Season 10 Episode 2

The One Where Ross Is Fine

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • One of my two fave episodes of the series (the other being The One With the Rumor). Ross is fine about Joey and Charlie's relationship and Chandler accidentally tells a little boy he's adopted and the secret about Santa Claus.

    Okay so this episode is one of my two favorite episodes in the seires, my other favorite being The One With the Rumor. Ross lies to everyone, including himself, by saying that he's fine with Joey and Charlie's relationship, which ends up with him getting drunk, making fajitas (FAJITAS!! lol), margaritas, then taking off his pants and dancing to the Chicago soundtrack for Joey (which we sadly don't see. that would be hysterical). Then there's Chandler and Monica, who are getting this book all about adoption from Phoebe's close friends, but by doing so, Chandler accidentally tells their son that he's adopted and the secret about Santa Claus leading to chaos. SOO FUNNY!