Season 5 Episode 2

The One with All the Kissing

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1998 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Rachel: (to Ross when they're alone in Central Perk) Um, okay, I think I'm, I'm just gonna, just gonna say it... Uh... I'm still in love with you, Ross.
      Ross (taken aback): Wow. Um... Huh... I'm, I'm not sure what to do with that right now.
      (Rachel starts laughing hysterically)
      Ross: What? What? Was that a joke? ...'cause it's mean.
      Rachel: (still laughing) I'm so dead serious... I'm totally serious!
      Ross: Why are you laughing?
      Rachel: Because I just heard it. I heard it. And it's ridiculous! I mean... you're married. You're married, and it's just ridiculous. It's like when I said it I sort of floated up out my body. And then I heard myself say it, and then the floating Rachel... (laughs) was like, "You're such an idiot."
      Ross: Well, I am married... even though I haven't spoken to my wife since the wedding...
      Rachel: (bursts out laughing again, but then composes herself) I'm sorry, that's not funny.
      Ross: Actually, it kind of is.