Season 8 Episode 24

The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Chandler and Monica making out in an empty private waiting room. Suddenly they hear Janice laughing… Chandler and Monica go to meet Rachel who is worn out. Chandler meets Janice who jokes with him.
Rachel is complaining to Ross saying five women have already left. The doctor comes over and tells Rachel "she is about to become a mom" and wheels her off to the delivery room.
Cliff and Phoebe's relationship suddenly takes a turn for the worst when he discovers that Phoebe got Joey to find out stuff about him. Joey tells Cliff some personal things about Phoebe since he learned some personal things about Cliff.
At the delivery room, Rachel is screaming as she experiences contractions. The baby is coming out the wrong way and so Rachel has to push even harder. The baby is born and Rachel and Ross share a happy moment. Rachel and Ross are delighted as they looks at their baby.
Everyone enters the delivery room to look at the baby and they all congratulate Rachel and Ross, saying it is a good thing "they got drunk and had sex".
Rachel and Ross discuss the name of the baby; Rachel tells Ross he can choose the name. He chooses Isabella and Rachel doesn't like it, she doesn't like Delilah either. Monica reveals that she was going to name her baby Emma if it was a girl. Rachel loves the name and Monica says she can take it.
Rachel looks at Janice's child and is shocked by the of its nose. Janice then tells Rachel that she needs to look into the future and realise Ross will not help her in the end and she will be "on her own". Rachel tries to persuade Janice that's not the case. Ross then enters the room and they talk about the kiss they shared before they left the apartment.
Phoebe and Ross talk about him and Rachel. Phoebe says they should be together. But Ross just says "it's complicated". He goes onto explaining how it would be dreadful if they got together and then fell apart again. Phoebe tells him that being with Rachel would mean he would have "everything he wanted since he was 15".
Joey enters Rachel's room and asks her what the matter is. She tells him that she thinks she will be all on her own because Ross is going to have a different life to hers. Joey comforts her and as he goes to get Rachel her tissues he finds the engagement ring was given. Joey picks it up and turns around in a mistaking gesture. Rachel tells him "Okay" thinking he has just proposed to her.
Ross is walking towards Rachel's room down the hallway with flowers in hand…