Season 1 Episode 9

The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 1994 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: Phoebe says that Ugly Naked Guy is pulling his turkey out of the oven. However, in future episodes when Ross moves into that apartment, the kitchen is behind a door and is not visible from Monica's apartment.
      Note: In many shots of Ross's apartment as seen from Monica's window, the kitchen door is visible, such as in "The One with Rachel's Sister". It's entirely possible that the kitchen door would be open when Ugly Naked Guy is taking his turkey out of the oven.

    • Continuity: In this episode, when Ross is talking to the fetus, he mentions that he took paleontology on a dare, however, in several future episodes it is mentioned how much Ross loved dinosaurs and Paleontology in his childhood.

    • Trivia: Apparently Monica and Rachel's apartment doesn't have working smoke alarms. When they finally get back in and everything is burnt, there's a lot of smoke in the air and no alarms to be heard.

    • Goof: After the food is burned, the group is sitting in front of the TV watching skiing. When Monica turns off the TV, two crew members are visible in the TV's reflection.

    • Continuity: During Monica's rant about dinner she said it is her first Thanksgiving, but in "The One with All the Thanksgivings" she was making Thanksgiving dinner when Joey got his head stuck in a turkey.
      Note: In the flashback, Monica says to Joey, "That turkey has to feed twenty people at my parents' house, and they're not gonna eat it off your head!" In other words, it is not Thanksgiving dinner at Monica's.

    • Continuity: The girl's apartment door is always unlocked. You see people walking in all the time, and you see nobody locking it. If somebody would have locked it, this person would have the key. Furthermore, in the final episode Monica mentions that they should leave their keys for Treeger, and now everyone has one. Granted, it's ten years later, but still.

    • Continuity: Phoebe's a vegetarian and won't even touch meat, however in this episode she's preparing the Thanksgiving turkey with Monica. Also in "The One with the Lottery", Phoebe says she would like to break a wishbone claiming that just because vegetarians don't eat meat doesn't mean they don't like to play with the carcasses.

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: Terry, I, I, I know that I haven't worked here very long, but I was wondering... do you think it would be possible if I got a $100 advance on my salary?
      Terry: An advance?
      Rachel: It's so that I can spend Thanksgiving with my family. See, every year we go skiing in Vail, and normally my father pays for my ticket, but I sort of started this whole independence thing, y'know, which is actually why I took this (air-quotes) ..."job".
      Terry: Rachel, Rachel, sweetheart. You're a terrible, terrible waitress. Really, really awful.

    • Chandler: (to Joey) ...and this from the cry-for-help department. Are you wearing makeup?
      Joey: Yes, I am. As of today, I am officially Joey Tribbiani, actor-slash-model.
      Chandler: That's so funny, 'cause I was thinking you look more like Joey Tribbiani, man-slash-woman.

    • Monica: (about Joey's modeling job) Oh, wow, so you're gonna be one of those "healthy, healthy, healthy guys"?
      Phoebe: You know, the asthma guy was really cute.
      Chandler: Do you know which one you're gonna be?
      Joey: No, but I hear lyme disease is open, so... (crosses his fingers) y'know...
      Chandler: Good-luck, man. I hope you get it.

    • Monica: And I assume Chandler, you're still boycotting all the pilgrim holidays.
      Chandler: Yes every single one of them.

    • (Ross tells everyone he's off to Carol's)
      Phoebe: Ooh, ooh! Why don't we invite her?
      Ross(mocking her) Ooh, ooh! Because she's my ex-wife, and will probably want to bring her... ooh, ooh, lesbian life-partner.

    • Ross: Oh, I uh, just came by to pick up my skull. Well, not mine, but...
      Susan: Come in.
      Ross: Thanks. Yeah, Carol borrowed it for a class, and I have to get it back to the museum.
      Susan: What's it look like?
      Ross: (self-amused) Kinda like a big face without skin.

    • Ross: Wow, you guys sure have a lot of books about being a lesbian.
      Susan: (deadpan) Well, y'know... you have to take a course... otherwise, they don't let you do it.

    • (Susan has told Ross that she talks to the fetus)
      Ross: Do you, uh... do you talk about me?
      Susan: Yeah, yeah--all the time!
      Ross: Really...?
      Susan: But um... we just refer to you as "Bobo the Sperm Guy".

    • Joey: Hey, Monica, I got a question. I don't see any tater tots.
      Monica: That's not a question.

    • Chandler: The most unbelievable thing has happened. Underdog... has gotten away.
      Joey: The balloon?
      Chandler: (sarcastically) No, no, the actual cartoon character. Of course the balloon!

    • Chandler: An eighty-foot inflatable dog loose over the city? How often does that happen?
      Phoebe: Almost never.

    • Ross: (talking to Carol's stomach) And everyone's telling me, you gotta pick a major, you gotta pick a major. So, on a dare, I picked paleontology. And you have no idea what I'm saying, because, let's face it, you're a fetus. You're just happy you don't have gills anymore.

    • Ross: (singing to Carol's stomach) Hey, hey, I'm your daddy. I'm the one without any breasts.

    • Rachel: Why do you guys have so many keys anyway?
      Chandler: For emergencies just like this?

    • Monica: I swear you said you had the key!
      Rachel: No I didn't. I wouldn't say I have the key unless I had the key, and I obviously don't have the key!
      Phoebe: Okay, enough with the keys! No one say key!
      (Five seconds later)
      Monica: Why would I have the keys?
      Rachel: Aside from the fact that you said you had them?
      Monica: But I didn't!
      Rachel: Well, you should have!
      Monica: Why?
      Rachel: Because!

    • Phoebe: Ew!
      Rachel: What?
      Phoebe: Ugly Naked Guy is taking his turkey out of the oven. Oh, he's just added gravy. ...Oh, my God! He's not alone! Ugly Naked Guy is having Thanksgiving dinner with Ugly Naked Gal!
      (Everyone runs over to the window.)
      Joey: Alright, Ugly Naked Guy!
      Monica: Ooh! Ugly Naked Dancing!

    • Monica: (holding up a whole grilled cheese sandwich) Does anybody wanna split this with me?
      Joey: Oh, I will.
      Phoebe: Ooh, you guys have to make a wish.
      Monica: Make a wish?
      Phoebe: C'mon, you know... Thanksgiving!
      (Monica and Joey each pull on the "wishbone" sandwich and it rips in two)
      Phoebe: (to Joey) Woo-hoo! You got the bigger half. What'd you wish for?
      Joey: (finding the question odd) The bigger half.

    • Chandler: Alright, I'd like to propose a toast... a little toast here. Ding, ding! I know this isn't exactly the kind of Thanksgiving that all of you planned, but for me, this has been really great... y'know? I think because it didn't involve divorce or... projectile vomiting. Anyway, I was just thinkin'... I mean, (to Rachel) if you had gone to Vail or (to Ross, Monica and Phoebe) if you guys had been with your family or (to Joey) if you didn't have... syphilis and stuff... we wouldn't be all together, y'know? So I guess what I'm trying to say is that, uh... I'm very thankful that all of your Thanksgivings sucked.
      Phoebe: That's so sweet!
      (They all clink glasses) 
      Ross: And hey, here's to a lousy Christmas!
      Rachel: ...and a crappy New Year!
      Chandler: Here, here!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joey: Set another place for Thanksgiving. My entire family thinks I have VD.
      Chandler: Tonight, on a very special Blossom.
      Blossom was a half-hour comedy television series broadcast on NBC about a teenage girl living with her father and two brothers. Sometimes it would air "very special" episodes focusing on more serious issues such as drug use or teen pregnancy.

    • Ross: (spotting a book at Carol and Susan's) Hey...hey, Yertle the Turtle, a classic!
      Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories is a book containing three stories written by beloved children's author Dr. Seuss.

    • Ross: (singing to his unborn fetus) Hey, hey, you're my baby, and I can't wait to meet you. When you come out I'll buy you a bagel, and then we'll go to the zoo.
      Ross is singing a variation on The Monkees theme song.