Season 7 Episode 12

The One Where They're Up All Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2001 on NBC

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  • A very good plot!

    This plot was great for Friends. All the characters part ways in the beginning. What tehy don't know is that their in for one hell of a night. Phoebe's fire alarm is driving her crazy so she tries t break, and disarm it. The firefighter tells her to press the reset button. But she broke the reset button. It was great how they developed the plot with just one character. Monica & Chandler, have trouble falling asleep in bed for some reason. That was kind of a dud to watch. There was funny parts too though. Rachel & Tag looking for some papers at work. What I realized is that they never get a chance to have sex. Something always interrupts them. And it was Rachel who was wrong. Not Tag. And finally the gay innuendo continues between Joey & Ross, as they try to escape the roof. I like when they climb on top fo each other. That was hysterical!
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