Season 8 Episode 23

The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Ross boasting on how quickly he got to the hospital. The others arrive and Ross is shocked at how they got to the hospital sooner. At reception Ross and Rachel learn that they are not going to get a private room. Ross tries to bribe the receptionist to get a private room but fails.

In her room the doctor tells Rachel that she still hasn't dilated much and so it will be some time before the baby is born. An excited couple arrive in the room and tell Rachel that this is their third baby.

In the hospital Phoebe and Monica are impatient saying "It has been three hours and still no baby". Monica goes over to Chandler to shock him by jokingly asking him that she thinks they "should have a baby". Chandler ends up telling Monica he is ready scaring her instead of him.

Ross meets his mother who gives him his Grandmother's engagement ring and wants him to propose to Rachel. Ross says he has been over this and can't.

Back in the waiting room Joey and Phoebe discuss why Ross doesn't want to be with Rachel and how it is "crazy".

Back in her semi-private room, Rachel tells Ross a new couple has arrived since the last couple have had their child. The new couple are seen continuously insulting each other.

Chandler and Monica are discussing babies and Chandler thinks they can "handle it". Monica says maybe its right and that they should try for a baby as soon as possible. They decide to try to have one "right now in the hospital".

Phoebe is seen talking to a patient in a wheelchair. The two start chatting and he gets in the elevator. Just before he can tell her what room he is staying at the elevator door closes.

Rachel is angry telling Ross yet another couple has left. A new young couple enter the room.

Phoebe is at reception trying to get the room number for the man in the wheelchair (Cliff). She can't get it because it is confidential. Joey comes along in a white coat saying he is Dr. Drake Ramoray. He manages to get the room number and tells Phoebe.

Phoebe and Ross arrive at the room and Phoebe tells Joey she wants him to go into the room and find out about Cliff because the previous people she has met have been awful.

Rachel is in her room complaining to her doctor. She has still only dilated 3cm and another person has arrived and left to have their baby.

Joey enters the room and interviews the patient asking him personal questions which he doesn't feel comfortable about, e.g. "are you into any weird sexual things." Joey leaves the room and tells Phoebe what he found out.

Rachel is still in her semi-private room shouting at the nurse, suddenly Janice enters the room. Her loud and annoying voice just makes everything worse.