Season 6 Episode 9

The One Where Ross Got High

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: In "The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner," which aired in 2002, Ross claims Rachel hasn't cooked since 1996. But in this episode, which aired in 1999, she cooked the dessert for everyone.

    • Goof: When Rachel makes half an English Trifle and half a Shepherd's Pie, it is credited to the pages being stuck together. Considering that the layer of beef sautéed with peas and onions is in the middle of the concoction, this is impossible. There is no way Rachel could have been instructed to add other layers, such as bananas and whip cream, on top.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of an astronaut standing on the moon with a spaceship and a view of Earth in the background

    • Goof: When they showed the inside of Rachel's old room there is not much furniture to sit on. There is just a small chair, but when Phoebe walked out of the room she told Rachel that she was just starting to take her Thanksgiving nap. What was she going to sleep on?

    • Factual Error: In this episode, everyone says that Rachel accidentally mixes the ingredients of an English Trifle recipe and a Shepherd's Pie recipe when making her dessert. Actually a Shepherd's Pie is made with lamb. Rachel's "beef-custard thing" is half a Cottage Pie, which is made from beef, and half an English Trifle.

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: You guys, it was bananas, cream and beef! I just cannot believe that you ate that so that I wouldn't feel bad.
      Monica: Well, actually, I didn't eat mine. It's still in the bathroom.
      Joey: No it isn't, I ate that.
      Judy: And we left ours in Monica's bedroom.
      Joey: Nope, got it and (Points to Jack) got yours too.

    • Ross: (After eating Rachel's trifle) It tastes like feet.
      Joey: I like it!
      Ross: Are you kidding?!
      Joey: What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!

    • Chandler: (About Ross's parents not liking him) Do you know why?
      Ross: Maybe it's because you're really sarcastic or maybe it's cause you--
      Chandler: If people don't know, they shouldn't just guess!

    • Monica: (Referring to her parents) They don't like you. I'm sorry.
      Chandler: What? Why?
      Monica: Maybe because you used to be aloof or that you're really sarcastic or that you joke around all the time or that you take off your clothes and throw them on the couch.
      Chandler: Is this why they don't like me or why you don't like me?

    • Rachel: Hey, Mon, look, I'm melting butter.
      Monica: That's great, Rach. You now have the cooking skills of a hot day.

    • Chandler: Ross, your parents like me, right?
      Ross: Yes, of course they like you.
      Chandler: Well, Monica just told me that they don't.
      Ross: Yeah, they don't like you.

    • Rachel: Monica said I could make dessert this year.
      Joey: Uh, you're gonna cook something?
      Rachel: Hey, I cook.
      Chandler: Offering people gum is not cooking.

    • Jack: (After the secrets are revealed) Monica and Ross, I don't know what I'm going to do about the two of you.
      Chandler: I'll talk to them.

    • Ross: Alright, I'll tell them it wasn't Chandler who got high. Now who should I say it was?
      Monica: You! It's not like it's a big deal. You don't still do it or anything.
      Ross: Right. Now who should I say tricked me into doing it?

    • Ross: Beef in a dessert? No, no, no. There is no way.
      Joey: I know. And only one layer of jam? What is up with that?
      (Ross flips through the pages)
      Ross: Oh, my God. The pages are stuck together.
      Joey: Chandler!
      Ross: Oh, my God. She made half an English trifle and ... half a shepherd's pie!

    • Joey: (About the trifle) Now, if anyone needs help pretending like they like it, I learned some things in acting class. Try rubbing your stomach, or saying, "Mmmmm." Oh, and smiling.
      Chandler: Yeah, I'm not paying for those acting classes anymore.

    • Joey: (To Rachel) Hurry up! Did I not tell you that all Janine's friends are dancers, and that they're going to be drinking a lot?
      Rachel: Yes, but tell me again, because it's so romantic.

    • Phoebe: (About Jack) I dreamt that we were going to get married, and he left because he had to go fight a fire. And, um, so, okay, I went to a nightclub, and I saw him making out with a girl.
      Rachel: Oh my God, he dream cheated on you!

    • Phoebe: He used to be just Jack Geller, Monica and Ross's Dad. And now he's Jack Geller, dream hunk.
      Rachel: I don't know. You know to me he'll always be Jack Geller, walks in while you're changing.

    • Rachel: Technical question. How do you know when the butter is done?
      Monica: Well, it's done about 2 minutes before it looks like that.

    • Mrs. Geller: Ross, drugs? Divorced? Again?
      Mr. Geller: What happened, son?
      Ross: I ... I uh, I got tricked into all those things!

    • Rachel: Joey, God, your apartment is like a hundred degrees!
      Joey: Did it make you wanna walk around in your underwear?
      Rachel: No!
      Joey: (Frustrated) Still not hot enough!

    • Chandler: This is great, another Thanksgiving with nothing to give thanks for.
      Joey: Maybe I could give thanks for you shuttin' up, eh?
      Chandler: Maybe I could give thanks by taking my Playstation over to my new apartment.
      Joey: Well maybe I love ya'.

    • Chandler: Hey, I can be pretty charming, babe, I won you over, didn't I?
      Monica: (Hugging Chandler) I don't think you'll ever get my parents that drunk!

    • Monica: And Dad, you know that mailman that you got fired? He didn't steal your Playboys! Ross did!
      Ross: Yeah, well, Hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing, Monica did!
      Monica: Ross hasn't worked at the museum for a year!
      Ross: Monica and Chandler are living together!
      Monica: Ross married Rachel in Vegas! And got divorced! Again!
      Phoebe: I love Jacques Cousteau!
      Rachel: I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle!
      Joey: I wanna go!
      Judy: That's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds.

    • Chandler: What about all that "friends forever" stuff?
      Ross: I don't know, I was all high.

    • Joey: (To Ross) How you got three women to marry you I'll never know!

    • Chandler: Yes, I've always thought that a young man is a strong reflection of his father.
      Jack: Yes, I've always thought that too. Tell me, what does your father do?
      Chandler: Well ... he's the headline act in a gay burlesque show.

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