Season 8 Episode 3

The One Where Rachel Tells...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on NBC

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    "I don't see it!"

    Definitely a funny Friends episode this week. There's one thing Rachel needs to do, and that's tell Ross she's pregnant, and he's the father. His reaction was hysterical, blaming the condom company was such a classic Ross reaction. I thin what made this episode special was the sonogram at the end. Managed to have an emotional scene with some laughs along the way. Rachel not being able to see her baby on the sonogram was so relatable, it was hilarious. Joey & Phoebe have been getting their plots together since Monica & Chandler are off being newlyweds and Ross & Rachel are dealing with the pregnancy. I would have to say, it's for the better. The interaction between Joey & Phoebe is hysterical. Monica & Chandler's relationship continues to be exaggerated. Sure it's funny, but it's just not how they were. Monica being demanding and undermining Chandler. While Chandler just takes it, sure that's one of Monica's qualities but they just manage to over-exaggerate it, which gets annoying. A great episode with some emotional and hysterical scenes, definitely eventful!