Season 7 Episode 14

The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2001 on NBC
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When Rachel turns 30, the gang reminisces about their 30th birthdays. While trying to patch things up with Ursula, Phoebe discovers that she is 31. Ross buys a sports car to look cool. Monica gets drunk in front of her parents. Rachel breaks up with Tag because she is looking for commitment, while he is not.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Probably the best of the season.

    This episode was just amazingly written. I also love how they switch off with the time zones. They switch off from person to person when they turned thirty. Rachel finally did the smart thing and broke up with Tag! I didn't like them together. Tag was 6 years younger than her. He acted like a little kid. Monica getting drunk when she turned thirty was hilarious. Her toast was hysterical. Phoebe turns thirty one with Ursula. And she gets the perfect kiss from Joey. Which was also nice to watch. Ross buys a sports car. I like how the coninuity is just great. Everyones hairstyles change like they were in the fifth/sixth season. And the barcalounger is back in the past. They did a great job with that.moreless
  • On Rachel's 30th birthday we learn what had happened to the other gangs 30th birthdays

    This is such a good episode, very funny and very clever from the writers. In the start we see Rachel not wanting to turn 30. And in the end breaking up with Tag. We also see Joey making a deal with god so he won't turn old. Later we that at Ross's birthday he buys a new sports car and after at Monica's 30th birthday we see her drunk at her suprise party with her parents includins the guest list. Although the biggest surprise is at Phoebe's 30th birthday where she learns that in fact she isn't turning 30 but 31. A great episode, one of the best.moreless
  • funny

    When Rachel turns 30, the gang reminisces about their 30th birthdays. While trying to patch things up with Ursula, Phoebe discovers that she is 31 and is upset because she hasnt done what she wanted to do by the time she was 31. Ross buys a sports car to look cool but has a problem gettin it out of a parking space for hours. Monica gets drunk in front of her parents and the gang try to cover it up. Rachel breaks up with Tag because she is looking for commitment, while he is not. and joey crys when he realises he is 30 and then when chandler turns 30.moreless
  • they all do something a little goofy on their 30th birhtday

    It's Rachel's 30th birthday and shes having trouble getting through it. She makes a five year plan and realizes she has to be with the guy she's going to marry now if her plan is going to work. So she breaks up with Tag. Phoebe finds out that she's not thrity and that she's really thirty one. She also finds out that a hipity hop is a wonderful toy. Chandler throws Monica a fancy party but she shows up drunk. Her parents are at the party and she doesn't want them to know. Ross buys a sports car that is wedge between two cars.moreless
  • When Rachel turns 30, the gang reminisces about their 30th birthdays. While trying to patch things up with Ursula, Phoebe discovers that she is 31. Ross buys a sports car to look cool. Monica gets drunk in front of her parents. Rachel breaks up with Tag.moreless

    Awesome! I love this episode! They are now all 30! I love the Ross buying a sports car and then trying to move it out of the parking lot and his Lift and slide! Ross was so funny with that. Left...and slide! Phoebe's plan was great to get twice as drunk and then take off her top and when she was going to Joey was yeah! Joey kissed Phoebe so she could cross something off her list. They so should of hooked up! That would be so great because all 6 friends as 3 couples. Too bad that didn't happen.moreless
Wayne Sherwood

Wayne Sherwood

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Vanessa White

Vanessa White

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Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

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Elliott Gould

Elliott Gould

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Christina Pickles

Judy Geller

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Continuity: In this episode, Jack's dark-red tuxedo is said to be over 30 years old. In Season 2's, "The One with the Prom Video", however, Ross borrows his father's tuxedo and it's black, and obviously pretty new (of course, it's possible that Jack's dark-red tux has sentimental value and that's why he's wearing it). Of additional interest is the fact that all the men at Monica's 30th birthday party are wearing tuxedos. That's unusual for a birthday party--especially a house party--but perhaps was done so they could squeeze in the jokes about Jack's older-than-Ross tux.

    • Trivia: Ursula's middle name is Pamela.

    • Goof: In this episode, Phoebe says she never knew her middle name. Phoebe's mom killed herself when Phoebe was about fourteen years old. Teenagers usually know their middle names, especially since by that age they've had to fill out a variety of forms for school, etc., using their full name.

    • Continuity: Joey appeals to God to stop their aging, saying things like, "We had a deal!". In "The One Where Nana Dies Twice", however, he had a much more stoical attitude towards aging and death: "When you're dead, you're dead--you're gone--you're worm food".

    • Trivia: This is the last episode where Tag is Rachel's assistant. After Rachel and Tag break up in this episode, Tag is only seen once more in "The One With The Red Sweater" where it is clear that Tag is no longer working for Rachel. It can be assumed that either Tag quits or is fired after they break up. No assistant for Rachel is ever mentioned again.

    • Continuity: Rachel's year of birth is inconsistent. Her 30th birthday in this episode (2001) implies that Rachel was born in 1971. However, her 29th birthday in "The One Where Rachel Smokes" (1999) implies that she was born in 1970. Also, Rachel says she is 28 in "The One with the Fake Party" (1998) implying she was born in 1970. But 15 months earlier in "The One Where Rachel Quits" (1996) Chandler says Rachel is 28, implying she was born in 1968.

    • Continuity: In the flashback in this episode, Monica is shown wearing her engagement ring on the day of her 30th birthday. When she got engaged in "The One with the Proposal (2)" she was already 31.

    • Continuity: Phoebe's birthday is inconsistent. In "The One with Frank Jr." Phoebe tells her half-brother that her birthday is February 16th. Also, in "The One with Two Parts (2)" Phoebe has a birthday party in February. However, in "The One Where Nana Dies Twice" Rachel talks about Phoebe's last birthday party. Since Rachel first met Phoebe earlier that season, this implies that Phoebe's birthday must have occurred since September, when Rachel first joined the group. Also, in "The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner", Phoebe's birthday is close to Halloween, consistent with Rachel's statement. Furthermore, in this episode, the flashbacks of Phoebe's 30th birthday imply her birthday is in the summer.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode Chandler says, "Well, here we are, just a bunch of thirty year olds." Since we know that Phoebe is really 31, and that Ross and Chandler are a year older than Rachel and Monica, this isn't true.

    • Goof: At the beginning of Monica's speech at her surprise party, her hands are by her sides. When the camera angle changes, her hands are clasped in front of her.

    • Goof: When Monica is at her party and sitting in the Barcalounger next to Chandler, her left hand is in the air. When the camera angle changes, her hand is in her lap with no time to do so.

    • Continuity: In this episode Joey doesn't understand that the Adam's apple is not named after each individual man. But in "The One Where Heckles Dies" Joey refers to it as an Adam's apple.

    • Factual Error: When Rachel is complaining about turning 30, she says that at least she's still 29 in Guam. In actuality, Guam is at the beginning of the International Date Line which means she would have turned 30 in Guam 15 hours earlier.

    • Trivia: This episode proves that Rachel is the youngest of the Friends and that Phoebe is the oldest. Additionally, it is revealed that Joey is older than Chandler.

    • Magna Doodle: Happy Birthday RACH

    • Goof: When Rachel opens up Tag's present she has a white bow attached to the front of her shirt. When Chandler and Monica give her a present a few seconds later the bow is gone.

    • Goof: When the group is about to lift Ross' car and slide it out, Ross says "Lift" and you can see someone running behind him but in the next shot when Ross says "Slide" there is no one in the background, when the runner should still be in the shot.

    • Continuity: Rachel's birthday is inconsistent. In "The One with Joey's New Girlfriend", Rachel tells Gunther her birthday is May 5, and this is consistent with the month of birthday parties thrown for her on the show in "The One Where Rachel Finds Out", (which aired in May 1995) and in her one-month-early surprise party in "The One Where Rachel Smokes", (which aired in April 1999). Rachel's 30th birthday, however, is celebrated in February in this episode, which aired on February 8, 2001. Rachel also mentions that her birthday is after Valentine's Day in "The One with the Girl From Poughkeepsie". A birthday in February is also consistent with Rachel's statement to a police officer in "The One with Chandler's Dad" that she is an Aquarius (January 21- February 19). In this episode, Rachel wears a shirt with 12-4 on it, implying her birthday is December fourth.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Tag: Miss Green would like to establish some ground rules before she comes out. She would appreciate it if you didn't use the word "old" or "downhill" or "they still look pretty damn good." (Joey smiles and everybody stares at him)
      Joey: They do!

    • Ross: We've got presents!
      Rachel: Good ones?
      Monica: They all came from the list you handed out to us two weeks ago.

    • Joey: (about being a year older) Why, God, why?! We had a deal! Let the others grow old, not me!

    • Rachel: You know? I'm still 29 in Guam.
      Ross: Hey, 30 is not that old! Do you know how old the Earth is?
      Rachel: (giving it some thought) Late 30's?

    • Joey: (to God on Chandler's 30th) And now Chandler... We're all getting so old! Why are you doing this to us?! (turns to the wall and starts crying)

    • Monica: Rach, you're in a great place in your life. I mean, you got an amazing job, good friends...
      Joey: Your roommate's a soap opera star...
      Rachel: Your character's in a coma.
      Joey: (teary) I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry at this one.

    • Rachel: I know my life is going pretty well, but I look around and I just see so many people who've accomplished so many of their goals by the time they're 30.
      Phoebe: Yeah, but you shouldn't compare yourself to me.

    • Ross: I'm a sports car enthusiast, I've always been into cars.
      Joey: Hey, what's the horsepower on this thing?
      Ross: I don't know, but look how shiny!

    • Rachel: You know what? I am going to do something today. I'm not just going to sit around like some old lady. I'm going to get something pierced. Like my, uh... like my nose or my tongue or something.
      Phoebe: Really? 'Cause, you know, that hurts.
      Rachel: So what? You know what, the way I see it-- (Phoebe pinches her) Ow! Son of a bitch!

    • Tag: Look, Rachel, I know what you're going through. I'm totally freaked out about turning 25.
      Rachel: Get out. Get out of my apartment.

    • Chandler: (to Joey who is removing his bowtie) Would you put that back on? Monica's gonna be here any minute!
      Joey: But it hurts my Joey's apple!
      Chandler: For the last time, it's not named for each individual man.

    • Judy Geller: You've done a wonderful job with this party, Chandler. Everything looks so lovely.
      Chandler: Oh, well, not as lovely as you. I mean, I can't believe that you would have a 30 year-old daughter. (to Jack) ...And you, I can't believe that you would have a tux that's 30 years old.
      Jack Geller: It's older than that. Ross was actually conceived right near this tuxedo.
      Chandler: (removing his hand carefully from Jack's arm) Oh...

    • Monica: (drunkenly, to Chandler) See, I was a little nervous about turning... (whispers) thirty, so the busboys took me out for some drinks. (after a moment) I'm gonna puke on you later!

    • Chandler: Monica's a little drunk.
      Phoebe: Yay! Oh, I love drunk Monica! She's so much more fun than regular Monica!
      Chandler: She doesn't want her parents to know she's drunk.
      Phoebe: All right! All right! Here's what we do: I'll get twice as drunk as she is, and no one will even notice her!
      Chandler: Drunk Phoebe's mean.
      Phoebe: (snapping) OK, you watch your tone with me!

    • Rachel: What's going on?
      Chandler: Monica's wasted.
      Ross: Maybe that'll liven up this party.

    • Chandler: (to Rachel about drunken Monica) Will you just go help her get changed, please?
      Rachel: Okay, but taking care of a drunk, naked woman seems like a job for Joey.

    • Tag: (about his present) This one's from me. It wasn't on your list, but hopefully you'll think it's really fun.
      Rachel: (opens the present) A scooter!
      Ross: (to Tag) Stick to the list. Always stick to the list.

    • Chandler: (to Rachel) Okay, open ours next. Open ours next.
      Joey: Now that you're a couple, we don't get two presents from you guys?
      Chandler: For my last birthday, you gave me a hug.

    • Ross: Hey, look who's back. It's the birthday girl. How's the birthday girl feeling?
      Rachel: Well, I feel fine, but I think that you're bumming out the rest of the kids.

    • Ross: (to Monica) You're drunk. (both giggle) Mom and Dad are gonna be mad. Maybe I'm a little drunk now.

    • Joey: (to waiter) Hey. Are those crab cakes? Did I not tell you to come straight to me when more crab cakes were ready?

    • Chandler: How're you doing?
      Monica: (drunk) You are so handsome! I wanna make love to you right here, right now! Rar! (starts kissing him)
      Ross: I really wish that you wouldn't!

    • Chandler: (to Monica) Now, all you have to do is just get through a little bit more, okay? Then we can put you in bed, okay? Just smile and don't talk to anyone.
      Phoebe: Speech! Speech! Let's hear from the birthday girl, huh?
      Chandler: Pheebs!
      Phoebe: You see, everybody's looking at me. The plan's working. I didn't even have to take off my top yet.

    • Monica: That's right Mom and Dad, your little harmomica is hammered!

    • Ross: Okay, is everybody clear? We're gonna pick it up... and move it. All we need is teamwork, okay? We're gonna lift the car... and slide it out. Lift... and slide.
      Rachel: Ross, I really don't think...
      Ross: Lift... and slide.
      Monica: All right. Come on, dawgs, let's lift the sucker. Oh, unless you're scared. Little weaklings scared?
      Chandler: Good teamwork.

  • NOTES (13)

    • Three days after this episode aired, Jennifer Aniston turned 32 (February 11, 2001). There is a subtle irony here, in that Ross suggests removing two candles from Rachel's cake. In effect, the show did exactly that.

    • International Episode Title:
      France: Ceux qui avaient trente ans (The Ones Who All Turn Thirty)

    • Elliot Gould (Jack Geller) was credited as a "Special Appearance."

    • Christina Pickles (Judy Geller) received the "and" credit.

    • When this episode originally aired, a scene where a drunk Monica walks through the party crowd and greets the guests very loudly was seen immediately after Phoebe and Ursula discuss middle names. This scene does not appear on the DVD.

    • When playing both Phoebe and Ursula, Lisa Kudrow's older sister, Helene Marla Kudrow, doubles for the shoulder shots.

    • In the scene where Lisa Kudrow is bouncing on the Hippity Hop ball, Jennifer Aniston's hair is half way down her back as it was earlier in the season. There is no mention as to whether this was because this was shot prior to her getting her hair cut or that they gave her extensions to show a different period of time.

    • This was the first episode to be created in the super-size format, although at least two super-size episodes aired first. According to the show's producers, they had already filmed the other shows as 30 minute episodes and then expanded them with the extra footage they had. In this episode, all acts were designed specifically for this super-size show.

    • Throughout this episode, Lisa Kudrow's voice is hoarse. It seems that she put a lot of strain on her voice just so she could be heard.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Lisa Kudrow's other character, Phoebe's twin sister Ursula, since the cancellation of Mad About You the previous year.

    • Music: "Big Time Operator" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

    • This episode runs 23:40 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00). It appears that a couple of minutes have been shaved off, due to the short running time (unless they showed 16 minutes of commercials on first airing), and a guest actress (Vanessa White) disappearing from the end credits.

    • When originally aired on NBC, this episode was 40 minutes long, as counter-programming to Survivor.


    • During the tag scene, with Joey by his side, Ross finally gets to drive his sports car. The music playing in the background is the theme from the 60's television series Route 66, a show about two buddies who travel around in a sports car.

    • Rachel: I'm telling you, it's like watching Bambi learn how to walk.

      Monica is really drunk, so she's trying not to stumble as she walks around the living room. Her awkward walk reminds Rachel of the baby deer in the Disney film, Bambi.