Season 2 Episode 15

The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1996 on NBC

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  • The beginning of Ross and Rachel, but Joey and Chandler steal the show.

    In this episode we witness the very beginning of Ross and Rachel, the couple. The storyline focusses on them trying to put together their very first date. We also see Monica falling for a new (or should I say old) man, Richard. The episode is therefore pivotal for everything to come in Friends.

    It is also however a tribute to the great writing of the show during this period (undoubtedly its peak). Because as the story telling makes huge forward strides, Joey and Chanlder are the ones who steal the show, and not for the first time. Their subplot sees Joey buying all new furniture for the boys including reclining leather chairs and wide TV. They then decide to break the new equipment in by sitting in the chairs for pretty much as long as they can bare. Every emotion packed scene between Ross and Rachel or Monica and Richard is intertwined with true hilarity provided by our two lounging Friends. A must see.