Season 8 Episode 3

The One Where Rachel Tells...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Monica and Chandler talking about the honeymoon. Joey, Rachel and Phoebe enter to say goodbye to the two. Rachel then says she is going to tell the father that day (yet again), however she is unaware that they all know it is Ross. She then has trouble determining how to tell Ross. Chandler is angry that he is the last one to find out that Rachel is pregnant and with Ross as the father.

Joey and Phoebe are talking about Chandler and Monica, Phoebe then remembers she left her guitar in the couple's apartment but doesn't have a key and neither does Joey. Joey then phones up the maintenance saying there is a gas leak from the apartment, in an attempt to gain access. Ross enters and Phoebe tells him Rachel wants to talk to him. Ross says he thinks he knows what it's about telling them he slept with her a while ago and that she probably wants to get back together with him. Joey tries to persuade him it's probably not that.

Monica and Chandler are at the airport where they see a young couple who are on their honeymoon. The couple get free first class plane tickets because they are on their honeymoon. Monica tries to get the same but they have run out of them, causing her to claim it is unfair.

Joey and Phoebe find the maintenance crew knocking down Monica and Chandler's apartment door to get to the "gas leak." Joey and Phoebe are shocked at this, thinking they could have just been given a spare key.

The scene cuts to Chandler and Monica trying to gain access to the first class lounge but being denied.

Ross turns up to meet Rachel at his apartment. Ross thinking she wants to get back together with him and so proposes that they just stay friends. She then tells him that she is pregnant and he is the father. He is shocked and just gazes with his mouth open for ages. He doesn't understand how it happened knowing he used a condom. She tells him condoms don't always work and he becomes irate. He then phones up the condom company to complain.

The maintenance man tells Joey there is no gas leak but they will need a new door and lock. Ross enters Monica's apartment and tells Joey that he is the father, Joey and Phoebe try to act surprised but Ross figures out they already knew. He tells Joey that condoms aren't completely effective and Joey becomes just as irate as Ross was.

Chandler and Monica enter the hotel and find the same couple who got the first class tickets getting the 'honeymoon suite.' Monica and Chandler complain to the couple and get offered the suite by them.

Rachel is at the hospital for her sonogram. Ross enters telling her they need to talk. He apologizes for the way he acted and offers to be there for her for the whole situation saying he thinks they should get married. She rejects it saying it's not the right thing because they are not in love and she can manage. The results of the sonogram come up on the screen but Rachel is distressed when she has difficulty seeing the baby. Ross comforts her by showing her where the baby is on the screen.