Season 7 Episode 12

The One Where They're Up All Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2001 on NBC
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Ross assembles the gang on the roof to watch a meteor shower. They all decide to leave, however. Ross becomes trapped on the roof with Joey; the two try to escape using the fire escape. Rachel and Tag argue over which one of them forgot to send a package at work. Phoebe's smoke alarm won't stop beeping. Chandler and Monica can't seem to fall asleep together, so they keep waking each other up.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This was one of the best episodes of the seris

    this waould have to be one of my most favorite episodes on friends it was absouloutley hilarious i could not stop laughing at this episode especially when pheobe accidentley smashed the reset button off the alarm that could not stop beeping and when ross had to climb down the front of joey when they were stuck on the firte escape stairs after going down them because the were stuck on the roof! i really miss this hsow it would have been great if they made more episode (some of them like this episode) this was one of the best episodes ever made. thank you Zachery Rosenblatt for making this episode.moreless
  • Another one of Friends' best episodes. Very funny scenes and a hilarious Phoebe - what's not to like?

    After climbing on the roof for some star-gazing our friends can't sleep because of different reasons. Rachel and her new boyfriend and assistant Ted try to find out if an important paper went out or not. Chandler and Monica keep each other up all night. Ross and Joey are stuck on the roof and try to escape. And Phoebe has her very own problems with an annoying fire alarm.

    The four different stories in this episode all revolve around not being able to sleep. And every one of them is very funny and interesting. Rachel and Ted's childish fight over who has forgotten to send away the papers. Monica who keeps Chandler up and CHandler who keeps Monica up ("I'm going to spill all over..." "I'm up!"). Ross and Joey's attempts to escape the roof are just hilarious. But the reason I really love this episode is Phoebe's performance. There are no words for her greatness in this episode and I just have some quotes: "Please don't be an alien" "Don't interrupt me" "Fire alarm?" (after the fire man was knocking) and so many more.

    Great performances, funny stories and all in all a very good episode.moreless
  • I wet myself with laughter!

    When the friends are trying to spot a comet from the roof top, they get pretty tired and decide to go home. Joey and Ross get stuck on the roof, Rachel and Tag loose some important documents and they go to their work place to try and find them, Phoebe is kept up by her fire alarm beeping all night long and Chandler Monica try to find ways to help themselves sleep.

    This is probably the funniest episode of season 7! (the one where they all turn thirty being the best) Phoebe is classic in this episode, And probably Tags best episode so far.moreless
  • Not funny and goes nowhere.

    Easily one of the worst Friends episodes ever written. For a starters, none of the individual storylines are particularly interesting, entertaining or amusing, all are trivial and easily forgettable. I'm not a fan of disjointed episodes like this where none of the respective storylines have any bearing on each other anyway, it brings nothing new to the table for any of the characters, and it's only because the individual stories are so pointless that the episode can get away with spreading itself so thinly (there's probably a very good reason sitcom episodes generally don't have 4 separate stories going on at once).moreless
  • One of the worst episodes made i think to go with a very poor series.

    This is bad from the start... te gang are hanging out on the roof waiting to see a meteor shower which Ross said was coming however after hours of waiting the friends including Tag get cold and bored so they all leave except Joey and Ross but Joey trying to see into a girls aparment across the street takes the piece of pipe there using to hold the roof door open to get a better look and so it turns out they are noew stuck on the roof. Phoebe is woken up by her fire alarm going off and she is unabe to stop no matter how hard she tries and this keeps her awake all night.

    Chandler cant sleep and wakes Monica up to ask her what to do to help him sleep and so shes mad at him and there both awake in the end Monica tries to sleep but Chandler constanly awakens her so there up all night.

    Joey and Ross still stuck on the roof go down the fire escape at the side of the buiding but have trouble because its stuck and one of them is gonna have to jump.

    And finally Rachel and Tag are arguing over whether Tag sent off some important documents or did Rachel even give them to Tag in the first place.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ross: Look at all those stars. Infinite space. It really, really makes you wonder, doesn't it?
      Joey: Uh-huh... Hey, y'know what else makes you wonder?
      Ross: What?
      Joey: (looking through binoculars) Check out the rack on that chick!

    • Joey: (to Ross) Don't look at me. You're the one who wanted to come up here and look for some stupid Burger King Comet.

    • Chandler: (in bed to Monica) Which one was Deep Impact and which one was Armageddon?
      Monica: (almost asleep) Deep Impact was the one with Robert Duvall. Armageddon is what's going to happen to you if you wake me up.

    • Chandler: I can't sleep... Ooh! (turns on the light) Where is that book that you were reading... with the two women who were ice-skating and wearing those hats with the flowers on it... because every time I look at that cover, I'm like... (pretends to snore)
      Monica: It's in the living room, where there is also a light... and no one will kick you in the shin.
      Chandler: What? (the blankets flutter) Ow!

    • Phoebe: (to the smoke alarm) How could you be beeping? I just disconnected you, I took out your battery! How can--? (beeps) Don't interrupt me!

    • Rachel: (referring to the lost file) Is this one of your jokes that I don't get?
      Tag: Name one.
      Rachel: Like that one where you put the phone in your pants!
      (Tag thinks about it for a moment and then laughs mischievously)

    • Ross: Ugh. Well, we're just gonna have to jump. Now, we're gonna have to make sure to land to the right of that patch of ice, okay? Not hit the dumpster on the other side and, uh, and try to avoid that, that weird brownish-red stuff in the middle. So, when you get down there... you go up to the roof and you let me in.
      Joey: Oh whoa, whoa wait a minute! I have to do it?
      Ross: Yeah! Oh, yeah, you'll be fine! It, it'll be, uh, just like bungee jumping, y'know? ...but instead of bouncing back up you, you won't.
      Joey: What if I smack my head on the concrete?
      Ross: Well, I'm not gonna lie to you Joey... It's a possibility.

    • Joey: I'm not jumping. Look, I have an audition tomorrow, and I can't go If I break my leg.
      Ross: Well, I'm not jumping! I have a son! Okay? He won't have a father if I die.
      Joey: Well, alright... So it looks like we're even!

    • Phoebe: (screaming at the smoke alarm) What do you want from me?!

    • Rachel: (about Tag's picture) Ooh! And who's this... chippy? A little young for you, Tag, but whatever...
      Tag: That's my sister.

    • Monica: (in bed beside Chandler) Are you still awake?
      Chandler: Yeah, you?
      Monica: You do know that was me that just said that, right? (turns on the light) Hey, as long as we're both up...
      Chandler: (excitedly) Yeah?
      Monica: Mmm-hmm.
      Chandler: I hope you're not thinking about cleaning the living room.

    • Chandler: Don't fall asleep! I'm going to make you some coffee. I probably won't spill coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor.
      Monica: Okay, I'm up! I'm up!

    • Joey: Oh, my... How much do you weigh, Ross?
      Ross: I prefer not to answer that right now. I'm still carrying a little holiday weight?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Title:
      France: Ceux qui passaient une nuit blanche (The Ones With A Sleepless Night)

    • This episode runs 22:58 on DVD (a typical sitcom runs about 22:00). There is an extra scene at Phoebe's place, where she covers her ears to stop hearing the alarm.


    • Phoebe: (singing in her head) Oh Mickey you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey. Hey, hey, hey Mickey.
      Phoebe is singing "Mickey" a 1982 song by Toni Basil.

    • Monica: The second sister dies in Archie and Jughead Double Digest?

      This is a reference to a book by Archie Comics featuring fictional teenagers Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie.

    • Chandler: Which one was Deep Impact and which one was Armageddon?
      Monica: Deep Impact was the one with Robert Duvall. 
      Deep Impact was a 1998 disaster film starring Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, and Elijah Wood, about an asteroid colliding with Earth. 
      Armageddon was a 1998 disaster film starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler, about an asteroid colliding with Earth.

    • Monica: I thought you were going to read my boring book to help put you to sleep.
      Chandler: It got interesting. Damn you Oprah!
      This is a reference to Oprah Winfrey, actress and host of The Oprah Winfrey Show, who started the Oprah's Book Club selection.