Season 10 Episode 18

The One with All the Other Ones (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2004 on NBC

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  • This episode goes through all the best bits of episodes prior to The Last One.

    Possibly the best flashback episode! It explains each individual character, fun & games and love. It could not be better, all the best bits of Friends put together, including some hilarious sayings; Chandler - Oh my God, Phoebe - Oh no, Monica - I know. The best clip on there is when Monica and Rachel go against Chandler and Joey for the apartment. One of the funniest scenes; Ms Chenandler Bong, Michael O Flatley, Joey s imaginary friend and Monica s hockey nickname - Big Fat Goalie. Definitely one of the best Friends episodes. The episode to watch if you want some laughs. An amazing programme.
  • "The One With All the Other Ones". Ten years of Friends.

    I cried so hard throughout the entire thing. I love Friends and I still miss it to this day...I will never forget Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Chandler.
    I heard the network was thinking about putting together one last Thanksgiving episode. It all depends on whether or not the entire cast wants to do it. As far as I know, Jennifer Aniston is already on board and she's waiting for the other five to agree to it. I hope they all decide to do it because I would love to see one more Thankgiving episode and I would love to see Chandler actually eat Thanksgiving food! That would be a great ending! I just felt that the way it ended, it left it open for one more episode, and a Thanksgiving one would be perfect.
    Good luck to the entire cast and crew, I hope you are all still happy and healthy and we all miss you very much!
  • The perfect celebration of 10 years of friends

    I think that, even if this isn't strictly a FRIENDS episode, it is as wonderful as a real episode can be. I mean re-living 10 years of my favourite tv show, seeing all its great moments just before the finale well, it's kinda bittersweet but I liked it since it reminded me all the good times I had watching the series. From its funniest scenes, like the game in which the girls bet their apartments, to its more romantic ones I enjoyed this flashback and I also enjoyed its "soundtrack" that was perfect. Great job putting this altogether. Goodbye FRIENDS.
  • It's an end of an Era

    Rache "Crying": Oh my God, I'm gonna miss you so much
    Monica "too ": Me too
    Rache: It's really End of an Era
    Monica"out loud" : I KNOW

    With we did really miss them so much... and this two spiceal episodes show perfectly clips from "This Era"
    it's really amazing, make you cry,laugh.and everything
    Anyway it's really better than the last one
    You should see it and tell...
  • Taking a look at the 10 years of Friends, I could laugh and cry forever.

    This special episode, part one and two, was really well put together and it had all of the best clips from the many episodes of Friends. Sectioned off into characters, boys, girls, fun & games, lovers & friends, etc. This was a really great way to remember all that we've seen on Friends.

    The music was wonderful in The One with all the Other Ones. The Reason by Hoobastank played in Friends and Lovers almost made me cry. What pushed me over was when the cast starts crying, hugging each other and then they hold hands and bow and then the visual effect ends the episode.

    I loved watching this and maybe even more than The Last One itself.
  • friends

    I think friends the show should come back because everyone miss them