Season 8 Episode 22

The One Where Rachel Is Late

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with everyone sitting around in Central Perk. Joey tells everyone they are invited to the premiere of his new film. Rachel tells everyone how upset she will be when she no longer carries her baby. Scene cuts forward in time showing Rachel being grumpy because she still hasn't had her baby.

Rachel enters Monica's apartment to tell them she has just got maternity leave. Joey's agent phones him to tell him he can only invite one guest to his premiere because she sold the rest of the tickets. Joey says he must choose between Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross. He ends up choosing Chandler because he has supported his whole acting career and "believed in him since the beginning". When everyone leaves the room Phoebe and Monica start to make bets on how long it will be till Rachel has a baby. Phoebe says it won't be born "for another week".

Joey and Chandler arrive at their movie premiere. Back at the apartment Rachel is seen still pregnant and Monica hands over the fifty dollar bet. Monica proposes a double-or-nothing bet that she has the baby the next day. Ross and Rachel have a dispute about what Rachel is wearing before leaving to go to the doctors.

At the movie theatre, Chandler is fast asleep while Joey watches the film with enthusiasm. Joey is disappointed with Chandler.

At the hospital, Ross and Rachel are waiting for the doctor. The doctor tells Rachel the baby is on its way and she tells Rachel some of the ways to shorten the time before the baby is born one of the methods, much to Ross' disappointment, is to "have sex".

At the theatre, the film finishes and Chandler tells Joey how sorry he is for falling asleep.

At Central Perk, Ross explains to Monica that the baby still hasn't been born. After explaining the methods Monica tries to urge them to have sex (obviously to win the bet). Phoebe meanwhile says that they shouldn't (so she can win the bet). Rachel finds out they have been betting and Ross is outraged. Rachel however is willing to also bet.

Back at Chandler's apartment, Joey enters and tells Chandler since he slept through the film he will just pay him back in cash. After going through all the calculations of how much he owes, Joey comes up with an excuse not to pay.

At their apartment, Ross continues to try out methods to encourage child birth. No methods are working; Rachel says they should just have sex and get it over with. Ross objects saying it wouldn't be right. Rachel tries to do sexy actions to encourage Ross to have sex with her but fails. Rachel starts to frustrate Ross saying how annoying he is. Ross starts making out with Rachel saying "Im getting that baby out of you!" Suddenly Rachel's water breaks.