Season 8 Episode 22

The One Where Rachel Is Late

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 2002 on NBC

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    The episode before the one hour season finale, a strong episode indeed. Jennifer Aniston has been great lately, and she did great in this episode too. She played a different character: A way more crankier Rachel. All of her lines were great and hilarious. Rachel is late, and that's why she's so moody since she wants to have the baby already.

    Monica & Phoebe bid on when the baby will arrive, and Monica keeps on losing. Lately, the exaggerations of the characters haven't been too high, and this episode was acceptable, because Monica's quality of not liking too lose was definitely not exaggerated. Now for the weak spot of this episode. Hey, remember that movie that Joey filmed in the S7 finale, it's out, and Chandler falls asleep while watching it. Just a basic plot about their friendship, yada yada. Nothing special. What probably did keep fans on their toes was Rachel water breaking after a heated kiss between her & Ross. A great episode overall, and set us in right in to the finale.
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