Season 5 Episode 19

The One Where Ross Can't Flirt

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Monica and Chandler are about to celebrate their 10-month anniversary. Monica is getting ready for throughout the episode, and looking mainly for some earrings that Chandler got her and asked her to wear. She loaned them to Phoebe who loaned them to Rachel, who Monica won't loan anything to because she always loses them. Rachel and Phoebe are looking, and Rachel freaks out cause Monica will kill her. So after looking everywhere, including Chandlers jewelry box, Phoebe says she will take the rap for it. Monica calms down and hugs her, because Phoebe feels bad, so Rachel decides she is going to confess. Monica is mad and yells at her. Phoebe convinces her to wear a pair that are similar and Chandler doesn't realize the difference. Chandler flirts with the pizza delivery girl. Joey points out that it is not right for Chandler to flirt with another woman, especially in front of Monica. But Monica doesn't care because she says she does it too. That bothers Chandler because Monica is hot and other guys would want her, as opposed to Chandler where women don't think of it like that. Joey is going to appear on Law & Order and brings his grandmother over to watch. When he realizes he has been cut from the show, he leaves and makes a horrible, fake video to look like he is on the show. His grandmother falls for it. Ross tries to flirt with the delivery girl. While trying to flirt he puts his foot in his mouth by first referencing her with young boys and saying he likes young boys, and then by talking about the smell of gas. To say the least, Ross fails at flirting. Rachel secretly talks to the delivery girl and convinces her to give Ross her number.