Season 10 Episode 5

The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • Rachel's sister Amy(Christina Applegate) geust stars.

    Another funny episode, thanks mostly in part to another hilarious guest star, Christina Applegate as Rachel's sister Amy. Her character of course is not very likeable, but the things that she does just cracked me up. For example, when she mistook Ross for the filafel guy, even at the end of the episode she went up to the filafel guy and thought he was so rude because he didn't recognize her. Or when she wore Rachel's outfit and told Rachel that she couldn't "pull off" that outfit. A very dis-likeable character in real life, but a hilarious one on TV.

    I found the whole Joey writing the adoption letter extremely funny. When Chandler read the letter Joey wrote using the Thesarus outloud, it was priceless. I'm sure most of us have used the thesarus function hoping to make us seem smarter, but Joey took it to another level. Funny stuff.

    When Mike was about to propose at the Knicks game, and Phoebe just made fun of the couple who proposed before him, it seemed done before. I can't remember where I've seen it before, but I'm sure I've seen something to that effect at least twice before. But at the end, when Mike was finally able to propose, it was sweet. Good to see Phoebe finally having a serious relationship on the show.