Season 8 Episode 3

The One Where Rachel Tells...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on NBC

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  • a good episode

    Chandler and Monica prepare to leave for their honeymoon as Rachel prepares to tell Ross that he's the father of her baby. but due to a leak in his "goody bag" from the hotel he gets lotion and shampoo on his new copy on the bible. Joey and Phoebe scheme to get inside the newlyweds' apartment after discovering that they don't have a key and end up breaking down the door,, but lie to monica saying they smelt gas. and then they accidently break a chair recreating trying to break doen the door for a worried monica. Monica and Chandler become jealous of another honeymooning couple who get bumped to first class on the airplane and then the honeymoon suite in the hotel at no extra cost.
  • The friends are off in pairs.

    I think this is a pretty funny episode. Not the best but its good.
    I find it very sad that Chandler and Monica don't seem as in love as they should be. I love their pairing but when they are at the airport it really is like they don't love each other that much. Especially the "We have to have the free stuff" part. I am disappointed.
    The highlight of this episode for me is when Rachel actually tells Ross. Ross has the most hilarious reaction.
    As this is all happening Phoebe and Joey devise a plan to get into Chandler and Monica's apartment which until near the end, it backfires on them.

    I really think if the events of 9/11 didn't occur and they used the original Monica/Chandler footage, it would've made the episode a lot better.
  • ..and Ross finds out.

    In this episode, Rachel finally decides to tell Ross that she is pregnant. Chandler and Monica are off on their honeymoon. Phoebe and Joey are trying to get in Monica\'s apartment.

    Ross\'s reaction after hearing that Rachel was pregnant is a classic, with him complaining that \"he might as well have forgotten about the condoms\".

    Chandler and Monica are off on their honeymoon, and there is a couple ahead of them, also in their honeymoon, who is taking all the free stuff. I didn\'t like this storyline that much.

    Phoebe and Joey try to get into Monica\'s apartment, but end up having to destroy the door after telling Treager there was a gas leak.

    All in all, this was a great episode, especially for Ross and Rachel. The episode would\'ve been much better if the original Chandler and Monica storyline was used and if Joey and Phoebe had a better story. I laughed hard when Joey heard about condoms working 97% of the time and pulling out a long pack of condoms from his packet.
  • 803

    "I don't see it!"

    Definitely a funny Friends episode this week. There's one thing Rachel needs to do, and that's tell Ross she's pregnant, and he's the father. His reaction was hysterical, blaming the condom company was such a classic Ross reaction. I thin what made this episode special was the sonogram at the end. Managed to have an emotional scene with some laughs along the way. Rachel not being able to see her baby on the sonogram was so relatable, it was hilarious. Joey & Phoebe have been getting their plots together since Monica & Chandler are off being newlyweds and Ross & Rachel are dealing with the pregnancy. I would have to say, it's for the better. The interaction between Joey & Phoebe is hysterical. Monica & Chandler's relationship continues to be exaggerated. Sure it's funny, but it's just not how they were. Monica being demanding and undermining Chandler. While Chandler just takes it, sure that's one of Monica's qualities but they just manage to over-exaggerate it, which gets annoying. A great episode with some emotional and hysterical scenes, definitely eventful!
  • We finally know who the father of the baby is and we're all waiting anxiously for Rachel to tell him.

    The crew keep making these episodes better and better. It seems almost impossible to have kept such high quality on a show that has been running for eight years.

    It's a classic, exciting moment when Ross finds out for the first time about Rachel's pregnancy.

    A must see! Really, Must!
  • This is one of the very best and classic Friends, without a doubt. Chandler and Monica's part is just classic. The weird couple who's not the typical lovey-dovey. Even better then the original episode (where they're stuck for interrogation).

    Ross and Rachel... Wow, he just reacted to her pregnancy announcement exactly like I would have expected him. This reminds me of the episode where Carol announced her pregnancy too. So funny, so well written and played!

    Joey and Phoebe's part was the least important or funny, but still good. It fits alot better with the original story (Monica and Chandler at the airport) but still not bad. One of the very very best parts of Friends. A classic.
  • 10
    I loved this episode,it was funny from beginning to end. i loved the storie line, and the plot ,it was excitting to see were the season was going. this is my favorite episode from season 8. and i would recomend this episode,and the season 8,and it has a funny ending.
  • Rachel finally tells...

    Great episode! Rachel finally tells Ross who freaks out. He just sat there for awile. Was he like that when Carol was pregnant. Ross and Joey are so funny about the the 97% of the time the condoms work! Monica and Chandler have a weird honeymoon! Very funny with breaking the door!