Season 10 Episode 2

The One Where Ross Is Fine

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • Ross: What? Fine? Because I am! Who-who else is fine?!(raises hand)

    Ross walks in on Rachel and Joey kissing and puts on a "convincing" front. He invites them over for FAJITAS(!)with him and Charlie because he is "fine"(Nooooo, of course he's not fine, he's dying a little bit inside). Chandler and Monica visit Phoebe's friends to ask them some questions about adoption, and Chandler spills some very important secrets to young Owen, the friends' (un-knowigly) adopted son. Ross is absolutely hilarious in this episode! He gets drunk at the dinner party and makes a very funny show. In my opinion, this is at least one of the very best in season 10(Ross' tan is up there, too). Chandler telling poor, little Owen he was adopted is unbelievibly predictable, but still insanely funny! Chandler and Monica's whole meeting is a little on the predictable side, but it makes you think that predictable isn't always bad.

    So, to sum it all up, amazing writing, unbelievable acting( Shwimmer, especially) and a great, smooth storyline that people of any Friends class(channel surfer, fan, fanatic, obsessor, etc.) can get caught up in, and laugh at. If you haven't seen it, go watch it right now(while you're at it, watch TOW Ross' Tan, Ross' Teeth, Innappropriate Song, any season 2-4 episode, and the Birth)!!!!!
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