Season 9 Episode 11

The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Monica is cooking Chandler breakfast, so he can get her pregnant. Chandler says he
doesn't know what to do in life. This is where Monica's hyper-organized stuff pays off. Joey and Phoebe are at Central Perk, and she confesses that she's been running really low on finances lately. Joey offers her a job as an extra on her show. Ross and Rachel come in, and tell them that they are taking Emma to Ralph Lauren. Emma has a pink bow on, Rachel's sick of people thinking she's a boy. At Chandler and Monica's, Monica has prepared information for Chandler, in a hyper-organized way. She starts with the A's, advertising. Chandler says that it would be great for him. Monica doesn't mind, she can use her shredder. Chandler thinks that he is great at making up slogans. 'Cheese it's milk you can chew.' 'Crackers, because your cheese needs a buddy.' 'Grapes, cause who can fit a watermelon in their mouth?' Monica responds with 'Socks, because your family's feet deserve the best.' To this Chandler replies, 'Leave it to the pros, honey.' Monica says she knew someone in advertising that she grew up with, Chandler passes her the phone, while saying 'The phone, bringing you closer to people who have phones.' Monica replies 'Marriage - it's not for everyone.', before ringing her friend. Rachel and Ross are at Ralph Lauren with Emma, Rachel goes in her office and finds someone who has taken over her job, Gavin Mitchell. Phoebe and Joey are at work. Phoebe is really excited, she's a nurse with a tray. It takes 5 shots to get walking across the room right. The director says if she doesn't sort it out, she'll be fired. At Central Perk, Chandler has a meeting with Monica's advertising friend. He gives him some examples of his slogans - 'Bagels and doughnuts, round food for every mood.' The advertising guy simply says that Monica warned him he might do that. He says that he has a job for him - an unpaid internship. The advertising person says it's okay, Monica has a job and it's not like they have a family to support. Chandler then says they're trying for one, Monica's probably lying naked at home now, he realizes he should stop then. At Ralph Lauren, Rachel can't believe Gavin and instantly dislikes him. He explains that he did her job while she was away, and worked on a big presentation. Rachel then says shes coming back that day. Phoebe decides to try a lot harder, and, Joey helps her by getting her into the role. Rachel explains to Ross that she's going back to work that day. Chandler confesses to Ross that he doesn't think it's the right time to start a family. Rachel refuses to not be a part of the presentation. Chandler's job prospects still aren't looking likely. He then says to Monica he faked the thing he had to do to make a baby. Phoebe's really confused, because she's a different part and says it will confuse her fans. Joey says that she's a waitress, she says what about Dr Ramoray and he says he slept with her and never called her back. This causes her to continually slap Joey, and get fired. At Ralph Lauren Emma and Rachel arrived early, only to find that presentation isn't in the afternoon, it's in the morning because Ralph is going helicopter shopping. Gavin offers to look after Emma for Rachel, turning out to be not that bad. Monica is really shocked and can't believe Chandler faked it, he explains he wants to wait a while. They decide they'll still try, because there will always be a reason not to do it.