Season 10 Episode 5

The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2003 on NBC

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    Mike(Paul Rudd) plans to propose to Phoebe on their 1st year anniversary at the Nicks game but during the break another couple get engaged when the guy proposes and Phoebe says that its lame and tacky to do it that way and she realizes Mike was going to propse to her the exact same way. They go on a romantic date together and Mike hides the ring in the cake. Phoebe says that she'll say yes to him when he finally proposes and she says even if he does it the lame way and put it in the cake (which he did) and they get engaged.

    Rachel's sister Amy(Christina Applegate) visits her to say she is getting married to a guy she bareley knows (Myren) so Rachel has a talk with Amy and tells her not to get married to him. Soon after Amy has nowhere to go and moves in with Rachel. When Emma's nanny gets sick, Amy volunteers to babysit Emma but Ross disapproves, Rachel says yes anyway in hopes that this will try to make her a little more responsible. When Amy gets back with Emma, Rachel and Ross scold her because she pierced Emma's ears. Later Rachel kicks her out.

    Monica and Chandler get Joey to write an adoption letter but things dont turn out so well when Joey dicovers the thesaurus and uses it on every word. Joey decides to make another letter, handwritten with drawings and he did not try to sound smart at all. Monica and Chandler get worried when Joey tells them this and even more worried when Joey says that he dropped it of without their approval. They try to cancel it but apparantly, the adoption agency likes that they got a 5 year old child to write it for them.

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