Season 5 Episode 11

The One with All the Resolutions

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1999 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Rachel: Hey, Joey, you remember that big thing I was gonna tell you about? (Joey covers his ears and screams) I'm not gonna tell you. But if you found out on your own that would be okay, and then we could talk about it, right?
      Joey: Well, then it wouldn't be a secret and that would be okay. Yeah.
      Rachel: Hey, uh, Joe, would you mind going over in Chandler's bedroom and getting that book back that he borrowed from me?
      Joey: Now? You want me to go over there now, I... Do you know something?
      Rachel: Do you know something?
      Joey: I might know something.
      Rachel: I might know something, too.
      Joey: What's the thing you know?
      Rachel: Oh, no I can't tell you until you tell me what you know.
      Joey: I can't tell you what I know.
      Rachel: Okay, then I can't tell you what I know.
      Joey: Okay, fine. (pause) You don't know.
      Rachel: How about I go over there and I walk into Chandler's bedroom and I will see the thing that I think that I know is actually the thing that I think that I know.
      Joey (gasps): You know!
      Rachel: And you know!
      Joey: Yeah, I know!
      Rachel: Chandler and Monica? Oh this is unbelievable! How long have you known?
      Joey: Too long! Oh my God, Rach, I've been dying to talk to someone about this for so long! But, listen, listen, you can't say anything to anyone. They're so weird about that.