Season 5 Episode 8

The One with All the Thanksgivings

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1998 on NBC

Episode Recap

It starts out with all 6 friends stuffed at Monica's apartment. They are saying what they are thankful for. Joey starts out by saying the fall breeze but that ends up being that he is thankful for thongs.
Ross than goes on being sarcastic that he's more thankful for his divorce or eviction. Chandler than gets all defensive saying that he can't just swoop in with his failed marridge and take his king of bad thanksgivings away from him. There is a flashback to when he was a child. Phoebe then says she has a worse Thanksgiving and it shows her arm getting blown off. But then relizes they were talking about in this life time.
Rachel then says she knows Monica's worse Thanksgiving and Pheobe says the year Joey got a turkey stuck on his head. Phoebe comes home to find that Joey has Monica's turkey for her parnets Thanksgiving dinner stuck on his head to scare Chandler.
But then they relized Rachel didn't even know about that. So they flashback to when Monica and Rachel were in highschool. Monica is realy fat and Rachel still has her old nose. Ross has an afro and Chandler has a flock of sea gulls hair doo. Rachel is mad because Chip broke up with her and Monica likes Chandler. Ross is trying to impress Rachel. Monica makes mac and cheese for Chandler and he says she should be a cook. Finally Rachel gets back together with Chip, Ross and Chandler are going to try out their new IDs, but it ends bad when Chandler says "I just don't want to be stuck here with your fat sister". Monica then decides to diet.
Chandler apologizes to Monica but than Rachel points out that isn't the one she was talking about. Phoebe wants to tell a Christmas story but Monica's gets told instead.
Rachel has her new nose and Chandler and Ross are now dressed like Miami Vice. Monica is thin and Chandler is drooling all over her. Ross is talking about his new girlfriend Carol and how she plays for both teams. Rachel is saying how Monica totally got Chandler back for calling her fat but Mon's not happy. So Rachel suggestes pretending to want to have sex with him and then to lock him out of the house. Rachel gives Monica directions on how to make him think she wants to have sex with him but Monica does a lot funnier version of it. Chandler asks her to make him some mac and cheese so she rubs the box on her cheek making noises then she picks up carots and puts them in between her fingers. Chandler is very confused. Then she picks up a knife and is rubbing it on her stomache. But then she slips and the knife goes though his shoe. They get to the hospital where they relize Monica brought a small, very cold carrot instead of his toe.
Chandler is mad back in present time. "Thats why lost my toe? Cause I called you fat!?" Chandler is really mad and tells her just to leave him alone.
Monica comes into Chandler's weaing a turkey on her head, then adds a hat, sunglasses, and starts dancing. Chandler says "Your so great I love you." Monica is all happy he says that but he tries to deny it. Joey walks by, sees her, screams, and runs away.
How it ends is Pheobe is a nurse in a different war and is speaking French and gets her arm blown off.

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