Season 10 Episode 11

The One Where the Stripper Cries

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2004 on NBC

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  • God, enough with the flashbacks!

    You expect something special with an episode written by Marta Kauffman and David Crane. However, with The One Where the Stripper Cries, you don't get it.

    The episode sees Rachel and Monica throwing a bachelorette party for Phoebe, while Chandler and Ross attend their college reunion. And Joey (hold your breath) appears on the Pyramid!

    The girls' plot is by far the strongest. Danny DeVito is a funny guest star as the stripper, and the story works.

    The problem of the episode lies with the boys' plots. Here it shows clearly that Friends is getting tired.

    Ross and Chandler's college reunion seems like a bad excuse to bring back the younger Ross/Chandler/Monica/Rachel, who were never funny, in new flashbacks. It was kinda funny the first time (TOW the Prom Video, if memory serves me correctly), but it is way over-used by now. Is this really the best the creators can do when they write an episode? Resort to old plot devices? Also, it has always bothered me how Monica's obesity is something to be laughed at, here in a dancing scene with Rachel. What kind of message is that to send out to the millions of people watching this show? And why does Marta Kauffman, herself quite a big lady, write this stuff?

    The worst part of the episode, however, is Joey. A well-written review said that it is a definite sign of exhaustion in a sitcom when the archetypes are overdone. This is what we see with Joey, who has gone from dim-yet-charming to downright braindead in the past few seasons. His appearance on the Pyramid is not funny in the least, but simply embarrassing. The story has one goal: To show how mindnumbingly dumb he is by having him give idiotic responses on a game show. It's a shame that the writes are ruining the character like this.

    Not the worst episode, but not very memorable. Friends is getting tired.
  • An episode that never fails to cheer me up.

    This is one of my favourite F.r.i.e.n.d.s episodes.

    I love the bit where Joey goes on PYRAMID, and gets
    all those questions wrong.

    I also love Phoebe's hen party with the stripper
    that they say, looks like he's wearing a child's
    halloween costume.

    I own and have watched every episode ever made, and
    I love them all, but this is one of my favourites, by far.
    It never fails to make me laugh.
    It's worth buying the Dvd just for this episode.

    It has some gentle comedy, with a few hidden adult
    jokes, but is definitely a classic episode.
    The best of this series!

    Worth the watch, and no time wasted at all.

  • One of the best episodes. There are great guest stars, flashbacks to the days when Monica was fat and Rachel has a big nose, Joey on a game show, which couldn't not be funny, Phoebe has a bachelorette party and its an extended length episode! Fabulous!

    Rachel and Monica play very big parts in this episode, being major characters in two of the story lines, but thats no worry. It turns out Phoebe wants a stripper for her party, but when the stripper does turn up, the girls, at first, wish he didnt come. Joey on the Pyramid game show is very funny, and he doesnt do very well, at first, but somehow gets to the final round, and almost does well, until it turns out he doesnt know what a supermodel is!?!

    My favorite plot is the Chandler-Ross plot, and the pacts they made with each other about girls when they were younger, and my favorite moment of the episode is the ending, when Ross and Monica discover that an incident that happened many years ago is not exactly how they thought it was.
  • good

    Phoebe's bachelorette party features a rather unexpected surprise when the stripper shows up who turns up to be a short middle aged man (danny de vito). Joey is on "Pyramid." and cannot get any of the answers right untill the final round by accident untill the final answer was suprmodels which he could not get Chandler and Ross flash back to 1987 to reflect on a pact they made when they were in college but it seems that it had already been broken before by both of them on many occasions including chandler kissing rachael after seeing ross with the girl he liked.
  • Hilariously FRIENDS!

    This show had so many great lines, and a great guest performance by the amazing DeVito. I wouldn't be surprised if this guest appearance maybe interested him in series television; so much so that he joined (with amazing results) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in its second seaon. The line that Joey says a few times: "Paper! Snow! A ghost!" STILL makes me laugh. His delivery of it was, is, and always will be classic.
  • funniest one this season

    this was a classic episode and it was great to see them get back to the comedy because throughout the rest of the season its all very emotional.
    joey what can i say, or type, classic joey in this episode on pyramid you knew it was going to be funny but this was just classic everytime i see this episode when ever someone asks me aquestion im always like paper snow a ghost it gets me everytime.
    the stripper, reading the summary of this episode i knew it was going to be hilarious danny devito i love him great casting like always although i was a little disgusted by his dancing.
    i always love the flashbacks with monica in the fat suit and rachels old nose and this one was different.
    great episode on of my faves of the whole series.
  • Hilarious.

    This episode is hilarious but not quite classic. It falls just short of that.

    During his the pyramids scenes, Joey walks the line between endearingly dumb and irritatingly stupid. "Paper, snow... a ghost!" is funny both times but bringing it up afterwards wasn't all that funny to me. But I would say that the pyramids scenes ascend in quality. The last one is really funny -- and Joey's fumble at the end -- calling his partner's list of supermodels "women Chandler could never get" is top-notch. His pyramids partner is a good choice too, actually -- he's so absolutely straight, and even though you can sense his irritation with Joey, it's subtle enough that Joey completely misses it.

    Phoebe's bachelorette party is a hoot, although I'm a little confused as to why Rachel and Monica really chose the tea pary in the first place. It was a lovely party, but it just wasn't very... Phoebe. Hence mini-stripper. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette, and Lisa Kudrow are all excellent in these scenes though, each of their expressions of disgust is completely different and yet completely fitting to their character.

    But this episode's best plotline is that of the college reunion -- or, truthfully, the flashbacks that correspond. They, too, ascend in humor (although, the hair is funniest the first time around) as Ross and Chandler trump each other with college indiscretions (Chandler absolutely wins this -- he comes off looking like a pimp next to Ross -- not only did he make out with Missy "all the time", he got Rachel!) But Rachel and Monica's cameo make the flashbacks, truly, with their awful dancing and... well, antics, I suppose. The climax is, of course, Monica and Ross discovering that they kissed each other. Matthew Perry is excellent comedic contrast to their incredulity. But the actual reunion scenes are really just setup, and frankly weren't terribly interesting. Definitely worth it, though.

    The "little funny" (as my sister and I like to call it) at the end is perfect -- Monica, in the fatsuit, dancing. Oh, my sides are aching.
  • Hilarious!!!

    This is one of the funniest episodes of the whole series! Phoebe's bachelorette party goes awry when Monica and Rachel have to hire a stripper on a moments notice. Of course they can't find an in-demand one so they end up with Danny Devito who proves that no one else could have played the part with such perfect comedic timing. When Phoebe shows her disgust at this overweight, over-the-hill stripper he breaks down forcing the girls to try to calm him down while convincing him to share his gift by teaching the art of stripping instead. The funniest part is when he gets his one last moment in the spotlight and shakes his money-maker much to Phoebe's delight. No matter how many times I watch this it still cracks me up!
  • 'Paper, Snow, A Ghost!' A fine example of Joey being Joey and saying something stupid ofr in a stupid voice.

    “Joey: It's a store, like a supermarket. Oh! I see-I see what I did. I’m writing in my...
    Gene: Diary
    Joey: No, more like a notebook. Darn it! If I'm building a house, the plan isn't called the 'shmoo-print...' Can’t say that either. In high school, I once had sex with a girl right in the middle of the...
    Gene: Cafeteria
    Joey: Yeah! But that is not what they're looking for.”

    This isn’t the sole reason why this is Joey’s funniest episode but you get the idea.

    The best part of this episode is at the end where Ross finds out he made out with Monica on the night he thought he kissed Rachel.
  • Possibly one of my favourite episodes! Absolutely fantastic!!

    I have seen this episode so many times but it always cracks me up. There are three all very excellent storylines running throughout it:

    Firstly the one with Joey on Pyramid is hilarious. You realise just how stupid he is (if you didn't already know) but it's so funny. When he said "...why would there be a ghost in my fridge?" I cracked up. And then he has a moment of triumph at the end where he almost wins the jackpot and I was with him all the way! Joey is really a loveable, sweet and innocent person in many ways.

    Secondly there's probably the main storyline of Phoebe's bachelorette party, which is probably the least funny in my opinion, but still good. With guest star Danny Devito playing an aged stripper, the three girls are at first repulsed by him but eventually let him do his last dance for them when he breaks down. Features one of my favourite songs ever Tainted Love!

    But my favourite storyline has to be the flashback one with Ross and Chandler at college. You learn that Monica's first kiss was actually with Ross and that Chandler kissed Rachel. Utterly hilarious and just amazing! I love finding out bits about the characters pasts and this was incredibly well scripted flicking between the guys at their college reunion.

    Overall this episode is very well written, very funny and just very enjoyable to watch! Excellent.
  • Joey in Pyramid. Rachel, Phoebe and Monica at their party. Chandler and Ross remember good time...

    One of the most wonderful, PROBABLY the greatest Friends episode ever. No for Joey, nor Rachel or Phoebe... But the good times, thanks to the "souvenirs". First of all, the hair cut is awesome! Second of all, the music is great "Der Komissar" and "Funkytown" (BO Shrek 2) an,d more than everything : the story! Ross thinks he kissed Rachel, whereas Chandler had kissed her before, and Ross actually kissed Monica. I just recall:
    Ross : "You were under the pile of coats?"
    Monica : "I was the pile of coats!"
    And, Monica : "You were my mystery midnight kisser?"
    Ross : "You were my first kiss with Rachel?"
    Monica : "You were my first kiss, EVER?!"
    Really, en episode outstanding, amazing, fabulous... Friendly!