Season 7 Episode 14

The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2001 on NBC

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  • Probably the best of the season.

    This episode was just amazingly written. I also love how they switch off with the time zones. They switch off from person to person when they turned thirty. Rachel finally did the smart thing and broke up with Tag! I didn't like them together. Tag was 6 years younger than her. He acted like a little kid. Monica getting drunk when she turned thirty was hilarious. Her toast was hysterical. Phoebe turns thirty one with Ursula. And she gets the perfect kiss from Joey. Which was also nice to watch. Ross buys a sports car. I like how the coninuity is just great. Everyones hairstyles change like they were in the fifth/sixth season. And the barcalounger is back in the past. They did a great job with that.
  • funny

    When Rachel turns 30, the gang reminisces about their 30th birthdays. While trying to patch things up with Ursula, Phoebe discovers that she is 31 and is upset because she hasnt done what she wanted to do by the time she was 31. Ross buys a sports car to look cool but has a problem gettin it out of a parking space for hours. Monica gets drunk in front of her parents and the gang try to cover it up. Rachel breaks up with Tag because she is looking for commitment, while he is not. and joey crys when he realises he is 30 and then when chandler turns 30.
  • When Rachel turns 30, the gang reminisces about their 30th birthdays. While trying to patch things up with Ursula, Phoebe discovers that she is 31. Ross buys a sports car to look cool. Monica gets drunk in front of her parents. Rachel breaks up with Tag.

    Awesome! I love this episode! They are now all 30! I love the Ross buying a sports car and then trying to move it out of the parking lot and his Lift and slide! Ross was so funny with that. Left...and slide! Phoebe's plan was great to get twice as drunk and then take off her top and when she was going to Joey was yeah! Joey kissed Phoebe so she could cross something off her list. They so should of hooked up! That would be so great because all 6 friends as 3 couples. Too bad that didn't happen.
  • When Rachel turns thirty, everyone remembers their thirtieth birthdays.

    This episode was so good. Rachel had to dump Tag on her birthday! It was so sad that she had to end a relationship on her birthday. I loved when Ross took two candles off the cake and told Rachel she was twenty-eight. The writers are very clever. Phoebe's thirtieth birthday was actually her thirty-first. Ross spent his birthday trying to maneuver his car. Joey made a deal with the Big Man Upstairs that he wouldn't turn old. Monica was drunk at her birthday party! I love drunken Monica! This episode was fun to watch, just like every other episode.
  • they all do something a little goofy on their 30th birhtday

    It's Rachel's 30th birthday and shes having trouble getting through it. She makes a five year plan and realizes she has to be with the guy she's going to marry now if her plan is going to work. So she breaks up with Tag. Phoebe finds out that she's not thrity and that she's really thirty one. She also finds out that a hipity hop is a wonderful toy. Chandler throws Monica a fancy party but she shows up drunk. Her parents are at the party and she doesn't want them to know. Ross buys a sports car that is wedge between two cars.
  • What an amazing episode. Got all characters at their best.

    Rachel - on her 30th birthday realises she shoudl be with the man she will marry and have kids with at this point and gets frustrated.

    Pheobe - in a flash back loses 1 year of her life, celebrating her 30th birthday on her 31st.

    Monica - gets drunk on her birthday and makes a speech and then faints

    Joey - cries on his 30th birthday and then again at all the others. At the end when he realises he will be 40 in ten years he cries again.

    Ross - buys a car on his birthday and spends the whole day trying ot move it. At the end he sees someone much older than him driving another.

    Chandlers birthday was also quite funny.

    I liked it how Joey had a chidish friend in this episode to ride a scooter with.
  • On Rachel's 30th birthday we learn what had happened to the other gangs 30th birthdays

    This is such a good episode, very funny and very clever from the writers. In the start we see Rachel not wanting to turn 30. And in the end breaking up with Tag. We also see Joey making a deal with god so he won't turn old. Later we that at Ross's birthday he buys a new sports car and after at Monica's 30th birthday we see her drunk at her suprise party with her parents includins the guest list. Although the biggest surprise is at Phoebe's 30th birthday where she learns that in fact she isn't turning 30 but 31. A great episode, one of the best.
  • Thirty-years-old. Those Friends get better with age!

    This was the first episode I ever saw, when I was just eleven! And it made me fall in love with them.

    Joey's remarks were too funny, a way of showing how much he counts on his age and beauty. Phoebe's problems with her sister Ursula greatly improve, and it's a pity she doesn't have a middle name! The whole Joey-Phoebe scene on her birthday was amazing, "I'm one-sixteenth Portuguese", showed how much Joey cares for their friendship.

    Ross and Monica were HILARIOUS on their birthdays. Madness does run on the Geller family. And Rachel was great in all her 'suffering' (I guess she does have something in common with Joey). And Chandler's little remarks were as always, the best of 'Friends'.
  • Whoo hoo!

    I swear, watching them all turn 30 was so funny I want to turn 30. Everyone was so funny, especially Monica and Tag, Rachael's boyfriend. Monica had me cracking up every few seconds with her drunken antics and Tag and his...scooter...jeez. I can't even sit here and write this I'm laughing to much.