Season 4 Episode 15

The One with All the Rugby

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1998 on NBC

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  • Not one of the shining moments of the series

    Friends always had a great gift for taking absurd setups, and making you buy into them, even when the plotlines became really goofy. "Rugby" is an example where that didn't happen successfully. I love the Janice/Chandler episodes; no matter how annoying Janice was, she was still funny, and her effect on Chandler was usually priceless. However, in most cases, Chandler usually had a stake somehow in that relationship, so it made weird sense that he could never seem to let go, and would react to her in bizarre ways. In this episode, Chandler had no reason to feel timid around Janice, no reason to be "Chandler-esque". Janice was simply being pushy, and Chandler abandons his cojones entirely, which was just pathetic. The whole escape to Yemen thing was not silly fun, it was just stupid (although "Yemen Express" is a funny airline name).

    Add to that the over the top obsession Monica has to find out what's on the other side of a electrical switch, and Ross's willingness to kill himself playing rugby to indulge his jealousy over one of Emily's friends, and you have a clear-cut example of Friends at its worst. This episode tried way too hard to be nutty, and ended up looking foolish.
  • This is one funny episode.

    This episode is just really funny.
    Ross decides to play rugby with a group of Emily's friends to show her that he can be as tough as her ex. Janice reappears and Chandler tells her he is moving to Yemen, so that he can get away from her. Monica finds a switch in the new apartment and it drives her crazy that she doesn't know what it does.
    The funniest scene I believe is when Ross, Joey, Phoebe and Rachel are watching rugby on espn so that Ross can see what it's like. I just thought this was hilarious, with some good one-liners.
    Chandler was great as always. His plan to pretend to be going to Yemen backfired when Janice wanted to see him take off, and he actually had to leave.
    However I thought the best part of the episode was Monica. Her obsessiveness really shone through. No matter what, she didn't want to give up, she just didn't like the idea of not knowing what something in the apartment did. The character of Monica, I believed was very strong in this episode.
    While I wouldn't say this episode was one of the best of the show, it definately was a great one, but then again, I think they are all great.
  • Ross and Rugby is not a great combination.

    To impress Emily and show that he's as tough as her English friends, Ross agrees to play a game of Rugby with Emily's friends. He watches a game on TV and discovers that he's gonna get killed. However, he still wants to impress Emily. He says he's going to go "Red Ross" in the game so he'll have a chance. Joey and Phoebe had no idea what he was talking about. Ross couldn't even get into the huddle. Throughout the game, he was getting injured all over the place. Finally, Emily started giving Ross some advice about her friend's weaknesses. After that, he stood a chance and didn't play half bad. At the end of the day, he had impressed Emily and was proud of himself, however barely able to stand. Emily invites him to play in another game and he declines without hesitation.
  • A good funny episode well worth watching.

    whilst on a walk through the city with Emily theybump into a few of Emilys old friends from England and after some talking Ross deicides to play rugby with them later that week so a nervous Ross watches some espn to see how its played and Joey tries teach him a little anyway when Ross does play he gets battered and puts on a brave face for Emily even though he thinks hes dying. Mean while an unfortunate Chandler runs into Janice once again and not wanting to see her he tells her hes moving to Yemen the next day so they cant see each other however this back fires when Janice comes to help him pack so in the end Chandler really has to go to Yeman.Mean while Monica becomes obsessed when she cant figure out what a switch on the wall of her aparment is for and goes to extreme lenghts to find out what it does. This is a really good episode
  • my favorite friends episode

    this is one of the best if not the best friends episodes. there are so many jokes that all seem to work. just about everyline has you laughing. the whole thing with ross joining rugby is hilarious especially because of the way he acts while doing it. The thing with chandler and janice and yemen is simply brilliant. they used the characters right by giving them lines that suited them all well for their comedy style. this is before friends started getting too soap opera-ish. its part of the episodes that were actually pretty funny and not too preachy. definetely worth watching.
  • Janice returns... again!

    Even though Janice is very annoying, I love it when she returns every season. And like Chandler, instead of breaking up with Janice, he decides to move to Yemen, a hysterical plot but he should of just broken up with her. Meanwhile the Emily arc continues...
    Ans so far, Ross wants to prove his love by playing Rugby? Plot was a bit dry. The plot that I liked the most was Monica & the light switch routine. I love the scene when Rachel finds holes in the walls. Monica is definitely crazy. I wonder how long Chandler & Joey are going to live in that apartment. Hmm great episode.
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