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Season 4 Episode 20

The One with All the Wedding Dresses

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 1998 on NBC
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Episode Summary

A snoring Joey is keeping Chandler awake, forcing Chandler to take him to a sleep clinic. Ross asks Monica to pick up Emily's wedding dress for him, and Monica decides to try it on for a bit.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Thanks for kimidress

    Love it!! Exactly the dress from the picture! My normal size is 4 and got a size 4 from kimidress, it fit perfectly!!! Shipping is about 4-5 BUSINESS days.
  • Watch the board on the door in Chandler & Joeys apt

    It will say "poop" then say "get out".
  • The aftermath of the proposal.

    This episode was so revealing, I mean it turns out Rachel is not okay with the proposal, you sort of saw it in the last episode but this time she admits it. Things are finally over with Joshua, I am so glad things are over between them. He was really starting to annoy me. And I love the way they broke up. the way Rachel answered the door. I liked when Phoebe & Monica were dressing up as brides. That was hysterical! The whole Joey & the sleep clinic thing was laughable. I mean I loved when Chandler just turned him over. this is all just building up to the finale!moreless

    This episode of friends is one of my favourate episodes ever because of the three girls in wedding dresses was dead funny, and when racheal answers the door at the end to joshua and scares him off saying "I Do" made me laugh for ten minutes.

    season four is my favourate season of friends and this episode is one of my favourate episodes of the season.

    Also in this episode we see chandler and joey go to a slep clinic to stop joey from talking in his sleep and ross talks to racheal about his engagment to emily.

    This episode is one of my favourates.moreless
  • This is my favorite one ever!!!

    The best part of this episode for me was when Monica and Phoebee were wearing the wedding dresses and convinced Rachel to put one on too! They were sitting around drinking beer in the dresses and they were so funny! I could watch this episode over and over again and still laugh my ass off every time!!!
Anne Betancourt

Anne Betancourt

The Saleslady

Guest Star

Thea Mann

Thea Mann

Sleep Clinic Worker

Guest Star

Christina Moore

Christina Moore


Guest Star

Tate Donovan

Tate Donovan

Joshua Burgin

Recurring Role

James Michael Tyler

James Michael Tyler


Recurring Role

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    • Chandler: She's got you running errands, picking up wedding dresses...(makes a whipping motion with his hand) Wah-pah!
      Ross: What's wah-pah?
      Chandler: You know. Whipped. Wah-pah!

    • Monica: I used to go out with this guy that was a really light sleeper and whenever I started to snore, he would just roll me over--
      Joey: Oh, yeah!
      Monica: He would just roll me over, and I would stop snoring.
      Chandler: Next time you snore, I'm rolling you over!
      Joey: I gotta do what I gotta do. You gotta do what you gotta do.

    • Chandler: You have to go to a sleep clinic.
      Joey: Look, I told you. I'm not going to any clinic. I don't have a problem. You're the one with the problem. You should go to a Quit-being-a-baby-and-leave-me-alone clinic.
      Chandler: They don't have those.
      Joey: Yeah, they do. Quit being a baby and leave me alone! There, you just had your first class.

    • Rachel: I feel blue.
      Monica: Sweetie, I bet you anything he's gonna call you again.
      Rachel: Yeah, maybe, but you know, I don't think I even care. I don't think he's the one I'm sad about. I know that I said I'm totally okay with Ross getting married, but as it turns out, I don't think I'm handling it all that well.
      Phoebe: Yeah, maybe.
      Rachel: And I'm just trying to figure out why.
      Phoebe: Any luck?
      Rachel: Well, yeah. You know how Ross and I have always been on again, off again, on again, off again. I guess I just figured that somewhere down the road we would be on again. Again.
      Monica: You know what? I think we all did.

    • Joey: This sucks! I didn't know I had to stay up all night before I went to this stupid sleep clinic. I'm so tired!
      Chandler: It's six o'clock!

    • Sleep Clinic Worker: Your name please.
      Joey: Joey Tribbiani.
      Sleep Clinic Worker: And did you stay up all night in preparation for your study? (Joey falls asleep) Uh, sir? (Joey snores)
      Chandler: Yes, he did.

    • Chandler: Check out that girl, she is really hot.
      Joey: Yeah, she is... (falling asleep) wow... (talking in his asleep) How you doin'? You looking good. (Chandler wakes him up) What?!
      Chandler: You're coming on to the entire room.

    • Chandler: So, uh, what are you in for?
      Marjorie: I talk in my sleep.
      Chandler: What a coincidence! I listen in my sleep.

    • Monica: (wearing the wedding dress) I wish there was a job where I could wear this all the time. Maybe someday there will be!

    • Monica: (about sitting around in wedding dresses) We're really sad, aren't we?
      Phoebe: Yeah, I think we are.
      Monica: This isn't even my dress.
      Phoebe: At least you didn't rent yours from a store called "It's Not Too Late."

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