moves into his apartment and walks in on Janine stretching. He's clearly anxious and having a hard time controlling himself around her.

Rachel is running while Phoebe hides behind a tree. She confronts Rachel about lying.

Chandler is cleaning his and Monica's apartment when Ross enters and begins questioning Chandler as to how he's going to get everything back exactly where it belongs. Chandler insists that Monica will appreciate his effort, but Ross tells him that she will freak out. Chandler calls Monica and realizes that she will be upset. Chandler starts trying to fix the furniture, but can't get everything aligned. Joey then barges in and asks for help repelling Janine since Ross and Chandler do such a good repelling women. He pauses and points out that the apartment is a mess. Ross and Chandler start giving tips on things that women don't like.

At their apartment, Phoebe is clearly upset and Rachel apologizes. She explains that the way Phoebe runs is embarrassing and caused people to stare. Phoebe tells Rachel not to be so uptight and then explains that she runs the way she did as a kid because it's more fun.

Monica returns to the apartment and Chandler won't let her in, claiming that Ross is naked and they are looking at a "guy problem." Monica asks if it is the same one Chandler had. Monica agrees to leave and then Ross and Chandler return to fixing the apartment. They find photo albums with pictures to aid them.

Joey tries to take Ross and Chandler's advice by correcting Janine's grammar and being rude. Janine confronts him so Joey explains that there's an attraction, but they can't be together. Much to Joey's surprise, Janine responds by saying that she isn't actually interested in him as anything more than a roommate and friend.

While Rachel is running, she decides to give Phoebe's method a try and realizes how fun it is. She apologizes to Phoebe and then smacks into a policeman on a horse.

Back at the apartment, everything seems to be back to normal. Monica enters and immediately sees that things are in the wrong places. Chandler apologizes and then Monica tells him that it's okay that things are out of place and she doesn't expect him to be as concerned with these things as she is.

At Central Perk, Ross is sharing the same computer story as earlier only Janine actually seems interested. However when he hits on her, she quickly leaves.