Season 5 Episode 19

The One Where Ross Can't Flirt

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 1999 on NBC

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  • Ross' flirting is hilarious

    This episode is brilliant... and all because of Ross.

    The 'cute pizza delivery girl' (Caitlin) comes round to drop off pizza, and Ross decides that he wants to flirt with her, so orders more pizza... but lets just say that his flirting skills leave a lot to be desired (but are very funny...)

    Caitlin: One, uh, vegetarian pizza. That's $12.15.
    Ross: Oh. Uh, by the way, if it makes it feel any better, I happen to like 8-year-old boys.
    Caitlin: What?
    Ross: No, I mean, uh, uh... no, no... the, uh, your hair. Before--your hair. You said you thought that your hair looked like an 8-year-old's, and I'm... I'm just saying I like it. The hair.
    Caitlin: Oh. Thanks.
    Ross: You understand I don't actually like 8-year-old boys.
    Caitlin: Y'know, all I'm looking for is the money.