Season 7 Episode 13

The One Where Rosita Dies

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: In referring to the gym her parents turned her old bedroom into, Monica says, "I gotta say, a tanning bed and a stack of Victoria's Secret catalogs? ...not a gym". However, in "The One With the Cuffs", when Monica and Phoebe are in Monica's old bedroom, we see that it is a fully-equipped gym with some pretty sophisticated exercise equipment.

    • Goof: When Jack reveals to Ross how he had destroyed Monica's boxes, he squeezes the cigarette box so tight it contorts. However, in a later scene, after Monica storms out of the garage after finding out about it, the cigarette box looks new.

    • Continuity: When Chandler and Rachel enter Joey's apartment to find Chandler's "replacement" Barcalounger broken, there are numerous tags on the back of the new chair. In views of the back of the chair that follow within the same scene, these tags are no longer there.

    • Magna Doodle: USDA Prime

    • Continuity: In this episode Monica says that her parents turned her old bedroom into a gym twenty minutes after she moved out. However in "The One with the Prom Video," Monica's parents bring over boxes of her old belongings, because they just decided to turn her room into a gym. At that point, it was years since Monica moved out.

    • Continuity: In this episode when Ross and his dad are talking, they mention a whole big story about Ross being a "medical marvel" because Jack and Judy didn't think they could have kids. However, in "The One with Rachel's Book", when Monica and Chandler are discussing the wedding finances with her parents, they tell the story about how Judy became pregnant because of a faulty diaphragm.

    • Trivia: In this episode Jack reveals that Ross was a medical marvel, because the doctors didn't think that he and Judy could get pregnant. Ironically, it is revealed in Season 9 that Monica, their daughter, and Chandler can't have kids.

    • Goof: When Joey and Rachel are arguing over Rosita's miracle, Rachel's hands are on her hips and she moves them up. Then the camera switches and her hands are suddenly at her sides and she moves them up again.

    • Goof: In the opening scene Joey opens a bag of chips and sets it on the table. When the camera angle changes, the bag of chips moved.

    • Goof: When Chandler walks into Joey's apartment to find it empty, he picks up the bag of potato chips which is closed. However, in a previous scene Joey opened that bag of chips.

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: I was thinking of moving the couch over here.
      Joey: Why would you want to do that?
      Rachel: So that there will be a decent place for me to sit.
      Joey: Rach', there is a decent place to--
      Rachel: And your lap does not count!

    • Rachel: (after breaking Joey's chair) Joey, Joey I am so sorry.
      Joey: I told you not to move it! ...Rach', how would you feel if say, I wanted to move your mom, and you said don't, and I did it anyway and her head fell off?

    • Phoebe: (upset) I hate this year!!
      : What's wrong with this year?
      Phoebe: Well, okay... It's already February and I've only given two massages... and they were both the worst tippers in the world!
      Monica: That was me and Ross.
      Phoebe: (remembering) Oh, that's right!

    • Phoebe: (about Ross's suggestion of her becoming a telemarketer) It sounds better than the last telephone job I had... At least I probably won't have to say "spank" as much.
      Ross: What?
      Phoebe: Oh, yeah... like you never called...

    • Supervisor: So, I think you're ready to sell toner. Do you have any last questions?
      Phoebe: No. (after a moment) Oh, wait... yes, I do... I do have one question... What is "toner"?

    • Monica: (reminiscing about her Easy Bake Ovens) I used to love to play restaurant.
      Ross: Yeah, not as much as you loved to play, "uncooked batter eater".

    • Phoebe: (on the phone) Hi, Earl! This is Phoebe from Empire Office Supplies. I'd like to talk to you about your toner needs.
      Earl: I don't need any toner.
      : I'm hearing what you're saying, but at our prices, everyone needs toner.
      Earl: Not me.
      Phoebe: May I ask why?
      Earl: You wanna know why... You wanna know why?
      Phoebe: I surely do!
      Earl: Okay, I don't need any toner because I'm going to kill myself.
      Phoebe: (checking her list of scripted responses) Um... is that because you're out of toner?

    • Earl: I've been working here at this meaningless, dead-end job, and nobody even knows I exist.
      Phoebe: ...Chandler?

    • Chandler: (switching his identical Barcalounger for Joey's that he thought he broke) If anyone asks, your name is "Rosita".

    • Rachel: (about Rosita being fixed) Maybe somebody came in here and fixed it. Or something.
      Joey: Someone like an angel?
      Rachel: (facetiously) That's right, Joey... the "Chair Angel" came in and healed your chair.
      Joey: (incensed) Get your non-believer ass out of my chair!

    • Monica: (to Rachel and Joey) Do you guys know what happened to Chandler's Barcalounger?
      Rachel: Oh, yeah... Joey broke it--had to get rid of it.
      Monica: Are you kidding? I get a Porsche and the Barcalounger's gone? This is the best day ever!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Title:
      France: Celui qui a vu mourir Rosita (The One Who Saw Rosita Die)

    • Jason Alexander (Earl), is best known for his role on Seinfeld as George Costanza. Courteney Cox guest-starred in the Seinfeld episode "The Wife" back in 1994.

    • There is a new opening sequence during the theme song. Clips are added in from the first half of Season 7.

    • When originally aired on NBC, this episode was 40 minutes long, as counter-programming to Survivor.

    • This episode runs 27:17 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00). There's an extra scene at the coffee house where Ross calls his parents, and another one at Joey's place with Rachel and Chandler, where they argue about who gets the La-Z-Boy.

  • Allusions

    • Jack: (to Monica) ...there are six or seven Easy-Bake Ovens in the attic.
      The Easy-Bake Oven is a working toy oven which Kenner introduced in 1963. After taking over Kenner, Hasbro continued to produce the ovens. The original toy used ordinary incandescent light bulbs as a heat source. The later versions used a heating element.

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