Season 10 Episode 5

The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • Rahcels self-involved sister Amy (Christina Applegate) comes to visit and Chandler and Monica get Joey to write an approval letter to the Adoption services.

    This episode sees the return of Rachel's sister Amy, played by Chriatina Applegate, who won an Emmy for her appearance in "Friends" Series 9 episode "the One with Rachels other sister". Once again she is loud-mouthed and obnoxious. On her introduction she dosen't remember Ross and thinks he works at a falaffel stand.
    Meanwhile in the coffee house Monica and Chandler ask Rachel to write an approval letter to the Adoption services. When Joey overhears he asks them if he could write one and Monica agrees only because she can't say no.
    When Amy finds Rachel in Joeys apartment she informs her that she is getting married to an old-man called Myron. Amy however is more in love with his apartment and Rachel tells her to leave him. She does and she decides to move in with Joey and Rachel, an idea Joey is less than enthuaisiastic about.
    Pheobe and Mike go to a football game to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and a man uses the game board to propose to his girlfriend. When Pheobe tells Mike that she thinks it is such a tacky and impersonal thing to do he runs off for a second because it turns out he was going to propose that way.
    When Joey is having trouble writing the letter Ross helps him by showing him the thesarus on the computer. Joey uses the thesarus on every word and his letter is unreadable when he hands it to Monica and Chandler. They tell him to write from his heart and unfortunately he does just that. When he tells Monica the letter is complete she asks to see it and he explains that he has already dropped it off at the Adoption service. She flips out and asks to see a copy of it and to her dismay he says that he hand wrote it. Panic sets in and Chandler calls the Adoption services. It turns out they think that a child wrote the letter and inform them that it was a smart idea.
    When Pheobe and Mike go to another game the next day she uses the big screen to propose to him and the commentater ridicules them because it his her propsing to him. The crowd boo them and Pheobe dusn't ask the question.
    Meanwhile Emma's nanny gets pre-menstrual cramps and without a babysitter they are forced to let Amy mind her. After a day out Amy gives Rachel a surprise by showing her she pierced Emma's ears to make her nose look smaller. Rachel and Ross get angry at her and Rachel decides to throw her out of her apartment. After a plea from Amy Rachel decides against it.
    At a dinner Mike proposes to Pheobe and she says yeah.