Season 6 Episode 9

The One Where Ross Got High

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • Great Thanksgiving episode.

    Oh man, I can't stop laughing just thinking about this episode. The entire cast is particularly funny in this episode. Rachael's cooking and Joey's eating score some nice laughs as well. Although, you feel very bad for Chandler for awhile before the episode ends.

    Chandler: What about all that "friends forever" stuff?
    Ross: I don't know, I was all high.
  • a good episode

    this episode is a good episode. ross rachael pheobe joey chandler monica and ross's parents are at thanks giving dinner. joey and ross want to leave early to see some hot models. rachael tries to make a trifle but puts in a shepards pie aswell. monicas parents tell chandler that they don't like him because they think he smoked pot in with ross, but really it was ross who blamed chandler, then monica and ross have a foght releasing loads of secrests about it. pheobe loves monicas dad jack and then she loves jack cousteau instead so all in all a good episode.
  • "That's alot of information to get in in thirty seconds!" - Judy

    Another great Thanksgiving episode. Jack and Judy Geller are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. I love these two characters, they are definitly my favorite parents from all the Friends.
    Monica hasn't told her parents that she's dating and living with Chandler because they don't like him. Turns out that back in '88 Ross got high and his parents caught him. So he told them that Chandler had gotten stoned and jumped out of the window.
    Rachel is trying to make a traditional English trifle for dessert but she accidentally puts beef in it. That's pretty gross if your not Joey.
    Joey and Ross want to get out of there as soon as possible so that they can celebrate Thanksgiving with Janine and her hot dancer friends.
    Phoebe has a weird crush on Jack but then she dreams that he cheats on her.
    Funny episode, the best part is with the 'information' that is given in thirty seconds.
  • Ross and Monica's parents come for thanksgiving which is a promblem because they don't know where Chandler is living. Rachel makes dessert with beef. Phoebe has a crush on Mr. Geller. Joey and Ross can't wait to go over to Janine's with models.

    Great episode!! I just laughed during most of this episode. Ross and Monica keep saying things about each other and the Gellers are like oh my god! The best part was when Ross or Monica said something and then Rachel is like I was not suppose to put this in the dessert and Phoebe said the guy she liked from her dream and Joey is like I want to go! Joey and Ross had so much chnaces to leave but they just standed there. I kept thinking they would leave but they didn't. I think this thanksgiving episode was better than the last one.
  • This episode is one of the best episodes!

    This episode is another classic Thanksgiving episode. Monica and Ross's parents come to their Thanksgiving dinner. One problem: Monica hasn't told them their dating! Because of a dream she had, Phoebe weirdly becomes attracted to Jack Gellar (Elliot Gould). Joey is mad the whole time because he wants to hang out with Janine and her friends. Rachel makes Thanksgiving dessert-A traditional English Trifle. One problem-It contains beef! The gang This episode is one of my favorite episodes! It is so much fun because it's hilarious! I felt like I was laughing the entire epsiode! The whole scene where everybody reveals a secret is the best part! Each character's problem in the episode is so like them! Everything fits together and works so well!
  • Another great Thanksgiving episode!

    It's hard for me to pick favorite episodes, but I would have to say that "The One Where Ross Got High" is definitely one of them. A classic Friends Thanksgiving episode, the gang heads over to Monica's apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. Much to everyone's chagrin, Rachel offers to make something for the holiday, opting to prepare an English trifle for dessert (the outcome, of which, is none-too appetizing.) Monica's parents visit for the holiday, resulting in some heavy-duty sibling rivalry between Ross and Monica. All in all, I would have to say that this is one of the best Thanksgiving episodes of the series.
  • Monica and Ross's parents come to Mon's for Thanksgiving. They don't know that Chandler and Monica's are living together and her parents don't like him. Joey wants to go! Rachel makes a disgusting trifle. Phoebe dreams about Monica's father.

    As it turns out this episode is a great example of character development. Monica insists that Ross tell the truth. Ross, when he was in college, got high and blamed it on Chandler. This is why his parents don't like Chandler.

    This enlightenment is caused by a Ross, Monica- telling their parents their secrets in trumping fashion. Their parents learn A LOT about their kid's secrets and the truth about Ross' high.

    Rachel makes a disgusting trifle and the group eats it, so she doesn't feel bad. This produces hilarious bloopers on the season dvd.

    This episode features a lot of truth telling and because of the brother/sister tattle-tale is one of my favorites!!
  • One of the best friends episodes ever.

    Thanksgiving episode number six. The best of season 6 and the best thanksgiving up to this point. Thanksgiving episodes are always brilliant and this one does not disappoint. Jack and Judy Geller come for thanksgiving dinner, and Monica reveals she hasn't told them that her and Chandler are living together because they hate Chandler. Rachel is in charge of making the dessert and Monica doesn't have a back up if it goes wrong. It does. Phoebe finds Jack irresistable and Joey and Ross want to go to Janine's party for the day. It turns out that Jack and Judy don't like Chandler because one night, in college, Ross got high and blamed it on him. Phoebe overcomes her fantasies of Mr. Geller and decides she loves Jacques Cousteau. Rachel puts beef into the trifle she is making because the pages are stuck together in the recipe book she is using. Ross is forced to tell his parents the truth and the climax of the episode could not have been better. Ross and Monica start revealing stories about what they did in their past and in the end everybody starts shouting in one of the best Friends scenes ever:

    Monica: And Dad, you know that mailman you got fired? He didn't steal your Playboys. Ross did!
    Ross: Yeah, well hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing. Monica did!
    Monica: Ross hasn't worked at the museum for a year!
    Ross: Monica and Chandler are living together!
    Monica: Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced... again!
    Phoebe: I love Jacques Cousteau!
    Rachel: I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle!
    Joey: I wanna go!
    Mrs. Geller: That's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds.

    One of the best Friends episodes ever.

  • Way better than last year...

    This Thanksgiving episode was way better than the past years. Could be one of my favorites. Everyone has their own small plot, and everything just blows up in the end, which is what makes the show entertaining, which is probably why I like this episode so much. Rachel makes her dessert totally wrong. "I wasn't supposed to put meat in the trifle!" Joey wants to go to Janine's Thanksgiving with dancer friends. Monica wants to tell her parents about Chandler. Ross has a secret that made Chandler look bad, and everyone finds out in the end. An amazing Thanksgiving episode with a lot of cool plots.
  • Monica's Parents Are Coming Over But They Don't Know Monica Is Dating Chandler,Rachel Makes Trifle With Beef, Phoebe Develops A Crush On Mr Geller & Ross And Joey Want To Go To Janine's Thanksgiving "With Models"

    Monica's Parents Are Coming Over But They Don't Like Chandler And They Don't Know He & Monica Are Dating, Rachel Makes Trifle But Ends Up Making Half A Cottage Pie And Half A Trifle, Phoebe Develops A Crush On Mr Geller But Later She Hates Him Because He Dream Cheated Her, Ross & Joey Want To Go To Janine's Thanksgiving "With Models" But First They Must Eat The Dessert Rachel Made! "It Tastes Like Feet"- Ross, "I Like It, What's Not To Like?, Jam - Good, Custard - Good, Meat - Goooooood" - Joey.
    This Episode Makes Me Laugh So Much..Rachel's Dessert Was A Total Disaster!
  • Simply Amazing

    The One where Ross Got High (Season 6) is a thanksgiving episode and possibly the best episode ever of Friends!! It's definetly the best thanksgiving episode!! It is absoloutley hilarious and hs loads of great lines. Ross and Monica's parents are coming over for dinner and everyones keeping secrets. 30 seconds pretty much sums it up - Monica: And Dad, you know that mailman that you got fired? He didn't steal your Playboys! Ross did!
    Ross: Yeah, well, Hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing, Monica did!
    Monica: Ross hasn't worked at the museum for a year!
    Ross: Monica and Chandler are living together!
    Monica: Ross married Rachel in Vegas! And got divorced! Again!
    Phoebe: I love Jacques Cousteau!
    Rachel: I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle!
    Joey: I wanna goooo!
    Judy: That's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds.
  • "Maybe I could give thanks by taking my Playstation over to my new apartment."-Chandler Bing

    Ross is forced to tell Chandler why Jack and Judy don't like him. Rachel tries to make dessert. Joey and Ross try and get out of Thanksgiving when they are invited to hang out with Janine and her dancer friends. Brilliant episode favourite one of season six, and my favourite thanksgiving episode, laughed my ass off when Rachael mess the pudding up and everyone pretended to eat it and like it, when Chandler threw his off the balcony and said a gull flew away and droped it down to the street, it was great and when Ross said "It taste like Feet" was also very funny.
  • Very funny and a classic!

    In this episode, Rachel makes the Thanksgiving dessert for the first time and Monica has faith in her, so she doesn't make any dessert. Joey and Ross want to go to Janine's party, but have to go after Rachel is done with the dessert.

    When Rachel explains the ingredients, she mentions that there is beef in the dessert. This makes Ross and Joey freak out about eating it. Joey says that she has to start over, but Ross says to make everyone seem like they like it.

    Monica and Ross's parents also come to dinner. Chandler then discovers that their parents don't like him and can't tell them that they are going out. Chandler tries to make them like him by being charming, but slips up many times. This is when Chandler finally finds out that they don't like him because Ross said that Chandler got high.

    When they all eat the dessert, everyone but Ross and Joey come up with odd excuses for eating it someplace else. Ross describes the dessert as tasting like feet.

    A great episode!!
  • A FRIENDS thanksgiving disaster: Monica is afraid to tell her parents she's living with Chandler, Ross has to confess to smoking pot in college and Rachel bakes a trifle too terrible for human consumption. A classic!

    "The One Where Ross Got High" is simply one of the best FRIENDS episodes ever. Thanksgiving was always special for the show and the series produced a number of great turkey day episodes but this one is in a class by itself. The entire episode is basically a one-set real-time holiday dinner, and each character has their own storyline and genuinely hilarious subplots: Monica hasn't told her parents that she's living with Chandler, and Chandler is horrified to find out the reason- Mr. and Mrs. Geller hate him. Joey and Ross want to eat as fast as they can to leave and join Joey's beautiful roommate and her dancer friends, and Pheobe develops a sudden and unexplained crush on Jack Geller (Elliot Gould). To top it all off Rachel is in charge of cooking desert- a traditional English trifle- and she unknowingly ruins the recipe with beef and peas.

    It's so popular now to call the sitcom dead, to mock the idea of the live studio audience and the wacky neighbor, but this episode would silence even the coldest critic. Ross' confession to his parents that he smoked pot in college is hilarious, and their exaggerated reactions are as funny as they are true. "Ross..." says Mrs. Geller, melodramatic, "Drugs... divorced, again..."

    But maybe funniest of all is everyone pretending to enjoy Rachel's disgusting desert so as not to hurt her feelings. Ross' line, "It tastes like FEET!" was perfect, and the various excuses given Rachel are priceless. The episode ends with a classic switch: The Gellers, who entered disliking Chandler, leave praising him and entrusting him to watch over their daughter and "misfit" son.

    FRIENDS was frequently great but due to it's multiple storylines few episodes gelled this well and held together so beautifully. "The One Where Ross Got High" is bright, memorable, and surely one of the best episodes of the series.