Season 6 Episode 7

The One Where Phoebe Runs

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1999 on NBC

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  • This is the exact reason why i watch Friends, they talk about each other behind their backs but still remain friends, its just the way they do it that makes it so funny

    Te One Where Phoebe runs is one of my favorite episodes because Phoebe runs in such a funny way that reminds me exactly what they say, of Kermit the Frog (I'm not sure about the Six Million Dollar Man because I've never seen it!!). And anyway, any episode that is focused on Phoebe is always funny because she is so quirky and weird (I like to use the word peculiar). And because of this, you know it's gonna be funny because Phoebe is just such a funny character and is expertly portrayed by Lisa Kudrow. Lets face it, a character can't be quirky or weird without being funny in a comedy programme!!! It's just not possible!!!

    Another great episode and Exactly why I watch this series!!!:D
  • Good episode.

    Not as good as 'The One On The Last Night', but slightly above average for Friends standards. Rachel and Phoebe, new roommates, decide to go jogging together, when it is revealed that Phoebe runs weirdly. Rachel tries to get out of running with her but Phoebe finds out. In the ends, Rachel also tries the way Phoebe runs and finds it fun. Joey gets a new roommate (Janine) and Chandler cleans his new apartment but forgets where everything goes. Great episode with laughs in every scene. Joey's storyline is probably weaker than the other two but they are all hilarious still. First appearance of Janine in this episode, who will stay Joey's roommate for four more episodes.
  • Rach And Phoebe Start Running Together But Rach Is Put Off 'Coz Phoebe Runs Like A Four Year Old. Chandler Cleans The Apartment And Moves Everything,Joey Gets A Hot New Roomate 'Janine' (Elle MacPherson)

    Rachel And Phoebe Start Running Together But Rachel Is Put Off Because Phoebe Runs Like A "Cross Between Kermit And The Six Million Dollar Man". Rachel Realises Monica Had A Crush On Kermit The Frog!
    Chandler Cleans The Apartment And Moves Everything But Then Forgets Where Everything Was Originally And With Ross's Help, They Still Got It Wrong And Monica Spots It!
    Joey Gets A Hot New Roomate 'Janine' (Played By Elle MacPherson) Who Is An Australian Dancer, Joey Tries So Hard To Repel Janine But Fails Miserably So He Asks For Chandler And Ross's Help 'Coz They Repel Women!! This Bit Is A Must See! It's Hilarious!
  • a very good episode

    Rachel and Phoebe decide to start running together, but Rachel is thrown off by the fact that Phoebe runs like a four-year-old a cross between the 6 million dollar man and kermit the frog.. Joey finds a sexy new female roommate who leaves her thongs drying in the bathroom as they are too delicate for the dryer. Chandler decides to surprise Monica by cleaning the apartment, but forgets where everything goes. Ross tries to help him fix the apartment before Monica gets home but they fail miserably and amazingly monica doesnt care. a very good episode. lol ha ha lol.
  • Phoebes run - classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S moment!

    On Rachel's first morning with Phoebe, she decides to go running with her. She discovers that Phoebe runs in an embarassing way. She lies about the fact that she likes the way that Phoebe runs, Which in turn makes Rachel have to run like her!
    Ross finds it hard to prove to people a new theory about making humans into computers.
    Joey gets a new roommate, Janine, of whom he is attacted to!(well, what girl isn't Joey attracted to). Everyone warns him not to flirt with her.
    Chandler cleans his and Monica's apartment but gets in trouble when Monica discovers that not everything is in its place.
  • Rachel and Phoebe decide to start running together, but Rachel is thrown off by the fact that Phoebe runs like a four-year-old. Joey finds a sexy new female roommate. Chandler decides to surprise Monica by cleaning the apartment.

    Good episode but why would Phoebe want to run like that. It would be annoying and everyone would be looking at you! I don't think it would feel more free and you would just take up more energy. I don't think Monica would care if Chandler cleaned the apartment because it was fine before. Monica had like everything so perect and it needs to be that way but she didn't get mad at Chandler, must be because they are boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Joey's new roommate.

    There was only one thing missing, in the episode before. Everyone was set except for Joey. The Janine arc begins, as Joey's new roommate. Turns out Chandler & Ross are girl repellants, and it seemed to work when Joey tried to be like them. Chandler cleaning the apartment now that he moved in was sort of funny, another step in the Chandler & Monica relationship. I think this episode was trying to get the audience used to the new setting. Like the problem with Phoebe running like a kid, and Rachel having to deal with that, as roommates. So just put everything in it's place in my opinion,